A UFO sign alongside the road in the southwestern US

Sedona AZ Is for Weirdos

Singer and songwriter Micheal Franti sings, “All the freaky people make up the beauty in the world.” And nowhere are those lyrics more appropriate than in Sedona, Ariz. Located along Arizona’s historic and scenic Highway 89A, you can’t mistake the beauty that draws people to Sedona. 

But it’s also that beauty that creates mystical, magical, and sometimes downright weird occurrences here. Don’t believe in magic? Maybe it’s time you pay a visit to Sedona. 

A UFO sign alongside the road in the southwestern US

What’s Up with Sedona Arizona?

Sedona is world-renowned for its stunning red rock vistas and the highway that brings you to this magical place. But it’s also highly known for its spiritual vibes, energetic undertones, and UFO activity.

All you have to do is take a hike, look up at the jagged red rock panoramic views, or wander downtown to catch a feeling of the weirdness that is Sedona. And although it may be a bit weird, that’s what makes Sedona a fantastic place to visit. 

After all, where else can you meditate at a vortex, take a UFO tour, and get your aura photographed all in one day?

Has Sedona AZ Always Had a Reputation for Weirdness?

Maybe Sedona’s reputation for weirdness came from the many Western flicks filmed here years ago. But truthfully, Sedona’s weird vibes began centuries before the cowboys.

The energy that seems to arise from the depths of the earth must have been around long before humans. But leave it up to us to turn these spiritual feelings into tourist attractions and photographic sessions of our auras.

No matter how much you may want to deny the otherworldly happenings here, Sedona has always been interesting. 

This may or may not be due to perceived spiritual energy, but it has a wonderful history full of Native American culture, environmental wonders, historical art, pictographs, and petroglyphs.

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What You Should Know About Sedona

Sedona is much more than just its plethora of shops, restaurants, sightseeing opportunities, museums, and off-roading adventures.

Sedona is mesmerizing in its ethereal beauty. You may feel an energy when surrounded by its colorful landscape. Here’s what you should know about Sedona, Ariz.

Standing high up on the edge of Cathedral Rock in Sedona

It’s Spiritually Charged

Sedona is well known for its vortexes, maybe even more so than its red rock views.

A vortex is a place of heightened spiritual and metaphysical energy often found around unique rock formations. People believe they promote healing while creating an honored space for meditation and self-exploration.

Someone who has experienced a vortex may tell you that they felt a spiritual or other-worldly sensation. They may not put those feelings into specific words, but that makes it easy to label Sedona as weird.

All of Sedona is known as a vortex. However, you can visit one of the four popular sites that reportedly have the most energetic vibes running through them.

Airport Mesa, Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock, and Boynton Canyon are all easily accessible from Sedona. And, all have a natural otherworldly grandeur.

The Trees Are Twisted

The twisted trees of Sedona’s desert landscape contribute to the extraterrestrial feeling.

Some say that the gnarled juniper trees grow that way because of the energy that emanates from the area. They pick up the center of the power from the vortex, and the trunk swirls and twists into itself like a tornado. 

Scientifically speaking, these extraordinary trees have simply adapted to the desert environment they live in. The wind can whip up at any given moment.

The braided-like twists give the trunk added strength to withstand almost anything mother nature can throw at it. Their twisted characteristics have allowed them to survive and thrive.

Twisted juniper trees lay against richly colored red rock and add to the mystique of Sedona AZ

You Might Commune with Spirits

Yogi, hiker, mountain biker, off-roader, or just someone looking to experience Sedona may find themselves communing with trees and spirits.

Many visitors come here to experience some sort of spiritual connection from Sedona’s vortex. That connection could go as deep as seeking out your spirit animal or your ancient ancestors through guided meditations. 

Maybe you want enlightenment through mind-body balance to help manifest your dream. Or maybe your goal is simply to practice yoga in nature or sit and enjoy the peaceful moment while meditating.

Whatever your goal, wherever you are in Sedona, communing with spirits here seems like a great possibility.

The Landscape Is Wild

Many photographers and artists flock to Sedona along with millions of other visitors annually for the wild landscapes. Many people seek out the wilds of the Verde Valley’s red rocks for the numerous amounts of outdoor activities here. 

Artists and photographers can find the most breathtaking scenery while hiking outside of town. However, they will have to lug all of their equipment.

The popular Cathedral Rock hike is a place of natural beauty. But be wary; this is also one of Sedona’s most sought-after vortexes. So your experience may be less peaceful due to the crowds.

But if you really want to experience a wild landscape, get up before the sun. You can experience a magical light as a new day arrives without the crowds.

The red rocks take on illuminating hues, and from this perspective, you may just have your very own spiritual connection. 

UFO Tours Are a Thing You Can Do

If you can create a spiritual connection through the center of the Earth, then why not find a connection with sentient beings above? In Sedona, you can do just that, or at least attempt it. 

You may catch a glimpse of a UFO in this International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) area, meaning that there is minimal light pollution here. 

And while a dark sky makes UFO visibility easier at night, it also doesn’t hurt to have technology in hand. Many Sedona UFO tour companies have third-generation military-grade night vision goggles. 

With these, you can see 100 times more than the naked eye. Along with searching the starlit skies on these tours, you’ll also hear more about secret space programs and current news and intel about all things UFO.  

A woman with pink hair wearing an "Aliens believe in us" shirt

Who Is the Typical Tourist in Sedona AZ?

The typical tourist in Sedona can be anyone from a solo traveler to a group at a family reunion. 

You’ll come across a few younger souls, but more than likely, Sedona visitors consist largely of retired couples seeking beauty in Sedona and the Verde Valley. 

Whether they come for some soul searching and spiritual enlightenment or not, this weird place can make a wonderful place to live.

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Sedona: Weird and Worth It

You may consider yourself a freaky person, or you may not. But once you set foot inside Sedona’s vortex of wildlands and tourist wonders, you may find yourself feeling a bit weird, and a bit energized.

You may feel the energy unique to Sedona, whether you use that to raise your consciousness to the next level or ground yourself to Mother Earth. Or you may go to simply take an urban hike while shopping.

Sedona may be a bit weird, but the experience is entirely worth it.

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