Can Facebook Enhance Your RV Life?

The internet can be a cold and ruthless world, especially on Facebook. Back in 2018, Professor Eric Vanman concluded research that stated, “Taking a Facebook break for just five days reduced a person’s level of the stress hormone cortisol.”

Many choose RV life to reduce the stress in their lives, and Facebook may be doing the exact opposite. So today, we want to look at whether Facebook can enhance your RV life? Let’s get started!

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Is Facebook a Good Place for RVers to Hang Out Online?

Facebook can be an excellent place for RVers to hang out online. Between the various Facebook pages and groups dedicated to RV-related content, there’s a tremendous potential to connect with others who enjoy RVing.

However, there’s also a dark side of Facebook that you need to be aware of if you’ve yet to spend much time on the social network.

Some Facebook users live behind the anonymity of the internet to say things and behave in a way that they wouldn’t otherwise. The comments people make are often insensitive and purposefully create division.

If you’re not careful, you can easily find yourself getting sucked into a heated debate.

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So if you plan to use Facebook as a place to connect with other RVers, it’s a good idea to make sure you keep it in check. Don’t get sucked into the negativity that seems to fill many of the posts. If your online interactions start affecting you in real life, it may be best to avoid Facebook for a time.

Do RVing Facebook Groups Do More Harm Than Good?

RV Facebook groups can be great places for RVers to interact with each other and ask important questions. However, if you scroll through some of the large RVing Facebook groups, you’ll quickly see that some of the responses to simple questions aren’t all that helpful. While groups can be great places to ask questions, some people try to be funny instead of helpful.

It also seems that many people have forgotten how to have a rational discussion on a topic and that it’s OK to disagree. People are overly passionate about their specific RV or truck brand, and some of these discussions can get heated incredibly quickly. So while these Facebook groups can be beneficial, they also do a tremendous amount of harm to the community.

Here’s How to Tell If Facebook Is Adding Value to Your Life

If you’re unsure whether Facebook adds value to your life, we’ve got a handful of ways to tell. Let’s take a look and see if you should consider logging off Facebook for some time.

You Enjoy the Conversations and Community

The RVing community can be helpful and caring. If you find yourself having positive engagements and conversations with others in the community, there’s a good chance that it’s adding value to your life.

Traveling full-time in an RV can be lonely. Facebook can be a great place for you to connect with fellow RVers who share a similar lifestyle. So make sure you’re continually evaluating whether or not you’re enjoying the conversations and community. If you ever find yourself not enjoying them, then it’s likely that Facebook isn’t adding much value to your life.

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You Don’t Find Yourself in Heated Discussions

You often don’t have to look too hard to find a heated discussion in an RV Facebook group. Whether it’s which truck is the best for towing or which brand of tires you should use on your RV, these heated discussions can get out of control quickly.

If you find it easy to avoid these discussions and you’re not getting sucked into them, Facebook likely isn’t an issue in your life.

You Get Help, Resources, and Ideas

One of the biggest reasons many of us join RV Facebook groups is for the help, resources, and ideas they can provide. Whether it’s helping you learn how to maintain your RV or inspiring you to remodel your RV, there are Facebook groups for practically everything.

New RV Community Meet Ups and Facebook Group For Black RVers

It’s important to keep your Facebook usage in check, even if it’s for help, resources, or ideas. Although it can be beneficial, overdoing it can quickly cause issues in your life. Whether you’re losing sleep or distracted from those around you, make sure you keep it in check.

Group Threads Don’t Keep You Up at Night

Some group threads can be addicting. While you may enjoy spending a few minutes scrolling through group threads before bed, those minutes can easily turn into hours.

Before you know it, you could find yourself spending way more time reading comments and posts without realizing it. However, if group threads aren’t keeping you up at night and you have it under control, Facebook likely isn’t taking value away from your life.

How to Find the Best RV Facebook Groups

If you’re going to enjoy your time in Facebook groups, you want to be in some of the best groups. Here’s a handful of tips for finding the best RV Facebook groups for your newsfeed.

Join Brand-Specific Groups

There are Facebook groups for practically every brand of RV. You can even find Facebook groups for many specific models or floorplans. The more specific you can get regarding groups, the smaller they’re likely to be. Smaller groups are often easier for moderators to keep in check.

By joining these brand-specific groups, you’re also able to learn more about using and maintaining your specific RV. Users often also share important news updates and products that are compatible with your specific RV.

These can be great places to connect with your fellow RVers, but keep in mind there’s always at least one bad apple in every bunch. So don’t let one person’s grumpy attitude ruin your day or your ability to enjoy a group.

Join Lifestyle Groups

When you join a lifestyle group on Facebook, you’re likely to encounter others who share common interests. Whether it’s an activity you enjoy or simply the stage of life you’re in, these lifestyle groups can help you connect with a community of people at a similar stage of life.

These groups can be great ways to share resources regarding specific lifestyles or activities. Users may promote local events that you might enjoy doing, which can help you meet and interact with others.

Join RV Club Groups

There’s a wide variety of RV club groups that also host Facebook groups. Escapees, one of the largest clubs for RVers, runs both the Escapees and Xscapers groups that target older and younger RVers. Being part of an RV club community with like-minded individuals can help you meet others who might eventually be your camping neighbors.

Look for Active Moderators and Rule Enforcement

Rules are typically only useful if they’re enforced. So if you join a group, it’s wise to look for active moderators who enforce the rules.

While groups may have rules against certain language or posts, some groups without active moderators don’t enforce these rules. This can result in inappropriate or spam posts finding their way into the group. 

Groups without moderation can quickly become like the wild west of the internet. Chaos often erupts as people sense there are no consequences for violating group rules. So if you notice a lot of violations of the group rules, it may not be worth sticking around.

Social Media Shouldn’t Be Divisive or Upsetting

Using Facebook and other social media outlets can be incredibly useful. However, it can also be divisive and upsetting. This has become a common occurrence in not only the RVing community but many large Facebook groups.

One of the most important things you can do is keep your Facebook usage in check and avoid or leave groups that tend to be overly negative. Do you think Facebook enhances or takes away from your RV life?

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