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The Most Dramatic RV YouTube Channels

The Most Dramatic RV YouTube Channels

RVing YouTubers are popping up on a regular basis. They range from educational to humorous, while some put out dramatic content.

A flair for the dramatic draws in viewers, including us. Let’s face it, the RV lifestyle can have some major ups and downs.

It’s difficult to look away when someone is having an RV fail. Curious to see some? Keep reading to watch some of the most dramatic RV YouTube channels. 

7 Most Dramatic RV YouTube Channels

Drama, drama, drama. You either love it or hate it. Take a look at seven of the most dramatic RV YouTube channels. 

1. The RV Odd Couple

Mercedes and John say they’ve met the 1% of RVers who are just the absolute worst.

The RV Odd Couple is a full-time RVer couple who recently bought a campground. Their videos include travel tips and RV how-tos. They’ve also been documenting the work on their newly purchased campground. The spice they add to the channel is drama. 

The titles and thumbnails of their videos have a “shock and awe” style. And the video contents typically include the couple emotionally charged on a subject matter. For example, their video titled “The Rudest RVers Ever” uses a spicy title to draw in viewers.

2. Carolyn’s RV Life

“Nothing ever goes as planned” for Carolyn…

Carolyn is a solo, female, full-time RVer. She says her way of life is a political statement. Her personality shines through in her YouTube channel, and she’s 100% unapologetically herself.

Carolyn’s RV Life has drama, as she shares her challenges, inspirations, and overall philosophies on life and RV adventures. For example, her video, “Blocked in the National Forest in Wisconsin and Run Out of Town!” shows her ranting about a Wisconsin State Park’s garbage cans. In addition, she brings up RV tips and things to ponder throughout her dramatic videos

3. Nomadic Fanatic


Eric is the face of Nomadic Fanatic, along with his cats Jax and Tara. He travels across the country in his RV chasing 70-degree weather. Eric’s content often has a  “larger than life” vibe as he documents his adventures in national parks, theme parks, and other destinations. 

As the Nomadic Fanatic name implies, Eric is a fanatic about all things related to RV life. For example, in this video, “THE WAIT IS FINALLY OVER! REPLACING CAMSHAFT ON FORD F53 V10 RV!!!” he gets super excited about a camshaft. Check it out to see his intensity and the install.

4. Cheap RV Living

Get straight into Bob’s authentic vibe at the 1:00 mark.

The famous van dweller Bob Wells is the face behind Cheap RV Living. He’s a motivational speaker and all-around guru among van dwellers. In fact, he appeared in the 2020 motion picture “Nomadland.” 

The Cheap RV Living YouTube channel puts out content about living a minimalist lifestyle and encourages nomads. Bob has a dramatic flair, and some of his live feeds really bring out his personality. Check out his live feed from September 2021 in the video above.

5. Nomadity

What goes with dramatic music, drone footage, and abandoned buildings? Cooking, of course.

Nomadity is Jay and Brittany, a nomadic couple who started traveling full-time about five years ago. Their YouTube channel provides RV living tips, travel vlogs, and information about cooking. Jay used to be a professional chef. 

Nomadity shoots some excellent drone footage, which on its own is dramatic. For example, check out the video above where they explore the abandoned Devil’s Tower and then cook dirty rice in an abandoned cement factory. Yes, a cooking show in an abandoned building!

6. HappilyEverHanks

Kyle and Renee just can’t even. And you probably can’t either.

Kyle and Renee are HappilyEverHanks. They’re a fun, young couple who gets into all sorts of antics while RVing. They show the realities of RV life while being educational at the same time.

Their video titles alone are attention grabbers. But the actual content lives up to the drama as well. For example, their video “The RV Life Is Nasty – First Drain Clean in 2 Years” will make you want to gag dramatically along with them.

7. EnjoyTheJourney.Life

When disaster strikes, Tom and Cheri know the first step is to start recording.

EnjoyTheJourney.Life is a YouTube channel by full-time RVers Tom and Cheri. They strive to inspire others to live a life of freedom and adventure. And they throw in some drama along the way.

When Tom and Cheri’s RV flooded, they documented it, and things got a little wild. This is just one of the twists and turns along their journey.

RV Life Drama Gets Views and Shares

In the world of YouTube, content creators must battle the algorithm to get views, shares, and subscribers. RV life drama gets people’s attention and can help grow a channel.

The YouTube channels in this article provide authentic tips and knowledge about RVing, even amid their dramatic flair. We hope you check them out. Have you ever had your own RV life drama?

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