A couple sits in the open door of their camper van with a pop up top.

These RV Manufacturers Only Build Custom RVs

No two people have the same needs when it comes to RVs. Whether you’re a weekend warrior, full-timer, large family, or solo traveler, there are a large variety of situations and preferences for RVs. While some are satisfied with whatever they find on the lot, many prefer a customized unit.

Today, we’ll look at some available options if you want to go with a custom RV. 

A couple sits in the open door of their camper van with a pop up top.

What Is a Custom RV?

Depending on the manufacturer, a custom RV allows you to specify various aspects of your RV. Some manufacturers have a list of customizable items, whereas others allow you to customize every detail and aspect of the RV.

If you’re considering a custom-built RV, you should inquire about which aspects you can alter, so you aren’t surprised. 

What Are the Benefits of a Custom RV?

The major benefit of designing a custom RV is making the RV a perfect fit for you. Some changes might include the layout, fixtures, color options, and appliances. You’ll be happier and more comfortable in an RV you get to design this way.

Another benefit is choosing which materials the manufacturer uses during construction. This is great if you’re on a budget because you can spend money where it matters and save money where you feel it isn’t vital. You can also create a more durable and long-lasting unit that will hold up to continuous use. 

What Are the Drawbacks?

Building a custom RV will typically cost you more than buying a stock unit off the dealer’s lot. Cookie-cutter units will almost always cost less because they’re mass-produced.

Even if you don’t choose high-end appliances, layouts, and materials, you’ll be paying for the opportunity to branch outside of the budget-friendly, cookie-cutter models. It can also be easy to get caught up in the excitement and ignore the features you’re choosing as the costs add up. 

Another drawback is the decision fatigue when building a custom RV. Making decision after decision can become tiresome and wear you down. Some feel they start to lose joy in the process when the choices get too overwhelming. 

Lastly, custom-built RVs take time. Unlike standard pre-built RVs, you can’t just drive to a dealership and pull off the lot with an RV. Custom-built RVs can easily take eight months or longer to reach you. 

How Much Does a Custom RV Cost?

It’s nearly impossible to give a general cost range for a custom RV. A small customized teardrop camper will be significantly less costly than a fully customized Class A.

Additionally, two fifth wheels of the same brand can have dramatically different costs based on custom options. Every custom outlet cover or paint job adds to an RV’s cost. 

These RV Manufacturers Only Build Custom RVs

While most RV manufacturers are willing to let you submit a build sheet, there are limited options. Some of these limited options might be choosing bed size, color scheme, and possibly a different appliance.

On the flip side, some manufacturers specialize in custom-built RVs. These companies work with you on building your customized RV from the frame up. Let’s look at a few options you have when building a truly customized Rv. 


Those already spending top dollar on a motorhome may feel it’s worth it to kick it up a notch and get a custom-made unit. You’ll only really have one option for a fully custom motorhome, though.

Newell Coach

Newell Coach truly puts you in charge when it comes to building your RV. You can customize as much or as little as you want.

It has three distinct customization options for floorplans. Options include choosing an existing floorplan and making revisions based on your needs, combining several existing floorplans, or creating a fully-custom floorplan. 

In addition to customizing the floorplan, you also have full control over the aesthetics, such as cabinetry and electronics. Newell Coaches are truly a customized unit, but they don’t come cheap. They cost upwards of $2 million per unit.

Most customized 2022 Newell Coach motorhome

Fifth Wheels and Travel Trailers

If you’re looking for a fully customizable fifth wheel or travel trailer, you have some great options. Here are some of our top picks for customized pull behinds. 

New Horizons

New Horizons builds custom-made RVs aimed at full-timers and those using their RVs frequently. Its RVs keep luxury in mind in order to feel like a true home. New Horizon RVs are made-to-order with the owner’s input in mind every step of the way.

There are dozens of floorplans to customize across two lines: Summit and Majestic. Within these two lines are some models classified as toy haulers. Owners can fully customize their RVs down to the appliances and design. 

The starting price for a New Horizon fifth wheel is $162,000 before any upgrades or options. Those looking for a toy hauler will be looking at a base price of $266,745.

North American RV

North American RV provides both pre-manufactured units and custom-made RVs. Quality is more important to the company than high volume. It’s factory-direct, so those purchasing a North American RV will be working directly with the company versus having a dealer as a middle man.

The floorplans are large, with a width of 8.5 feet and a maximum fifth-wheel length of 54 feet. The company can make units wheelchair accessible, including wheelchair lifts. Contact the company for a quote on factory-direct pricing.


SpaceCraft takes a lot of pride in its custom-made fifth wheels, so much so that it calls them the “bread and butter” of its efforts. Quality is of the utmost importance, and the company is proud that it has units still on the road after 20-30 years of full-time use. 

SpaceCraft units are fully customizable right from the floorplan. It has sample floorplans that owners can work from, or you can work with the company directly to create a new floorplan. SpaceCraft fifth wheels come with a starting price of $65,393 before any customizations or upgrades. 

Overland and Truck Campers

It’s no surprise that those who enjoy overlanding and truck campers have a lot of custom needs. Thankfully the market understands those needs, and there are plenty of customized options for these campers. 

Global Expedition Vehicles

Global Expedition Vehicles produces high-quality vehicles ready to take you anywhere you want to go. The company feels confident in its units and consultation process, as its consultants have gone on many of the adventures its customers are hoping to take. Its consultants’ real-world experience brings a lot of authenticity to the process. It has many truck camper options, most fully customizable. 

These vehicles are ready for offroading. Those looking for an overlanding vehicle won’t be disappointed. You’ll be ready for true rugged landscape exploring when adventuring in a Global Expedition Vehicle. These vehicles start at $290,000.


Each EarthRoamer is custom. They’re built for roads that no other RV could traverse. These campers rest on a hard-working Ford F-550 chassis.

The professional designers work directly with customers to customize each detail. This includes both the technical inner workings as well as decor and appliances. Once completed, there’s virtually nowhere this overlanding vehicle can’t take you.

EarthRoamer estimates that customers receive their product within seven to 10 months of ordering. The EarthRoamer LTI comes with a base price of $620,000, with most people having a final price of $680,000-$730,000. Those considering the EarthRoamer HD should expect to start at $1,900,000. 

Would You Buy a Custom RV?

Whether or not to purchase a custom RV depends on your expectations. If you expect that an RV will fit your exact needs right off the line, a custom RV is a worthwhile option for you. Those who want to adapt an RV straight from the manufacturer may feel the added cost and build time that comes with a custom RV isn’t worth it.

Have you considered a custom-built RV? Do you feel it’s necessary?

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