A vintage Winnebago motorhome RV.

Eddie Munson Steals Winnebago in ‘Stranger Things’

If you haven’t watched the popular series “Stranger Things,” you’re totally missing out. The popular Netflix original has taken the world by storm with its homage to all things ‘80s. It hasn’t missed a beat with its hairstyles, mall-rat culture, or even the popular Winnebagos. 

Instead of wasting your time on another mediocre show, spend some time learning a little about the pop culture of the ‘80s while feeling thrilled by “Stranger Things.” Check out our quick question and answer lineup that will have you feeling more acquainted in no time. 

A vintage Winnebago motorhome RV.

About ‘Stranger Things’

“Stranger Things” is a sci-fi series set in the 1980s in a small town named Hawkins. The show follows the adventures of a group of kids as they try to unravel the mystery of their strange friend Eleven. They battle supernatural forces to keep the ones they love safe and ultimately fight to save their town (and the world). 

The Duffer Brothers, the show creators, didn’t expect it to become such a hit. However, the perfect depiction of the ‘80s pop culture caused a spark among viewers who grew up during that time. And the show caught fire. 

This is what RVing was like in the 1980’s!

We can’t pinpoint one reason why “Stranger Things” is so popular, but we can certainly explore the range of elements that make the show unforgettable.

First, we can’t fail to mention the outstanding cast. The producers couldn’t have chosen a better group of kids to play the roles. Fans fall in love with their chemistry, and viewers feel they’ve been friends their whole lives. 

Inside a 1980s camper with wood paneling and benches upholstered in a floral pattern.

Second, the nostalgia induced by the show is palpable. If you were an ‘80s kid, you’d likely see a clock or toy you had in your house when you were younger. The kids use walkie-talkies, go on adventurous bike rides, and even play a few tense sessions of Dungeons and Dragons

The music is another highlight feature of the show. The producers know how to place a good ‘80s song for that climatic effect. This show can transport you back to when hair bands and bold color choices ruled. 

Where Can I Watch ‘Stranger Things?’

For now, Netflix is the sole owner of the show. The streaming giant likely won’t let go of this Netflix original for quite some time. If you don’t already have a Netflix account, this one show makes it worth purchasing. 

Some people mention that you can find it on JustWatch, Hotstar, and Voot, but you’ll likely encounter a lot of spam and ads along the way. Your best shot at an uninterrupted viewing experience would be to go with Netflix. 

Netflix logo on a dark TV screen in living room at night.

Who Is Eddie Munson? 

Eddie Munson is a character introduced in the fourth season of “Stranger Things,” played by Joseph Quinn. He’s new, so you don’t think you’ll get too attached to him.

However, the show’s writers have a way of making new characters super likable. Remember Bob? And Eddie is certainly one the audience hopes to keep around for a while. 

He plays the role of a big-haired rocker kid who heads the D&D club at the high school, called Hellfire. Now, we don’t want to let too much information about Eddie come to light, as we’re not in the business of spoilers. But he evolves into a pretty epic character.

Who Do They Steal the RV from in ‘Stranger Things?’ 

Eddie Munson steals the Winnebago in Stranger Things Season 4.

It doesn’t really tell you much about who owned the RV that Eddie stole. If you watch the episode, the kids jump into the Winnebago of just a couple of people who live in Eddie’s trailer park.

Regardless, it’s a pretty crafty pull. As the team of teens drives away, Robin says it best. “It’s not every day you lose your house and car in one fell swoop.” 

What Kind of Winnebago Does Eddie Munson Steal? 

With a little work, you can dig up just what kind of RV Eddie steals in season four, episode 8 of “Stranger Things.” 

Eddie stole a 1970’s Winnebago Chieftain. We don’t know the exact year, but the RV is definitely from the ’70s. Chieftains were pretty sweet rides back in the day, and this RV was no junky steal. The kids actually got away with a top-notch place to crash. 

1976 Winnebago Chieftain Turbo LS

When Was the First Winnebago Motorhome Made? 

Though the company was founded in 1958, the first Winnebago Motorhome didn’t roll off the production line until 1966. The company sold their motorhomes at around half the price of their competitors and quickly cornered the market. 

Do you know the Winnebago Man? If not, we are happy to fill you in on this icon who is known for his outtakes.

Why Are Winnebagos Famous?

Winnebago has earned its longstanding reputation as a quality motorhome producer. The company has been around for over 60 years, and the name is synonymous with RVing.

In fact, many people call every RV they see a Winnebago. The company has successfully adapted over the years, and its product sets the standard in the industry. 

A vintage Winnebago motorhome with burgundy stripes down the side.

Is ‘Stranger Things’ Worth Watching? 

If numbers mean anything to you, consider that the fourth season of “Stranger Things” logged over 930 million viewing hours in its first 28 days on Netflix. In millions of viewers’ opinion, “Stranger Things” is worth watching.

You may find yourself drawn in by the epic storytelling. Or you may simply love the perfect depiction of the small-town America of the 1980s. What will you be watching with dinner tonight? 

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