A woman in shorts and a sun hat walks into a travel trailer entry carrying a beer in a southern region.

Have $15K? Here Are the Travel Trailers You Can Buy

Do you want to own an RV but have a small budget? No problem. Travel trailers come in many sizes and price ranges.

This camper style is the lowest-priced of all RV classes, but that doesn’t mean you have to lose out on amenities. Whether you want an off-road or teardrop style camper or are looking for an RV under $15K that has everything, you’ll find it on this list. 

A woman in shorts and a sun hat walks into a travel trailer entry carrying a beer in a southern region.

What Can You Expect in a Sub-$15K Travel Trailer?

Travel trailers are the most affordable type of RV you can buy, so you might be surprised to learn that you won’t sacrifice much if you’ve only got $15K to spend. Travel trailers in this price range might have lower quality building materials or fixtures, but they’ll still look and function great.

You won’t find many luxury amenities at this price point, but there’s a great variety of travel trailers under $15K to choose from. 

A camper's feet stick out over the bunk in small travel trailer wearing cat socks.

7 Travel Trailers That You Can Pick Up for Cheap

Ready to see our top picks for travel trailers under $15K? Here are the best ones we’ve found. These RVs are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional. 

#1. Outbound Trailer Extreme

Outbound Trailer Extreme LOADED tour with fireplace and AC unit

About: The Outbound Trailer Extreme is the smallest and lowest-priced travel trailer on this list. If you’re looking for a small and nimble off-road travel trailer, look no further. The base model of the Outbound Extreme has an MSRP of just under $5.9K. That’s chump change compared to most RVs. 

This travel trailer weighs just 1,000 lbs fully loaded. That means you can tow it with just about any SUV or off-road vehicle. Optional upgrades include black diamond plating, larger tires, and more. 

Base Price: $5,895

Best Features: Inside, this tiny little camper has a bed that folds up into a small seating area, a faux fireplace, a TV, and an air conditioner. There’s a roof vent fan and a few cubbies along the ceiling for storage, too. There’s not a lot of room, but what is there is optimized. 

On the exterior, you can choose black diamond plating, larger tires, and solar lights. In addition, the Outbound Extreme comes with an awning and an exterior rear table for cooking, dining, and more. 

#2. Sunray 109

The Sunray 109 Sport – tiny but mighty!

About: The 2022 Sunray 109 is a lot of camper for a low, low price. This camper costs around $12,900, depending on where you go. This nimble little travel trailer is 12’ long and weighs just 1,280 lbs. The interior of this tiny camper has sleeping and seating room. On the outside of the trailer, you’ll find the kitchen in the rear. 

Price: $12,900

Best Features: Features include an AC and furnace, a hot water heater, a refrigerator, a sink, a microwave, a two-burner cooktop, and an outdoor shower. This camper comes equipped with a spare tire and Bluetooth radio, too. That’s a lot of features for such a small camper.

#3. Braxton Creek Free Solo FAM

2021 Braxton Creek Free Solo FAM has a new, surprising floor plan.

About: The 2021 Braxton Creek Free Solo FAM is a teardrop-shaped camper with standing room and a bathroom. It’s perfect for a family with sleeping space for up to four people. This camper is 18’ in length and has a gross weight of 3,370 lbs.

Price: About $15,000

Best Features: On the inside, you get a U-shaped dinette and table that converts into sleeping space for two on one end and two bunks on the other end. There’s a kitchenette in the center of the camper with a fridge, microwave, overhead cabinets, a sink, and a two-burner cooktop. Opposite the kitchen is a wet bath with a toilet and a shower. This small travel trailer truly has everything you need to hit the road.

#4. Braxton Creek Bushwacker 10FB

Braxton Creek Bushwhacker 10FB Tear Drop Travel Trailer

About: The 2022 Braxton Creek Bushwhacker 10FB is another low-priced camper, although this one isn’t tall enough to stand up in. The Bushwhacker 10FB is 13’2” in length and weighs in at 2,200 lbs. 

Price: About $12,000

Best Features: This small camper can sleep up to two people and comes with overhead cabinets, an AC, a rooftop vent fan, and an exterior kitchen with a cooktop stove, washbasin, and cooler. This is a great little teardrop camper for small vehicles or for hitting the back roads. 

#5. Dutchmen Aspen Trail 17BH

Tour of the Aspen Trail travel trailer.

About: Now, here’s a small travel trailer that truly feels like a bigger RV. The 2022 Dutchmen Aspen Trail 17BH comes in at just under $15K but has everything you need for full-time RVing. This camper comes in at 21’5” in length and has a dry weight of 3,001 lbs. It can sleep up to six people. 

Price: About $15,000

Best Features: This tiny camper has a convertible dinette, two bunks, a queen bed, and a dry bath in addition to a kitchen area. There are storage cabinets inside and storage bays on the outside, too. 

#6. InTech RV Flyer Chase

Flyer Chase by inTech

About: Here’s another nimble off-road travel trailer for you adventure lovers out there: The InTech RV Flyer Chase. This small RV sells for around $13K and is adventure-ready. It sleeps two comfortably, but you can use the “Add-a-Room” tent to increase that to five. It’s about 13’ and weighs around 1,250 lbs dry. 

Price: About $13,000

Best Features: On the inside, you’ll find a sleeping area, cabinets, a stereo and speakers, and a rooftop AC. This camper has a side door as well as two barn-style doors on the back for loading gear. 

#7. KZ Sportsmen Classic 130RB

Tour of the KZ Sportsmen Classic 130RB

About: The KZ Sportsmen Classic 130RB is a tiny travel trailer with a convertible dinette and bed, a kitchen area, a sofa, a closet, and a full bathroom. This little camper costs right around $15K. It’s 16’ with a gross weight of about 2,200 lbs.

Price: About $15,000

Best Features: The Sportsmen Classic 130RB comes complete with Aluma-Tough roofing with a 12-year warranty, a two-burner cooktop, a microwave, a three-way refrigerator, a sink, a water heater, and much more. If you’re looking for a travel trailer on a small budget, add this to your list. 

These Small-Budget Campers Are Big on Features

This list of seven travel trailers under $15K isn’t exhaustive, but it should give you an idea of the kinds of options out there. If you want to save the most money, go with a teardrop-style camper. But if you want the most camper for your buck, check out the Dutchmen Aspen Trail.

Each of these campers is great for different lifestyles, so there’s truly something for everyone here. Which one caught your eye?

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