This Two Story RV Is Huge

This Two Story RV Is Huge

Forest River has outdone itself with an RV that has an upstairs and downstairs similar to a sticks-and-bricks house. This massive home on wheels is towable with a GVWR (gross vehicle weight rating) of more than 13,000 pounds. Want to learn more? Let’s explore the Salem Grand Villa’s floor plans and features. 

The Salem Grand Villa Is Like a Mansion on Wheels

Forest River’s Salem Grand Villa is glamorous and inviting. The mansion on wheels has three floor plans that range from 41 feet 7 inches to 42 feet 11 inches. They have modern decor, lots of natural light, features galore, and enclosed and open lofts. Plus, they can sleep more than six people and have more than enough room to entertain guests. 

How Much Does the Salem Grand Villa Cost?

Before we get to the details of this mansion on wheels, let’s cut to the punch line. How much does the Salem Grand Villa cost? You’re probably thinking an RV this big is likely out of reach, but the Grand Villa starts at about $75,000. Given the amount of RV you’re getting, that might be less than you expect.

Salem Grand Villa Floor Plans and Specs

The Salem Grand Villa has three floor plans. Let’s take a look at each and their specs. Keep in mind that you can add on features that fit your needs.


Forest River’s Salem Grand Villa 42DL is 42 feet 10 inches long and 102 inches wide. Its UVW (unloaded vehicle weight) is 12,719 pounds, and it has a CCC (cargo carrying capacity) of 1,136 pounds. The hitch weight is 1,855 pounds. 

The freshwater tank holds 39 gallons. The gray water tank holds 80 gallons and the black tank 40 gallons. For such a massive RV, the holding tanks are surprisingly smaller than one might expect. This is because the Salem Grand Villa is a park model hooked up to water and sewer continuously. Therefore, it doesn’t travel as much.

Inside, the RV includes a double loft with three beds, one in the back and two in the front. On the first floor, you get a large master bedroom with a queen bed, closet and wardrobe, and washer and dryer prep. It also has windows around two walls and a door to the outside. The full bathroom includes a large walk-in shower and plenty of room for towels and linens. 

The kitchen features an island, a walk-in pantry, and a side-by-side refrigerator. There’s a proper table and chairs for the dinette with panoramic windows. The living room has theater seating and a full-size couch as well as an entertainment center.


The Salem Grand Villa 42FK is 42 feet 11 inches long and 102 inches wide. It has a UVW of 12,469 pounds, a CCC of 1,311 pounds, and a hitch weight of 1,780 pounds. The freshwater tank holds 40 gallons, the gray water tank holds 80 gallons, and the black tank holds 40 gallons. 

The 42FK has a large front kitchen with residential appliances and a walk-in pantry. A table and chairs sit on a slide-out in the kitchen to make for a great sitting area away from the living room. The spacious living room has three love seats and an entertainment center with a cozy fireplace. 

This mansion on wheels can easily accommodate sleeping for a family of six. It has a master bedroom with a king-size bed, closet, wardrobe, and washer and dryer prep. The double loft area upstairs has two bed mats on the floor in the loft overlooking the living room and two beds in the enclosed portion. 


The Salem Grand Villa 42FLDL is 41 feet 7 inches long and 102 inches wide. It has a UVW of 12,209 pounds, a CCC of 1,511 pounds, and a hitch weight of 1,720 pounds. The freshwater tank holds 40 gallons, the gray water tank holds 80 gallons, and the black tank holds 40 gallons. 

The floor plan on the 42FLDL puts the living room in the front with a whole wall of front windows. A full couch sits below the windows, and there’s theater seating and an entertainment center on the other two walls. The living room is open to the large kitchen with an island and table and chairs. There’s ample counter and storage space in the residential-style kitchen. 

The sleeping areas consist of a master bedroom in the back with a king-size bed, closet, storage, and washer and dryer prep. Upstairs in the loft, you’ll find a single bed mat in the area open to the kitchen and two beds in the enclosed back loft. 

Features and Amenities in the Salem Grand Villa

The Salem Grand Villa comes loaded with features and amenities. One thing you’ll notice right away is that the main entrance door is a sliding glass door. This allows for easy entry and maximum natural light. And the kitchen has a skylight to continue the light flow.

Some other favorite interior features include the wide 80-inch sofa. The storage throughout is phenomenal, and we love things like the built-in electric fireplace. Residential appliances and modern decor are also a draw.

The Grand Villa has an enclosed underbelly to keep the pipes and flooring warmer during cold seasons. It also has one-piece seamless slide-outs to help prevent leaking. In addition, it has seamless holding tanks.

What Is a Destination Trailer?

A destination trailer, sometimes known as a park model, is meant to sit stationary most of the time. While technically you can pull the Salem Grand Villa down the road, it’s a beast. Taking it from campground to campground may be too much wear and tear on the trailer and your towing vehicle. So people typically keep destination trailers in one spot.

Is the Salem Grand Villa a Good RV? 

Forest River’s Salem Grand Villa is a good RV. They’ve thought through the construction and practical needs for this type of trailer. However, like with any travel trailer, it needs regular maintenance. Even though it’s a mansion on wheels, it’s not a stick-and-bricks house. 

If you haven’t already, we recommend taking a walkthrough of a Grand Villa to see for yourself. It’s a great option for large families to use as vacation homes or for seasonal campgrounds. Would you ever consider this massive, stationary RV?

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