A couple embraces and shops in a RV dealer parking lot

What Is RVBusiness?

There are a lot of RV resources out there to sift through. This article highlights a website you may not have heard of, RVBusiness.com. That’s because this site is geared toward RV industry personnel. However, it’s a great place to keep tabs and stay current on RV news.

Whether you work in the RV industry or are an RV owner, RVBusiness is the website to bookmark. You’ll get current information on all things happening in the RV world. It’s fun to be one of the first to know things! Let’s take a closer look.

A couple embraces and shops in a RV dealer parking lot

About RVBusiness.com

RVBusiness.com is a resource that keeps you current on daily RV news. The website covers the latest in the RV industry, manufacturer news, and people doing great things throughout the RV world. It’s a place for those working within the industry to stay updated on news, events, and more.

RVBusiness.com is actually a collection of publications. There’s the RVBusiness magazine, in addition to RVBusiness.com. The publishing group also includes Woodall’s Campground Magazine and WoodallsCM.com. Woodalls is a business-focused publication about campground management and operation. It focuses on trends in the campground industry.

Who Owns the RVBusiness Website?

G&G Media Group LLC owns and publishes RVBusiness.com. The media group also owns Woodall’s Campground Management, a magazine that publishes content related to the campground industry.

G&G Media also provides content, interviews, and advertising expertise to other publications and television programming within the RV and campground industries. And they operate trade events and award programs such as the RV of the Year Awards.

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What Type of Articles Does RVBusiness.com Publish?

Articles published on RVBusiness.com include various topics across the RV industry. Some pieces are short and take on a press-release tone, like this article about the future of electric motorhomes: Mercedes Discusses Electric Future of Motorhome Industry. Others are more in-depth. 

The site’s owners also offer full-length digital copies of the RVBusiness Magazine. This magazine has all the RV industry news you could ask for. The bottom line is that RVBusiness.com offers quick and to-the-point information about the most current news in the industry so that you know what’s happening and what’s coming up.

Who Is RVBusiness.com Geared Toward?

The publication is geared toward individuals working within the RV industry. However, RV owners and future owners have a lot to gain from RVBusiness.com as well.

In particular, if you’re thinking about upgrading your RV or you’re a first-time buyer, you could get value out of this website. This is an excellent place to take a peek behind the curtain and evaluate your best options for a tiny home on wheels.

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Does RVBusiness Have a YouTube Channel?

RVBusiness has a quick reference video section on its website. Here, you’ll find relevant videos from various YouTube channels. It’s a helpful resource for those in the RV industry as well as RV owners. And if you resonate with a particular YouTuber, you can seek them out and watch more of their videos. 

In addition, RVBusiness Magazine also has its own YouTube channel. The channel contains live interviews and RV industry conversations. You can see campers and motorhomes up close, get a look inside events, and more. This is a great way for anyone and everyone to get to see what really goes on at RV industry events. 

What Is the RVBusiness Magazine?

RVBusiness Magazine is a B2B (business-to-business) publication for the RV industry. They put out six editions per year. The issues cover relevant RV industry news, data insights, in-depth articles, news about events, and more. It’s a must-have publication for those working within the industry.

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Where Else Can You Get RV News?

There are other places you can find RV news online, including the RV Industry Association (RVIA). Manufacturers and consumers alike can stay up-to-date on industry news via the association’s website. RVIA is a leading voice in the industry, as it works with federal and state lawmakers to ensure its members have the best research and data. The association helps RV manufacturers grow the market and reach consumers. 

RVIA also reaches out to RVers through the Go RVing program. You can find news on the website related to RV travel, industry trends, RV dealers, and general RVing tips. In addition, it has resources such as a “first-timer’s RV tool kit.” 

RVBusiness: An Award-Winning RV Industry Website

RVBusiness is an award-winning website and is admired throughout the industry as the go-to place for relevant and current information. With the RV industry growing rapidly, this website is one of the best places to stay updated on technology, new products, and much more.

That is useful whether you’re an industry professional, an experienced RVer, or someone just coming into the RV life, that is useful. No matter where you are in your RVing journey, you can learn a lot via this website.

What are you looking for from your RV news?

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