Who Is Soulful RV Family?

Who Is Soulful RV Family?

The Soulful RV Family, made up of Keith and Tia Sims and their kids, tries to spread positivity with their content. They also encourage other Black families to experience RV life. “I have to admit, it worries me that I don’t see enough people of color out there on the road,” Keith, a former offensive lineman, shares on the family’s blog. But who is the Soulful RV Family? Read on to learn how RVing has changed this unique family and how they’re spreading the love of RVing.

The Backstory of Soulful RV Family

Married for 13 years, Keith and Tia have six children. Keith Jr. (KJ), Justin, and Jayson still live at home. Their dog, Ebony, rounds out the family.

Keith is a former Iowa State University and NFL player for the Miami Dolphins and the Washington Redskins. Inducted to the Iowa State Athletics Hall of Fame in 2006, he’s on the list of Miami’s top 10 offensive linemen of all time and is the greatest player to wear “69” in the history of the Dolphins team. You also may know Keith as the man featured in the Huffington Post as an extreme couponer.

In 2014, the family moved to Atlanta, Ga. Keith had recently retired from the NFL and was a sideline reporter for the Miami Dolphins Radio Network. Instead of commuting to South Florida, the family chose to buy an RV.

As a minority family, neither Keith nor Tia grew up having an RV or knowing others with an RV. Although it’s now more common for people of color to RV, there’s still a large diversity gap. According to a 2020 report by the Outdoor Industry Association, Black Americans are significantly underrepresented in outside activities, including RV camping.

Now, the family enjoys taking the RV on extended trips and lives in it at least 100 days out of the year. Neither Keith nor Tia had much RV knowledge before buying their first RV. 

The family road schools part-time and teaches their kids American history and Black history along the way. Through RVing, they experience the history up close when they visit places like the Civil Rights Memorial Center and the annual Selma Bridge Crossing Jubilee.

What Type of RV Does Soulful RV Family Travel With?

The family travels in their Newmar Dutch Star 4369 class A motorhome. The RV is 43 feet long and is the family’s third RV.

From organizing to installing electronics, the family has modified their RV to fit their needs. They’ve added RV SnapPad permanent jack pads, a wi-fi-router and cell booster, a Winegard antenna, and a new Thomas Payne sleeper sofa.

Soulful RV Family Partnership with Go RVing

The Sims family partnered with Go RVing in 2016. Through this, they offer their experiences of traveling as a family of color. From their top trips to the joys of tailgating to how to have a guys night RV-style, they share why they’ve fallen in love with RVing.

The Top 3 YouTube Videos from Soulful RV Family

From museum trips to roadshows, Soulful Family shares what they’ve learned along the way.

#1. Tia’s Black Bean Burgers

In this video, Tia explains that one of the more difficult things about traveling in an RV is that she doesn’t eat meat. Grilled meat and camping often go together. But in no time at all, she can make up a batch of these burgers to grill while her husband grills meat for the rest of her family.

Black beans, freezer corn, bread crumbs, onions, and seasonings go into the burgers. Check it out to find out how Tia makes these simple yet delicious black bean burgers. More than 34,000 have checked out this recipe.

#2. IKEA RV Haul

Tia, along with her mom and two of the boys, takes you with her inside IKEA. She’s on a mission to find Ikea goodies to help organize the RV.

Tia showcases her finds, like silverware for the RV, plastic bins for their homeschooling materials, bathroom linens, and an art paper holder. Check out the video and the accompanying blog to find new ways to organize your RV.

#3. Soulful RV Family — Our Channel Is ACTIVE!

The family’s YouTube introduction video gives you a glimpse into the people who make up the Soulful RV Family. The video also shows some of their past travels.

Soulful RV offers a positive vibe for others and wants to inspire a life of traveling. Their love of traveling is evident even in this early video.

Where Else Can You Follow Soulful RV Family

Soulful RV Family is active on several social media channels. Be sure to check them out and follow along with their adventures. And give them a follow on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Soulful RV Family is breaking barriers and showing others that RV life and traveling are for everyone. As their adventure continues, will you be following along? 

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