Amphibious RV Takes To The Water

Usually, family vacations conger up enticing road trips or a relaxing stay at the lake. Many families enjoy RVing to favored destinations. And others choose to rent a cabin by the water, spending their time fishing, boating and swimming. 

But what if you could travel to the lake and live on the lake without ever stepping outside your RV? 

There’d be no need for separate lodging, boat rental, or finding a fishing spot along the banks. You’d have everything you need in your recreation vehicle…including the capability to float!

Wait… An Amphibious RV? Is This Real Life? 

Believe it or not, Cool Amphibious Manufacturers International has created the incredible traveling RV that doubles as a boat! 

Called the Terra Wind, this motorcoach operates as an RV on land and as a ship on the water.

The Terra Wind Amphibious Motorcoach

Looking suspiciously like an average Class A motorhome, the Terra Wind can travel up to 80 mph to any destination of your dreams. But its top-secret isn’t revealed until the coach drives down a boat ramp into the tranquil waters of a lake. 

Suddenly this RV morphs into a yacht, as its road transmission is put in neutral to allow the marine transmission to take over water navigation. 

With two bronze propellers at the back of the vehicle, the Terra Wind can hit a top speed of 7 knots. Its dash combines both land and water equipment, including an RV steering wheel and a ship joystick with rudder controls.

Once on the water, your family can enjoy all of the perks of living at (and on) the lake. From swimming off the back porch to fishing from a fold-down deck, there’s no limit to the amount of fun that you can have while cruising. Simply “drive” to your favorite fishing hole, or sit on the sunny deck as water movement lulls you to sleep.

The coach is balanced in the water so that you can utilize the RV slides. Its interior is created from high-end products, such as granite countertops and tile floors. The cabinetry is solid wood, and the upholstered furniture is high-grade leather. Appliances are residential in size and quality.

Unlike most Class A’s, the Terra Wind does not have exterior access to basement storage. There are hatches in the flooring for easy loading and unloading of storage space. However, much of the basement houses the bilge pumps, generator room, and engine components.

Who is CAMI LLC?

Headquartered in Bluffton, South Carolina, Cool Amphibious Manufacturers International (CAMI) has been in the business of creating amphibious vehicles of all types for more than 20 years.  

They design custom-built tour busses, ducks, hydra spyders, hydra gators, utility vehicles, and amphibious search and rescue vehicles. Each of the water vehicles they build has the patented safety feature that makes them “unsinkable.”

CAMI, LLC’s creations are used worldwide for sightseeing, transportation, search and rescue operations, cargo supplies, recreation, firefighting, and fuel conservation. Each has been custom designed and built, and the Terra Wind is no different. You can have your amphibious motorhome created by CAMI, as well.

Specs of the Terra Wind

At 42-½ feet long and 8-½ feet wide, the Terra Wind measures like most Class A recreational vehicles. It is 12 feet tall, with a diesel engine. The RV weighs just over 15 tons.

The Terra Wind has bilge pumps, a generator room, and an anchor for hanging out in one place. You can even outfit the rig with weather radar and sonar systems. CAMI, LLC is also building a trailer that the Terra Wind can pull. It, too, will be floatable and can carry your car or jet skis while on the water. You will be able to use the top of the trailer as a sun deck or diving platform.

How Does It Work?

The Terra Wind utilizes both a road transmission and a marine one to go from pavement to water. Once in the water, the road transmission is put in neutral. Then, you turn on the marine transmission using a joystick for direction. You can also use the steering wheel a bit to make tighter curves. 

When transitioning back to land, the driver has a gauge that shows what position the wheels are in to straighten them before exiting the water.

The motorcoach has a generator and engine that run on diesel fuel, two 19 inch propellers for transport while in the water, and bilge pumps to get rid of any accumulated water. 

The vehicle comes with various gauges and equipment for both road and water, including a compass, weather radar, and sonar to help with navigation.

How Much Does the Terra Wind Cost?

Because it is custom designed and built, the price for the Terra Wind can vary drastically. Just plan on the base price starting around $1.2 million before you add any upgrades. When you think about it, this dual-duty vehicle is about as expensive as many high-end Class A RVs, and they can’t take you on the water! 

Would You Buy an Amphibious RV?

If you are looking for the perfect “two-fer,” the Terra Wind might be right up your alley. No other vehicle will allow you to travel to a lake on paved roads, then let you set up camp on the water’s surface. 

Once committed, you will never have to tow your boat behind the camper, and you won’t have to schlep your fishing equipment down to the shore. Terra Wind owners camp and boat in style because Cool Amphibious Manufacturers International’s motto is “Land, Lake, and Luxury.”

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