Topless woman wearing horns in the desert where RVs have gathered for a festival.

You Should Avoid Quartzsite This Year; Here’s Why

Are you planning to RV in Quartzsite this winter? You may want to think again. While the desert town in western Arizona is a popular place for RVers to gather, 2022 is the year to avoid it. From overcrowding to limited resources, this boondockers’ haven isn’t what it used to be. 

Keep reading to learn more and determine if you might want to alter your Quartzsite plans. 

Topless woman wearing horns in the desert where RVs have gathered for a festival.

What’s the Big Deal with Quartzsite, Anyway?

Quartzsite, Ariz., is an immense desert with miles of room in which to boondock, gather, and go off-roading. Surrounded by mountains, it’s sheltered from any big cities.

The population of Quartzsite in 2019 was only 3,714 people. While the town sits on the busy I-10 just before entering California, it’s a sleeping city until RVers move in during the winter. 

Most of the area is Bureau of Land Management land, which means you can only camp for up to 14 days. It’s a popular RV destination due to the weather, free camping options, and trade show that comes to town every January. 

The Quartzsite Sports, Vacation, & RV Show draws people from all over North America. While it’s not the biggest RV show in the country, it’s the location that draws people in and provides an excellent venue.

Which RV Groups Gather in Quartzsite Each Year? 

Quartzsite draws all kinds of RV groups, from snowbirds to van lifers and RV clubs to vendors from throughout the RV industry. Name any RV group, and the chances are excellent that they meet up in Quartzsite each year. 

Some examples of RV clubs that flock to the Arizona desert annually are Escapees, Rubber Tramp Rendezvous, Wandering Individuals Network, Skooliepalooza, and more. Owners of specific RV brands also hold rallies here, including Grand Design, Newmar, Scamp, and more.

Other RV gatherings in Quartzite are common interest groups such as off-roading, truck camper owners, van lifers, religious groups, and single full-time RVers.

A group of young adults partying on top of a skoolie.

Is Quartzsite a Good Idea for Winter 2021/2022?

More than 750,000 RVers populate Quartzsite every January–that’s a lot of people! But travel numbers have been down the last couple of years. If you went and enjoyed the limited crowds, you might be in for a surprise this winter and next. 

Is 2022 the winter to go back? It’s your call, but we have a few reasons it’s a good idea to skip this year.

3 Big Reasons You Should Avoid Quartzsite This Year

While you may have your reasons for avoiding a massive gathering of people this winter, here are three of the biggest reasons we recommend skipping Quartzsite.

1. The Crowds Will Be Bigger Than Ever

Everyone’s been in hibernation for more than a year and is raring to go. Friends are ready to reunite, and organizers need their events to sustain club memberships.

Vendors and RV dealers know they’ll be able to sell their goods in droves. Therefore, crowds are going to be bigger than ever at Quartzsite this year. 

Tip: If you go to Quartzsite this year, be prepared to be very close to your neighbors. Also, prepare for noise levels to be higher than usual. 

2. Limited Town Resources

The numerous supply chain issues happening around the country and world can significantly affect a small town. When that town blows up with more than 750,000 people in a short period, that will place incredible strain on their already limited resources. As a result, you can expect that products and services may not be readily available due to supply chain issues and labor shortages.

Tip: If you plan to go this year, stock up on groceries and necessities before you go. Help conserve the town’s resources and ensure you have what you need for the amount of time you’ll be there.

A motorhome driving along dirt roads out in the Arizona desert.

3. More Rules

Any time you get a large number of people together in one place, you need some rules to keep the peace and implement safety measures. However, the added regulations in Quartzsite can put a damper on your trip if you want to go and do as you please

Thanks to the increased crowds at Quartzsite, there will likely be even more rules to follow and more officials enforcing them. If you haven’t read up on the regulations beforehand, you could leave Quartzsite with a ticket–or three. 

And, if you’re not interested in some basic government official intervention, you might not enjoy your trip to Quartzsite this year. 

A campervan parked alongside the raod with the desert and blue mountings off in the distance behind it.

If You’re Still Planning on Heading to Quartzsite, You’ve Been Warned

If you’re still planning to go to Quartzsite after reading this article, we wish you health and happiness while you’re there. Don’t underestimate the crowds, know the rules, and arrive with the resources you’ll need while you’re there. 

As long as you’re prepared and have realistic expectations, you’ll probably have a good time. We just want you to be aware of the challenges you might see there this year. 

Are you planning a trip to Quartzsite this year?

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