Famous YouTuber Gives Away an RV

YouTubers will do giveaways to increase views, gain subscribers, and maximize their stats. While many will give away gift cards, iPhones, or merch, one YouTuber did a big giveaway that’s hard to beat. She gave away an RV!

Let’s look at which RV Alexa Rivera gave away in one of her recent videos.

Who Is Alexa Rivera?

Alexa Rivera, also known as Lexi, is the 21-year-old social media influencer and gymnast behind the YouTube Channel Alexa Rivera.

She’s also the younger sister of Brent Austin Rivera, a YouTube star, actor, and sensation on the former platform, Vine. She has amassed an impressive 9.4 million subscribers on her channel and 8.4 million followers on Instagram.

A majority of Lexi’s videos are extreme challenge videos. However, each video she publishes attracts millions of views. A single post on her Instagram page garners hundreds of thousands of likes and comments. She’s popular on social media and knows how to attract attention. 

Why Did She Give Away an RV?

Lexi, like many YouTubers, uses give-away videos to attract attention to their channel. They’re very dramatic and intense.

Content creators often use their friends in these types of videos, so the validity of the giveaway is somewhat questionable. However, whether authentic or not, these videos perform very well on YouTube, especially amongst adolescents and pre-teens.

These demographics tend to look past the possibility that the validity is questionable and instead embrace the slim chance that they’re real videos.

Last to leave the motorhome gets to keep it!

Lexi doesn’t share much about the RV she’s giving away, but it’s a luxury motorhome from Tiffin Motorhomes. The Allegro line is one of the most advanced RVs ever built and provides everything road trippers could need for an incredible adventure. With a full kitchen, bathroom, and massive bed, what more could you ask for in an RV that’s being given away as a prize?

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Who Won the RV?

Ultimately, Lexi won the RV. She “tricked” each of her friends and co-stars into exiting. It boiled down to a head-to-head Rock, Paper, Scissors game between Lexi and her friend.

The friends tied the first battle, and Lexi ultimately won by throwing scissors at her friend’s paper. She won and got to keep the $200,000 motorhome.

Top 3 YouTube Videos From Alexa Rivera

If you’re interested in more content from Alexa Rivera, here are a few videos you may want to consider watching. As much of her content is pranks and challenges, it’s no surprise these are her top three videos.

I’m Pregnant!?

While Lexi isn’t pregnant in the video, she’s wearing a fake pregnancy belly for 24 hours. She wears the seven-month pregnancy belly and records her friends and family’s reactions to seeing her wearing it.

She hires a photographer to come to her home to do a maternity photoshoot to have a fun experience. None of her friends and family fall for her prank. She went to the store and tried many of the snacks that are popular with pregnant women. 

24 Hour Overnight in Gymnastics Gym!

In this video, Lexi and her friends stay the night in a gymnastics gym. Lexi has been a gymnast most of her life, so this is practically her home away from home.

Lexi watches and provides commentary while the boys do all four competitive gymnastic events. She scores them and encourages them. The groups eventually play hide and seek in the gym and have a handstand contest to see who has to stay with Lexi for the rest of the night in the gym.

Ultimately, she and Ben Azelart must sleep the entire night on the gymnastic mats. They quickly learn that gymnastics mats are a poor substitute and nowhere near as comfortable as a bed. They end the video in the morning after waking up from a rough night’s sleep.

24 Hour Overnight Challenge in Abandoned House!

Lexi and her friends decide to spend the night in an abandoned house with a reputation for being haunted. Neighbors have heard sounds from the house in the middle of the night, which adds to the creepy factor.

Lexi gives a tour of the place that appears to be entirely under construction. The friends order pizza and dip their feet in the empty jacuzzi while they wait.

Like many of Lexi’s videos, the friends play hide and seek in the house to pass the time. They make their own Ouiji board and ask if the house is haunted. They got “confirmation” when the “spirits” answered, “Yes.” Ultimately, the group chickens out and leaves the abandoned house to go home in the middle of the night.

Where Would You Go if You Won the RV?

Winning an RV would be an exciting prize. It can take you on some exciting adventures. You may even be able to cross an international border or two and see a whole new country.

While we wouldn’t encourage you to hold your breath for winning one of these YouTube “contests,” it’s fun to dream about, and some find it entertaining to watch. 

So, where would you go on an adventure if you won a motorhome?

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