Hershey RV Show: Sweet or Sour

Hershey RV Show: Sweet or Sour

If shopping for motorhomes and travel trailers gives you a sugar rush, check out the Hershey RV Show. Experience sweet deals, access to industry experts, and a first look at new RV models. This is window shopping on a grand scale. You’ll see Class A, B, B+, C, and C+ motorhomes on display. You’ll also find fifth wheels, travel trailers, truck campers, and teardrops. Let’s take a look at what this RV show has to offer.

What Is the Hershey RV Show?

The Hershey RV Show provides a chance for RVers to see and tour more than 1,000 models. They can also participate in related seminars, purchase accessories, and dream about a new rig. More than 30 RV manufacturers bring all of their new models. 

Be prepared to walk. This is the largest RV show in America, spanning more than 33 football fields. And you’ll only have five days to see everything. This year’s show runs Sept. 15-19 at the Giant Center in the chocolate capital of the nation, Hershey, Pa.

How Many People Attend the Hershey RV Show?

The Giant Center has been at the epicenter of the RV show for the last several years. It has the space for both the vehicles on display and also the tens of thousands of attendees. This year the estimated attendance should be about 60,000. 

Along with new RV models, RV-related businesses set up booths at the show. They offer everything from parts to vacation ideas. Dealerships usually mark “show specials,” hoping to sell the coaches right off the lot. They don’t want to have to take them back to their dealerships. Approximately 30 RV manufacturers come to the Hershey RV Show to mingle with attendees. They answer questions and introduce new upgrades and accessories.

What Are the Most Common Complaints About the Hershey RV Show?

Most complaints about the Hershey RV Show center around its size and the difficulty of seeing so many rigs in so little time. Many visitors have a hard time pacing themselves. Instead, they try to see as much as possible on the first day and exhaust themselves the rest of the weekend. 

The second complaint revolves around the number of stairs. If you’re climbing in and out of RVs all day, you’ll end up walking quite a few flights.

What Keeps People Coming Back to the Hershey RV Show?

Many repeat attendees return each year in the hopes of being the first to see new floorplans and upgrades. Some come back to research a possible purchase, having compared models from years past. And most return because of the camaraderie with so many others who love the RV lifestyle. They can exchange ideas, discuss the pros and cons of certain models, and share favorite camping destinations. Each year these visitors make new friends, some of whom they may see on down the road.

Is The Hershey RV Show Worth the Cavities?

If you’re RV shopping or like to keep up with industry trends, the Hershey RV Show is worth it. You could snag a show-priced RV of your dreams or just that hard-to-find part from a supplier. But it’s doubtful that you’ll regret checking out the show.

The Hershey RV Show lives up to its tagline as the “Largest RV Show in the Nation.” It’s one of the few places where prospective customers can talk directly with industry representatives and see many RV floorplans in the same place. Have you ever attended?

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