Sundown on a sailing yacht with the crew's legs dangling over the roof to enjoy the view.

Who Is Sailing Parlay Revival?

Have you ever had a dream to sail the globe? Or maybe you’ve just wanted to live on a boat for a few months and enjoy life on the sea. The open waters, beautiful sunrises, and freedom are calling you.

Colin MacRae from Sailing Parlay Revival is living out your dream. He hopes to one day make his way around the entire world in his Catamaran, Parlay Revival. Let’s learn more about Colin and his YouTube Channel.

Sundown on a sailing yacht with the crew's legs dangling over the roof to enjoy the view.

Who Is Sailing Parlay Revival?

Although Colin MacRae had experience working on super yachts as a chief engineer, he had no experience with fiberglass. Even so, Colin spent his life savings on a 2012 Lagoon 450 catamaran that was damaged by Hurricane Irma in Tortola, BVI. The asking price was $220,000, but he bought it for $157,000.

Before buying the Catamaran, Colin met Ben, a Navy Seal, in Costa Rica, and they became business partners. The two flew to Tortola to look at hurricane-damaged boats and ended up buying the Lagoon 450 Catamaran.

After four months of work, Colin and Ben set sail across the Caribbean. Then they landed in Rio Dulce, Guatemala, where they rebuilt the boat for seven months.

Colin hopes to circumnavigate the world in his catamaran. His YouTube channel, Sailing Parlay Revival, chronicles his story of rebuilding the boat and, hopefully, his future sailings around the globe.

What Kind of Boat Is Parlay Revival? 

The Parlay Revival is a 45-foot long catamaran with four cabins and four bathrooms. The typical retail price for this boat is $450,000.

There’s a large outdoor seating area with a dinette table and an indoor booth dinette. The kitchen has an oven, stove, and refrigerator with plenty of storage space and prep space for Colin and all of his friends.

The boat has two 54HP motors with SD50 sail drives. Colin also installed a huge solar array. About eight to 10 people can join Colin on his adventures.

Many sailing vessels in port in Barcelona.

What Is Sailing Parlay Revival Known For?

Sailing Parlay Revival is known for his purchase of a hurricane-damaged catamaran. His YouTube channel captures his frustrations and failures. It also showcases his successes and adventures during the rebuilding and restoring process. Colin has also purchased a few other hurricane-damaged boats and resold them for profit.

His videos also showcase his travels with his friends. You’ll find videos about avoiding pirates off the coast of Honduras, surfing in El Salvador, and sailing the Blue Hole. 

Sailing Parlay Revival is also known for sharing the rebuilding process and continued repairs. You’ll see him having a great time sailing full-time and traveling in Central and South American waters.

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Sailing Parlay Revival’s Top YouTube Videos

With over 213,000 YouTube subscribers and 165 posted videos to date, Sailing Parlay Revival has produced vlogs since posting the first video on June 23, 2018. Colin usually uploads a new video about once a week. The Facebook page has over 10,000 likes, and the Instagram account has over 169,000 followers.


In this video, Colin shows his viewers two hurricane-damaged boats that he bought in Pensacola. The owners called him and offered him a low price, and he thought the deal was too good to pass up.

For two days, Colin and his team assessed the damage and resold the boats to the owner of the storage yard they were in for an $8,000 profit. With over 2.2 million views, this is Sailing Parlay Revival’s top YouTube video.


This video from May 2022 is about Sailing Parlay Revival’s trip to Shelter Bay getting ready for inspection for a Panama Canal transit date. Then Colin sets sail to meet up with David Shih and his catamaran.

However, the meet-up doesn’t go as planned, and they have trouble contacting each other. David and Colin both see each other but play a game of cat and mouse because David’s radio is off, and there’s no communication between the two.


Another video from May 2022 details the challenges of full-time sailing. Colin is trying to get measured by an inspector so they can travel through the Panama Canal, but the main saloon window pops out, and they lose the main engine. The window was distorted from being bent for so long, so Colin and his friends popped it out and cleaned it up before repairing it.

Then the sail drive had been slipping, so the crew was stuck and couldn’t leave for Shelter Bay. Colin had installed an upgraded part to prevent this from happening, but it still did. So this was another setback for the crew. Once the new part arrived, Colin installed it, and Parlay Revival was ready to set said once again.

Where Is Parlay Revival Now? 

Just a month ago, Sailing Parlay Revival reached the 200,000 subscriber mark on the YouTube channel. Colin and his friends were sailing the uncharted waters of Bocas Del Toro, Panama at that time and continue to live in that area. The latest video showcases their visit to Red Frog Beach and seeing dolphins swimming at the front of the bow.

Where Else Can You Find Sailing Parlay Revival? 

If you want to browse online, visit his website, where you can find information about the boat, gallery photos, YouTube video links, an online store, and a link to Patreon. There, you can financially support Sailing Parlay Revival.

With so many ways to connect and stay updated on Colin’s sailing adventures, he may just inspire you to start your own!

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