A shirtless man showers in a tile shower with a rain head.

Do Truck Stops Have Public Showers

You’ll likely look for truck stops when you need to fill up on fuel or caffeine. However, they’re not always the first place that comes to mind when you need to take a shower.

While many people have seen the signs that point to the shower facilities, most assume they’re strictly for truck drivers.

So do truck stops have public showers? Let’s take a look!

A shirtless man showers in a tile shower with a rain head.

Can Non-Truckers Use a Truck Stop Shower?

Non-truckers can use most truck stop showers. However, it’s important to remember that they are typically the only showers truck drivers have access to while they’re on the road.

This means you should be considerate of them and not take more than the necessary time to take a shower, especially if there’s a line.

A tall outdoor sign for a 24 hours truck stop.

You need to see the world’s largest truck stop — you won’t believe what’s inside.

What Is it Like Inside a Truck Stop Shower?

If you’ve never seen a truck stop shower, you may think they sound dirty or rundown. However, many truck stop showers are maintained better than most budget-friendly motel bathrooms. Each shower gets a good cleaning after every use, so you’ll find they’re typically cleaner than most hotel bathrooms, too!

When you walk into a truck stop shower room, you’ll likely find two separate areas; the bathroom and the shower. The bathroom area usually has a toilet and a sink with a countertop large enough for you to shave and do any pampering you might need to do. You’re also likely to find a hairdryer and sometimes even a couple of mints to freshen your breath.

The shower room will likely be a standard tile shower. The showerhead is usually adjustable to set it at a comfortable level. Water pressure and heat levels will vary, but they’re generally more than adequate for most shower users.

What Are Truck Stop Showers Really Like? This trucker shows you around.

How Much Does it Cost to Shower at a Truck Stop?

Costs will vary from location to location, but you can expect to pay $10 to $17 per shower. However, some sites will offer free showers for customers who purchase a specific quantity of fuel.

You can also earn free or discounted showers by joining a fuel rewards program from major fuel retail chains like Loves, Flying J, and Pilot.

You can also share a shower to keep the costs down. We don’t suggest going from truck to truck to find a person to split the shower bill.

However, most truck stop showers provide an adequate amount of time for you and a fellow traveler or two to take a quick shower.

Do All Truck Stops Have Showers?

Not all truck stops have showers, but almost all of the major truck stop chains have showers. You can use apps like All Stays and Trucker Path to help in your search for a shower.

Also, don’t forget to download apps from Loves, Pilot/Flying J, and TA/Petro. Many of these apps make it easy to find the nearest location and will often tell you what amenities they offer.

Signs and arrows direct customers to a truck stop shower.

Truck Stop Shower Etiquette

Think about how you feel after a long travel day. Now imagine how truck drivers feel after multiple long travel days.

While life on the road may be more routine for truckers, they don’t want to put up with nonsense. If you act like a decent human being and treat them and the truck stop staff with respect, you’ll likely have no issues. Here are a few things you can do a few things to avoid any problems.

If you need to get fuel, do so before parking your rig. When you park, make sure you park out of the way and that you’re not blocking any truck lanes or truck drivers from getting in and out of the parking lot. Once you’ve parked, head inside to the truck stop.

When you pay for your shower at the counter, the cashier will either send you to an open shower or give you a number. Be patient; we promise your turn will come. When it’s finally time to shower, be efficient. 

Since you paid for the shower, you can use it up to the allotted time. However, please don’t abuse it. Be considerate that others are waiting. 

A man dries his face after just getting out of the shower.

How to Use a Truck Stop Shower

Head to the cashier at the truck stop to first pay for your shower. When you pay for your shower, they’ll give you a receipt. The receipt will have a couple of significant numbers for you, the customer number and pin code.

If there’s a wait, they’ll announce the customer number for the next available shower. You’ll need to use the pin code to open the shower room door when your turn.

You’re now able to use the shower room for your allotted time. However, be efficient with your time, so you’re not causing others to wait longer than necessary.

Ensure you clean up as much as possible and take everything with you when you leave the shower room. You don’t want to leave that brand new bottle of expensive shampoo behind. The cleaning staff will likely toss it in the trash between showers.

Don’t Be Shy About Using a Truck Stop Shower! 

If you’re in a pinch or want to enjoy a hot shower with high water pressure, truck stops can be a great option. This is especially useful if you’re trying to make a quick trip across the country and don’t want to stay in a hotel or reserve a campsite for your RV.

We’ve taken our share of truck stop showers and have had no regrets. Would you consider taking a shower at a truck stop?

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