A en emergency vehicle drives out of thick smoked from a wildfire burning on both sides of a road.

Colorado Non-Profit Donates RVs to Disaster Survivors

Occasionally the news features a “feel good” story where someone helps out another person in need. We’ve seen the Tik Tok videos of a fast-food employee getting a new car or the homeless person receiving a new home.

These stories bring tears to our eyes as we watch love in action. Well, here’s another good news story that will warm your heart. Let’s meet Woody and Luna with Emergency RV and learn about their story.

A en emergency vehicle drives out of thick smoked from a wildfire burning on both sides of a road.

How Did Emergency RV Get Its Start?

In response to the devastating fire that left 50,000 people displaced and 14,000 homes destroyed in Paradise, Calif., in November 2018, Woody Faircloth and his daughter, Luna, started Emergency RV. Living in Denver, Colo., and watching the traumatic scenes on the news prompted them to act.

They set out to raise money to purchase an RV and deliver it to a family by Thanksgiving. The news of their endeavor spread, and soon they were donating one RV after another.

Today they’re a 501(c)(3) and have helped hundreds of victims of wildfires and other natural disasters. Emergency RV has also partnered with Coalitions & Collaboratives, Inc. (COCO), a national wildfire mitigation and recovery leader.

As news of their endeavors continues to spread, Woody makes guest appearances on shows like the “Kelly Clarkson Show,” “CNN Heroes,” local news stations, and more.

LIVE Kelly and Ryan | This Father/Daughter Duo Are Providing RVs to Wildfire Victims

Who Receives These Donated RVs?

Victims of natural disasters, as well as first responders, receive the donated RVs. Initially, Emergency RV worked to connect RV donors to eligible families affected by the Paradise fire.

They also provided tips for RV living and additional resources like the Hope Center in Oroville that will help stock the “new” RV. Now, they connect RV donors to eligible families affected by natural disasters all over the country.

Emergency RV does have a priority list so that the most vulnerable families are in line first. This includes families with small children, families living in shelters or cars, veterans, first responders, people with medical issues, and renters with no insurance.

There’s a thorough vetting process that every family must go through. It includes a driver’s license, FEMA eligibility letter, utility bill with a Paradise address (if applicable), and more.

How Many RVs Has Emergency RV Given Away?

According to its website, Emergency RV has delivered more than 100 RVs to families in need. This includes more than 100 children, more than 20 single parents, more than 20 first responders, more than 15 veterans, and more than 11 people who had medical needs.

Although this is a tremendous feat, more than 400 families are on the waiting list. But recently, Woody made a guest appearance on a local news channel to share the story of their 101st RV donation to a Native American tribe displaced after Hurricane Ida. Emergency RV vets each case to ensure that the receiving family truly needs an RV.

Aerial view of a RV traveling down a highway during a cross country road trip in the fall.

How Does Emergency RV Source Its RVs?

Initially, Woody searched Craigslist and emailed all of the owners selling RVs in the Denver area to ask if they’d be willing to help get their RVs to families in Paradise, Calif. One guy responded and said he would sell his for ⅓ of what he was asking, so Woody and Luna picked it up and drove it to California to deliver it to a family by Thanksgiving. 

Their efforts snowballed after that. They wanted to keep going because the devastation was incredible, and so many people were without adequate shelter.

As word spread about Emergency RV, strangers stepped up to donate RV after RV. Today, people can contact Emergency RV and donate their RV online.

Want to Contribute? Here’s How

Visit Emergency RV’s website to learn more about how to donate. Maybe you don’t have an RV, but you can make a monetary or stock donation to support Woody and Luna’s efforts to help displaced victims of natural disasters.

They’re also looking for volunteers to help with social media management, survivor relations, and RV procurement. You can also find a Google doc on their website to learn more about volunteer opportunities with Emergency RV.

If you do have an RV you’d like to donate, you can go here to fill out a Google doc. All donations are tax-deductible. You must get a formal appraisal for donations over $5,000.

Emergency RV also requests that the RV be in good working condition and asks the current owners to get a full maintenance inspection so that the RV won’t burden the new family. You also have to provide a clean title. If you can’t transport your RV, Emergency RV has a team of volunteers who will work with you.

A mother and daughter smile because they have each other as they enjoy the sunshine and grass of the great outdoors.

A Story of Selflessness

Sometimes the news produces amazing stories of selflessness, generosity, and compassion. This is one of those stories. The team of volunteers at Emergency RV continues to grow.

Do you want to be a part of a life-changing organization? Check them out today and consider donating monetarily or by giving your time or donating your used RV.

Can you imagine the smiles of a family in Paradise or Texas or Florida as they watch their new home come down the street?

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