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Who Are Eamon and Bec?

Are you looking for a new Youtube channel to watch? Well, move Eamon and Bec to the top of your list. This fun-loving couple is always up to some hilarious challenges or inspiring stories.

From van life to cabin life and more, we think you’ll quickly fall in love with Eamon and Bec. You might learn some things about van builds or cabin renovations along the way, too. 

Keep reading to learn who Eamon and Bec are and what they do. We’ll also share three of their top videos to give a sampling of what you’ll find on their channel.

Who Are Eamon and Bec? 

Eamon and Bec are Canadian business owners and content creators. They’ve been van lifers for over four years and have recently renovated a cabin in the woods of Ontario, Canada.

You’ll find regular videos about their life and adventures on their popular YouTube channel. They also own a tea company called Chaiwala.

Van Life

Eamon and Bec have converted two vans into a tiny home on wheels. Their first van was a labor of love that they drove through Canada, the U.S., and Mexico.

Then they had it shipped across the Atlantic to Europe. Van life Europe started in the UK, and they wandered down to Morocco, in northern Africa. 

At the beginning of 2020, they needed to leave their van in Morocco to fly back to Canada due to the COVID pandemic. After quarantining with friends and getting their footing in North America again, they started their second Sprinter van build. Their dreams of owning a piece of Canadian land were at the forefront of their minds.

Cabin Life

In late 2020, Eamon and Bec purchased a cabin on a lake in the Canadian woods. With plans to renovate the 70s style cabin, they documented it all for their YouTube channel.

The transition from van life to cabin life was a smooth process for the couple. You can see all their DIY projects and lake life shenanigans on their channel.

A cabin in the woods overlooking a sunset.

Where Do Eamon and Bec Live Now?

Eamon and Bec are now living at their cabin in Canada. While they traveled back to their van in Morocco after a year and half of the van sitting in an airport parking lot, they had to leave it again to tend to health issues.

They have hopes of traveling in one of their vans periodically, but at this time, their cabin remains their home base.

How Do Eamon and Bec Make Money?

YouTube is one source of income for Eamon and Bec. They have over one million subscribers on their channel, with multiple videos getting over 500k likes. This is sure to bring in regular income.

They also own Chaiwala Chai which is fair trade tea made out of natural ingredients. They’ve published a cookbook that you can purchase online.

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Eamon and Bec’s Top YouTube Videos

Take a look at three of Eamon and Bec’s top Youtube videos. 

Van Tour After 2 Years Living In Our Tiny House On Wheels

Eamon and Bec converted a Sprinter van on their own, complete with a toilet and outdoor shower. They give a tour of the van in this video.

They’re honest about what they love and how they would improve next time. The video is a great way to get ideas for your van build. Or, if you already have a camper van, you might discover some things you’ll want to add. 

Tiny House Swap | Van Life vs. Bus Life

In this video, Eamon and Bec do a tiny house swap with Tio Adventura. For 24 hours, Tio Adventura moves into Eamon and Bec’s van, while Eamon and Bec stay in their 250 square foot Skoolie conversion.

They compare what it’s like to live in a van versus a large bus. It’s fun to watch how the two couples determine what they love and what they miss about their houses on wheels.

I Have Breast Cancer

In December 2021, Bec was diagnosed with breast cancer. She discusses the diagnosis in this video and the journey ahead.

The footage shows vulnerability and a story many women and men can find relatable. They are choosing to share what’s helpful and not what might be clickbait or drama for the sake of YouTube likes. We applaud them and wish them well in their journey. 

Other Ways to Follow Eamon and Bec

Eamon and Bec have many social media handles to follow. You can find them on Instagram and Facebook. Their Chaiwala business is on social media channels as well.

We hope you subscribe to Eamon and Bec’s YouTube channel and gain inspiration from their adventures. They’re a cheerful couple who love to explore and engage with the world in unique ways. They post a new video almost every Sunday.

Do you follow any van life YouTube channels? Let us know!

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