Xscapers Is Hiring Party-Loving RVers

Are you friendly, out-going, and detail-oriented? Xscapers, part of the Escapees RV Club, might just be looking for you! If you’re looking for a new job or to join a great organization that seeks to build relationships within the RV community, check out the three job positions below.

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What Is Xscapers? 

Xscapers is a community of travelers dedicated to helping each other live life on the road. Founders Travis and Melanie Carr wanted to provide a specific group within the Escapees RV Club to support and encourage nomadic families.

The RVer Job Exchange is one of the resources provided to help working individuals find full-time or part-time work on the road. With a paid membership to the Escapees RV Club, you also get full access to Xscapers.

What Is Escapees RV Club?

Joe and Kay Peterson founded Escapees RV Club in 1978. Over the years, it grew into a community geared more toward retired RVers than younger RVers. Xscapers emerged from this RV Club to provide resources and a specific community to support working families.

Today, Escapees RV Club provides resources for RVers like mail service, discounts, roadside assistance, campgrounds, and more. The club also equips travelers with educational materials as well as a Boot Camp and Online University.

They hold special events and rallies throughout the U.S. each year as opportunities to gather together with like-minded travelers. Combined with the community of RVers themselves, these resources make Escapees RV Club one of the best membership clubs for travelers.

What Is an Xscapers Convergence? 

The slogan for an Xscapers Convergence is “Come Together, Have Fun, Find Your Tribe.” Although you can always connect online, it’s nice to connect in person sometimes, too.

These convergences provide that connection and community within the Escapees RV Club for working travelers. These events offer education, outdoor fun, and educational opportunities to help equip RVers as well as build relationships.

Each convergence ranges from five to 10 days and usually includes dry camping only. The group schedules activities outside of typical working hours. These activities include campfires, potluck meals, and dance parties.

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Love RVing and Love to Party? Xscapers Is Hiring for Its Convergence Team

If you’ve been to an Xscapers Convergence, you know how much fun they are. Would you like to join their team?

Xscapers is hiring like-minded individuals to help coordinate and plan these events. Let’s take a closer look at each job posting.

Xscapers Convergence Director

If you have great planning and coordinating skills, the Xscapers Convergence Director position may be a good fit. You’ll oversee the team and Convergence Operations Coordinator to make sure that all events run smoothly.

Also, you’ll work closely with the registration and marketing team so that all Escapees members have access to the registration materials. You’ll be looking for new locations to hold convergences as well.

To be successful in this position, you should also be good at budgeting, communication, and writing. You can check out the full job description here.

Xscapers Convergence Operations Coordinator

Another available position is the Xscapers Convergence Operations Coordinator. This position requires effective communication and team-building skills since you’ll work directly with club staff, club members, and vendors.

You should enjoy working with numbers as well as people to be successful in this position. During each convergence, you’ll organize parking, prepare the grounds, and manage a team of volunteers. Planning the logistics of each convergence is a huge part of this position. You can check out the full job description here.

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Xscapers Convergence Host and Emcee

Xscapers is also hiring for a Convergence Host and Emcee. In this role, you’ll help the Convergence Operations Coordinator manage a team of volunteers as well as provide excellent service to the attendees. If any problems come up, you’re the one to resolve them.

Communication and customer service skills are very important to be successful in this role. During each convergence, you’ll welcome the attendees and make announcements. You’ll strive to create a positive, fun atmosphere for everyone. You can check out the full job description here.

Check Out Other RV-Friendly Jobs on the RVer Job Exchange

The RVer Job Exchange is a great resource for RV-friendly jobs. These jobs include part-time and full-time options, as well as year-round and seasonal jobs.

These companies and individuals understand the RV lifestyle and seek to hire travelers to fill these positions. It’s easy to set up a profile and get your information online for recruiters to view. You can also directly apply to job postings.

If the Xscapers Convergence positions listed above don’t quite fit your personality and skillset, check out all of the other opportunities on the RVer Job Exchange.

Xscapers Is Growing Quickly, Are You In?

The Xscapers part of the Escapees RV Club is growing quickly. Lots of new working individuals, couples, and families have hit the road to embrace the traveling lifestyle.

If you’re looking for community and to build relationships with others on the road, check out Xscapers! The convergences are listed online, so you can plan your travel accordingly to meet up with other like-minded folks. And you can always access the educational materials to help you when problems arise on the road.

The annual membership fee is only $49.95, which is well worth it! So are you in?

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