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5 Celebrities Who Travel with Airstream Trailers

Airstreams have an allure that’s appealing to people from all walks of life, including some pretty famous faces. The instantly recognizable silver bullets have shown up on the silver screen for decades.

They also play a big role behind the scenes in celebrities’ private lives. Let’s take a look at five celebrities who’ve traveled with an Airstream.

What Are Airstream Trailers?

Known for their shiny, curved aluminum bodies, Airstreams may just be the most iconic travel trailers of all time.

Company founder Wally Byam borrowed design and construction ideas from the aviation industry to launch the company in 1931. Several generations of RV enthusiasts have gravitated to Airstreams’ quality as well as their undeniable coolness factor. 

Airstream and Hollywood have a long history together. The iconic trailers first showed up on screen in episodes of “Troubleshooters” in the late 1950s.

Airstreams have continued to make cameos in countless TV shows and movies over the years. The credits include “Raising Arizona,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Independence Day,” “Mars Attacks!” “CSI: Miami,” “Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps,” and “The Hills Have Eyes.”

5 Celebrities Who Travel in Airstreams

Stylish and practical, Airstreams appeal to a big cross-section of consumers. Here are five celebrities who love Airstreams as much as we do.

#1 Matthew McConaughey

When this lovable Texan says, “all right, all right, all right,” maybe he’s thinking about the three Airstreams he owns.

Matthew McConaughey has always been upfront about his love for his customized campers. In 2005, he towed one coast-to-coast to promote a film called “Sahara.”

Later, he lived aboard the 28-footer for a while as he was building his home in Malibu. He has also used a fleet of Airstreams as housing for the production crew on film sets.

#2 Billie Joe Armstrong

For Green Day’s leader, it was one more rock ‘n’ roll dream come true when his wife presented her special anniversary gift. Punk rocker Billie Joe Armstrong had mentioned to Adrienne that he’d always wanted an Airstream.

On their 20th anniversary, she surprised him with one that was restored and personalized just for him. She’d reached out to an artistic team in L.A. called Junk Gypsy Company, who lovingly created this amazing “surf shack on wheels.”

It’s built for chilling more than venturing out. With its kitschy decorative touches and comfy, cozy features, it’s a homey place where the Armstrongs can kick back together. 

Interior of a brand new Airstream travel trailer

 #3 Mark Harmon

The popular star of “NCIS” retreats to his trailer to take a break or learn his lines. And it happens to be a classic Airstream that he restored himself beyond its early-70s glory.

Harmon is an accomplished woodworker and carpenter and even worked as a roofer before his acting career took off.

He put his own skills to use, upgrading the interior of the 24-foot shell with birds-eye maple and white birch. Another handsome touch is the painted checkerboard floor. 

#4 Sandra Bullock

The actress known as America’s Sweetheart was also once the sweetheart of motorcycle man Jesse James. His company, West Coast Choppers, designed a motorcycle for Airstream that included a streamlined sidecar.

James reportedly turned down compensation for the design. Instead, he traded his labor for a high-end Airstream trailer for Sandra Bullock, who was his wife at the time. He gave it to her as a birthday present.

Silver air stream travel trailer traveling down a road in a rainforest.

#5 Tom Hanks

Here’s the one that just got away. If you’d like to own two-time Oscar winner Tom Hanks’ storied Airstream, you’re a little too late.

Tired of standard, boring trailers on movie sets, Hanks splurged for a brand new Airstream in 1992, when he was filming “Sleepless in Seattle.”

He used the Model 34 Limited Excella, with its custom interior, for almost 25 years. It was on location with him for classics like “Apollo 13,” “Forrest Gump,” and “Philadelphia.”

Hanks recently put the Airstream up for auction along with three other personal vehicles, and it sold for $235,000.

Celebrities Love Airstreams

We know that celebrities are just regular people, but this shared love of Airstreams somehow makes us feel closer to them. Deep down, we’re all just Airstream lovers.

Maybe we missed some other big names, though. Do you know any celebrities who use an Airstream?

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