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Are the Rainbow Children Nomads?

Some think the Rainbow Children are the ultimate nomads, free-spirited and unencumbered by society’s expectations. Others say they’re regular people who value independence and self-expression. So, which is it?

These colorful people are said to possess a special connection to the universe, with spiritual gifts that make them stand out from the crowd. But do they wander the earth like modern-day hippies, following their spiritual compass wherever it leads them?

Today, we’re exploring the arguments for and against this funky idea to help answer this highly debated topic. Let’s get started!

What Are Rainbow Children?

Rainbow Children is a term often describing a group of individuals following the Rainbow Family of Living Light, a counter-culture group created in the 1970s. Followers are usually a part of the New Age movement, and their large gatherings have attracted some attention.

The group takes its name from the idea that all races and colors of people can live together in harmony, like the colors of the rainbow. Their goal is to promote a deep love for nature and a desire to create peace, love, and unity. 

The Rainbow Family has no formal structure, leaders, or membership requirements. Instead, it operates on a consensus-based decision-making process, with decisions going through group discussions and meetings.

While many associate Rainbow Children with New Age and hippie movements, it is a diverse group that includes people from all walks of life and backgrounds.

Rainbow Children by old camper van

What Does the Rainbow Family Believe In?

The Rainbow Family is a loosely organized group celebrating their connection to nature and spirituality. The Rainbow Family does not have specific beliefs or doctrines, and the group has no hierarchy. Instead, the Rainbow Family emphasizes individual freedom and encourages members to seek a spiritual path that fits them.

While members enjoy freedom in their spiritual path, there are some general principles that most members agree to in the Rainbow Family. 

For example, many in the group believe in respecting nature. The group places a tremendous value on the environment and humanity’s responsibility to protect it and live in harmony with nature.

They also place a tremendous influence on the community and the resolution of conflicts through peaceful means. Sharing resources and working together are common characteristics of the group. These mindsets also lead them to embrace diversity and a sense of inclusiveness.

Finally, the last major component of their beliefs is encouraging spiritual exploration. How individuals choose to do this is entirely up to them. However, many regularly practice yoga, meditation, and prayer as part of their spiritual routines.

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Are the Rainbow Children Nomads?

While many Rainbow Children also embrace the nomadic lifestyle, it’s not a general requirement. These free-spirited members do not conform to traditional societal norms and wander the earth following their spiritual and intuitive guidance. 

They typically try to be unencumbered by material possessions and value independence and self-expression. However, while it may be true that some members of the Rainbow Family value independence and alternative lifestyles, not all may consider themselves nomads or live a nomadic lifestyle.

Plenty of Rainbow Children choose to live in communities or alternative living arrangements, while others may live more conventional lifestyles. Because of the group’s diversity, whether Rainbow Children are nomads may depend on the individual and their unique experiences and choices rather than their membership.

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What Are Rainbow Gatherings?

Rainbow Gatherings are annual gatherings of the Rainbow Family to celebrate their connection to nature and spirituality. Rainbow Gatherings are yearly celebrations that members hold in different locations, often in remote wilderness areas. They can last anywhere from several days to weeks.

They maintain an inclusive and accepting atmosphere, with people of all ages, races, and backgrounds coming together to share resources, food, and shelter.  Activities typically include music, dance, art, workshops, and healing circles. 

During the gatherings, there is also a focus on environmental activism and sustainability, with attendees practicing leave-no-trace principles and working to create sustainable living environments. Unfortunately, Rainbow Gatherings have been the subject of controversy and have faced challenges in the past.

Law enforcement takes these gatherings seriously and cracks down on them because of their reputation for sanitation issues and other health concerns. However, they attract thousands of people who share a love for nature, spirituality, and a commitment to creating a more peaceful and harmonious world.

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Are Rainbow Children Religious?

Rainbow Children are not necessarily religious in the traditional sense, as they do not follow a particular set of religious beliefs or doctrines. Instead, Rainbow Children are often associated with the New Age movement, which emphasizes individual spirituality, alternative healing practices, and a holistic approach to life.

While some Rainbow Children may draw inspiration from various spiritual traditions or practices, like Buddhism, Hinduism, or Shamanism, they typically do not adhere to one religion or belief system. Instead, they may focus on cultivating a personal relationship with the universe or a higher power. Many practice meditation, yoga, or other spiritual practices to deepen their connection.

It is crucial to note that the Rainbow Family is a diverse group. Some individual members may have varying beliefs and practices. Some may identify as religious or spiritual, while others may not. The Rainbow Family emphasizes diversity and personal freedom. They encourage members to explore their spiritual paths without fear, judgment, or pressure to conform to any belief system.

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Where Can You Find Information on Rainbow Gatherings? 

As Rainbow Children are inclusive, Rainbow Gatherings are open to anyone interested in the lifestyle. Events occur nationwide, but there’s typically one large annual gathering. The best place to access information is through the Rainbow Family’s official website.

Additionally, you can search social media for #rainbowgathering to find information on the smaller events. However, it’s essential to research before purchasing tickets. You want to avoid showing up and discovering the event isn’t what you expected.

It is critical to cautiously approach information about Rainbow Gatherings, as outdated or false information may be circulating. Verifying information with multiple sources and connecting with community members directly for the most up-to-date and accurate information is always a good idea.

Would you want to attend a Rainbow Gathering? Why or why not?

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