A woman shouting into a megaphone and a sailboat in the background.

Gone With the Wynns Roasts Sail Manufacturer

When social media influencers get the short end of the stick from a company, they’ll often warn their followers. They want to protect them from experiencing a similar situation. That’s exactly what Jason and Nikki Wynn of Gone with the Wynns found themselves doing. 

The couple had ordered new sails for their boat and paid for them. Nearly two years later, they still didn’t have their sails. After exhausting all of their options, the couple turned to the internet to roast the manufacturer. Let’s see how it all went down and where the situation stands today.

A woman shouting into a megaphone and a sailboat in the background.

About Gone With the Wynns 

Jason and Nikki Wynn set out to live a life of adventure. They’re “often accused of being overly happy, too clean to be real sailors, and optimistically naive.” However, in a society that seems to thrive on negativity, the Wynns are a ray of sunshine for subscribers.

They may say they’re not “overly talented, smart, rich, lucky, or retired.” However, they still embrace adventure, squeeze as much out of life as possible, and share it all with the world.

Full-Time Travel

The Wynns embraced full-time travel in 2011, long before it was trendy. They were on an incredible road trip all over North America for five years. However, in 2016, with zero experience, the couple chose to expand their adventures by buying a sailboat.

Since jumping into sailing, they’ve traveled halfway around the world. They may live a minimalist lifestyle on their boat, but it’s far from lacking. What the couple lacks in possessions, they make up for in memories and experiences. 

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YouTube Channel

The couple creates some fantastic content on their YouTube channel. They share their adventures with their 500,000+ subscribers. Their videos date back to the early days of YouTube, nearly 11 years ago. 

Subscribe to their channel if you want to broaden your perspective and see some of the things they’ve experienced. Luckily, you can do it all from the comforts of your couch.

What Kind of Sailboat Does Gone With the Wynns Live On? 

The Wynns don’t currently live on a sailboat. The couple announced the end of their boat life when they posted their “The End of Boat Life” video. However, it’s only a temporary end as they’ve sold their previous boat and await the completion of their newest addition. 

The company estimated a nine-month wait, but the couple hopes for their boat to be complete by the end of June 2022. However, as of yet, the couple has yet to post a video of their HH44 Catamaran. We’re excited to see what the Wynns choose and their future adventures on it.

How Did Sailmakers Steal the Wynns’ Money? 

Jason and Nikki ordered and paid for their new sails through a South African sail company in March 2020. They planned a trip there, and it would be an easy stop along the way.

However, their contact with the manufacturer ghosted them once they arrived in South Africa. It wasn’t until after they left that their contact reached out to them. By this time, the pandemic had closed operations, and the company couldn’t ship to the couple’s new location in Tonga.

A year after having paid for their new sails, they still hadn’t received them. By this time, the couple needed to add to their order, which the company had no problem doing. In August 2021, Jason and Nikki received an invoice for the shipping fees and the additions to their order, which they paid in full.

The company confirmed their payment had been received and then ghosted them again. They never shipped their sails or sent any other communication.

The Wynns’ didn’t get any further communication until they did their own investigation to reach out to the corporate headquarters of Onesails International. However, it wasn’t good news. The corporate representative stated the company they had worked with had been operating fraudulently.

There was a current court case between the South African entity and the corporate representatives. Onesails International recommended pursuing legal action but offered zero help in the matter. This didn’t sit well with the Wynns.

The couple went down a huge rabbit hole, investigating the possibilities of taking action against the sailmakers. However, the only available options were to take the sailmakers to court in South Africa. But this would cost the Wynns even more money. 

The couple posted a buyer beware video titled “How The Sailmakers Stole Our Money” to help others avoid the same situation. However, when it comes to buyers protecting themselves, Jason said, “I don’t really know.” 

Did Gone With the Wynns Get Their Sails Replaced and Money Back? 

Three weeks after posting their video, the Wynns posted “Sails Update.” This was a much better and happier update for the couple. Their video rocked the sailing community pretty hard.

Within hours of posting it, the couple had an email from the CEO of Onesails Headquarters in Italy. He said he wanted to address the situation and provided his personal phone number for them to contact him.

In speaking with him, the couple discovered that the sailmakers no longer represent the Onesails International brand. As a result, if they had received their sails, they wouldn’t have had a corporate-backed warranty. The company offered a full reimbursement and promptly transferred them their money.

They ultimately didn’t go with Onesails International for their sails. They went with Ullman Sails, which also operates out of South Africa. However, the company has a long history and track record for doing business. This was the brand they ultimately wanted to go with. But the company was too busy to complete the project on the original timeline.

The couple took the refunded money from their original order and donated it to Conservation International and Colorado’s Mutiny Ranch. Both organizations are near and dear to the couple’s hearts. Luckily, this story has a happy ending, and the situation resolved for the Wynns.

How Can You Avoid Scams With Sailing Gear? 

When ordering sailing gear, like any other pieces of expensive equipment, always use reputable companies. You should find plenty of reviews from other users that share their experiences working with the company. Because online reviews can be biased, we recommend seeking recommendations from trusted individuals.

Word of mouth is one of the best ways to avoid a scam. Whether you buy sailing gear or RV equipment, you’ll likely find a Facebook group or other online community that can provide input. If anyone has had a bad experience with a particular retailer or manufacturer, they often share their experiences.

Be cautious with wiring money, especially if you find any red flags, such as a lack of communication. It is often impossible to recoup money once you wire it to another account. So make sure you’re confident that the retailer will come through or make it right before sending them any money.

Where Can You Find Reputable Sail Manufacturers?

When investing in sails, ensure you get quality sails that will do the job for years. Since sailing isn’t a new activity, you want to find a company with a history in the business.

Companies like North Sails and Ullman Sails have done business for over 60 years. Look for companies like these when buying your sails. They’ve honed their craft over the years, resulting in some of the finest products available in the market.

Some other sail manufacturers might not have nearly as much experience as the two brands mentioned. However, that doesn’t mean they’re not good or reputable. Find a trusted community of sailors and see what they use.

The sailing community tends to be very helpful and often assists each other with these decisions. They’ll let others know if they’ve had a bad experience with a certain brand.

Where Can You Find Gone With the Wynns? 

The Wynns have some exciting adventures ahead, and we’re waiting to see where their new boat will take them. If you want to follow their journey, subscribe to their YouTube channel. Or follow them on Instagram and Facebook, and bookmark their website.

They do a great job of documenting and sharing their adventures with others. And they may inspire you to take the next step in whatever dreams you might have.

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