A couple rests on a suspension bridge over a ravine in the mountains enjoying a spectacular view.

5 Climate-Friendly Travel Companies

Planning a trip with climate-friendly travel companies will maximize your experience. Taking care of the earth as you travel can be very rewarding, and it can ensure exploration for future generations. 

Keep reading to learn what a climate-friendly travel company is and how to be more environmentally conscious. We also look at five travel companies making a positive impact on the earth. 

Let’s get started! 

A couple rests on a suspension bridge over a ravine in the mountains enjoying a spectacular view.

What Is a Climate-Friendly Travel Company?

A climate-friendly travel company provides sustainable and environmentally safe opportunities. They strive to offer trips or services that leave as little of an environmental footprint as possible to promote a clean planet. 

What Are Environmentally Friendly Ways of Traveling? 

It is possible to travel in environmentally friendly ways. But nothing is perfect. That’s why educating yourself and doing research is beneficial to discover climate-friendly ways to see the world and care for it.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most eco-friendly ways to travel.

Extra tips for sustainable travel!

Cycling or Walking

Cycling and walking are by far the most environmentally friendly ways to travel. But they’re not always practical, depending on where you’re going. We also recommend looking for ways to incorporate these exercises into your trips. 

For example, if you’re visiting Italy, consider a bike tour instead of flying from one city to the next. Not only will you be saving the climate from more toxic airplane fumes, but you’ll also get to see a lot more of the country’s landscape and villages.

Hiking in places like national parks is also a great way to see more than you would driving a car through the park. Whether you do a day hike or backpack into the backcountry, there are typically options for all skill levels.


Sailing is much more environmentally friendly than a motor boat, airplane, train, or car. Using a sailboat and harnessing the power of the wind as your mode of transportation from one destination to the next is brilliant. You can book a sail with travel companies or charter a sailboat. 

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Utilizing Public Transportation

When traveling in cities, use public transportation as much as possible. It reduces the number of individual vehicles on the road and the amount of engine exhaust going up into the atmosphere. And getting a bus or subway pass can be very cost-effective.

A traveler leans out a train window to get a view of the landscape in Sri Lanka.

Lodging Using Non-Toxic Cleaning Supplies

Book lodging that uses non-toxic cleaning supplies. An environmentally-friendly hotel or other types of lodging will typically have their policy on their website, or you can call to ask. If you’re booking lodging, you can help the climate by giving your money to climate-friendly companies.

Bringing Your Own Gear

Bringing your own gear when you travel is another way to protect our planet. For example, bring a refillable water bottle instead of buying disposable water bottles. You may also want to bring things like your own towel so that it limits the number of towels the hotel needs to wash.

5 Climate-Friendly Travel Companies

There are a growing number of climate-friendly travel companies throughout the world. Let’s take a look at five of the top-rated. 

1. Up Norway

About: Up Norway focuses on ecotourism and responsible social impact. Their local team creates experiences off the beaten path in Norway. They use data and in-house technology to build personalized itineraries. 

Environmental Impact: Social and environmental responsibility shapes the whole company. They design trips that have a positive impact on society and nature.

Services Offered: Up Norway offers ready-to-go journeys or trip packages, or they will tailor-make one for you.

2. Responsible Travel

About: Responsible Travel offers vacations that benefit people and the planet. They’re an activist company that started in 2001. The idea is to help people travel responsibly and protect our planet from more harm. 

Environmental Impact: The company’s mission is to inspire travelers to discover our planet while restoring nature and reducing carbon. They’re also honest about their limitations. 

Services Offered: Responsible Travel curates hundreds of climate-friendly trips and offers them on its website, like hiking the Inca trail. They also provide over 740 comprehensive travel guides.

3. Intrepid Travel

About: Intrepid Travel is well-known in the travel industry and offers people planet-friendly adventures. They’ve been around for over 30 years and are impacting the world in positive ways. 

Environmental Impact: They’re B-Corp™ certified, give back through their foundation, and are committed to climate action through a seven-point plan.

Services Offered: Intrepid Travel offers a variety of tours, including walking and trekking tours, cycling tours, family tours, and wildlife tours. 

4. Steppes Travel

About: Steppes Travel tailors holidays for anyone. The company began in 1989 to create pioneering journeys in the world’s far-flung places. 

Environmental Impact: The company is B-Corp certified and focuses on positive impact travel. They also have a fund for climate change and help work that measures carbon to improve air travel.

Services Offered: Steppes Travel offers tailor-made and group holidays around the world. You’ll find detailed itineraries and photographs on their website to help you determine which trip might be right for you.

5. Skyline Hawaii

About: Skyline Hawaii is the original zipline company in Hawaii. They provide safe experiences in the natural wonders of the Hawaiian Islands. 

Environmental Impact: The company aids in the conservation of the Hawaiian Islands’ unique land and culture. 

Services Offered: Skyline Hawaii offers zipline adventures in three locations: Maui, Kauai, and Big Island. The experiences introduce you to the Hawaiian culture, land, and ways you can positively impact the environment. 

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Are Climate-Friendly Travel Companies Worth It?

Climate-friendly travel companies are worth it. Not only do they help sustain our environment, but they’re also forward-thinking so that generations to come can enjoy our beautiful planet. We highly recommend any of the companies on our list for your next adventure!

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