Getaway Couple Explains Mysterious YouTube Absence

Anyone with a smartphone and a Google account can start a YouTube channel. However, creating content that keeps viewers’ attention takes tremendous talent. It also takes incredible vulnerability to share parts of your life for the world to see. Jason and Rae, or the Getaway Couple, created phenomenal content for the RV community weekly for over three years. Then after a live stream from the UP of Michigan, they disappeared from YouTube.

So where did the Getaway Couple go, and what have they been up to? Let’s find out! 

Jason and Rae Miller and dog from Getaway Couple sitting on RV stairs eating watermelon together.

Who Is Getaway Couple?

Jason and Rae Miller or “Getaway Couple” are an adventurous couple who hit the road to travel full-time on July 22, 2017. Their goal was to spend the next year traveling the country before returning to “normal” life. However, they quickly fell in love with the lifestyle and embraced traveling full-time.

The couple started their YouTube channel, Getaway Couple, to share their adventures and proficiency with the RV community. They quickly became respected names in RV circles for their relatability and knowledge of RVs. As a result, they quickly became partners with big names in the RV industry. They are the co-founders of RV Masterclass, correspondents for the RV Show USA, and authors of an RV Travel Guide. It seems like there’s nothing this couple can’t do!

Is Getaway Couple Still Traveling?

Despite their mysterious absence from YouTube, Getaway Couple continued to travel. However, they broke their silence and released their video, “Where Is Getaway Couple?” in mid-July 2022 to provide a life update. They announced that they sold their precious Grand Design Solitude 375RES fifth wheel and have been in Florida since January 2022. They continued producing high-quality content for the RV community while contemplating how their future adventures may appear. While they’re not actively traveling, their travel adventures are far from over.

Jason and Rae Miller from Getaway Couple sitting in front of there RV

Why Did Getaway Couple Disappear from YouTube?

So why did Getaway Couple step away from traveling? In their life update video, they said that it was like “death by a thousand papercuts.” Let’s examine several reasons they decided to hit pause and disappear from YouTube for a bit.

2020 Happened

Can we all agree that 2020 was a pretty awful year? Like many people, Getaway Couple wasn’t exempt from the chaos of a global pandemic. When your life revolves around traveling and restrictions prevent you from doing that, what else can you do other than stay put? 

The couple followed the worldwide trend and stayed home to be safe. They still had the urge to travel and go on adventures, but the pause made them realize they needed to make some adjustments.

They’re Workaholics

If Jason and Rae know how to do anything, it’s work. They’re committed to creating the highest quality materials to help others in the RV community get the most out of their adventures. However, being addicted to work eventually takes a toll on you physically and mentally. When workaholics crash, it’s not pretty.

The couple had spent so much time focusing on work during their travels that they didn’t get to experience and appreciate all the places they visited entirely. Jason shared that one of his least favorite things was camping down the road from a national park and sitting in their RV to work. Writing about exciting adventures is not nearly as fun as experiencing them. 

Jason and Rae Miller from Getaway Couple sitting in truck bed in forest

Grand Design Partnership Went South

Significant players in the RV industry quickly saw the influence that Jason and Rae had on the RV community. Their relatable and down-to-earth personalities made them prime candidates for partnerships with businesses, including their RV’s manufacturer, Grand Design. However, Rae shares in the update that there seemed to be a lack of focus regarding the ambassador program, notably once it changed management.

While their RV served them well for their travels, it was time for an upgrade. However, their partnership with Grand Design wasn’t going in the right direction, which was another sign that it was time to take a break. The sour taste in their mouths was likely proof that their next rig wouldn’t be a Grand Design.

Join the debate on whether or not RV influencers, like the Getaway Couple, should be inducted into the RV/MH Hall of Fame.

Always Wanted a Home Base

Several times in their videos, the couple has mentioned wanting a home base. They wanted a place to park their rig and take a break for seasons or portions of the year. However, they hadn’t found the location that checked all the boxes. The shutdown and travel restrictions were another sign of the need for a fixed location. Taking a break from YouTube and traveling allowed them to evaluate what they would need in a home base.  

Jason and Rae Miller and dog from Getaway Couple sitting in front of fireplace in house..

What’s the Future for Getaway Couple?

Jason and Rae likely won’t stop traveling anytime soon. They announced that they purchased and are renovating a truck camper. The couple has plans to travel once they finish it. Where they’ll take their truck camper is anyone’s guess, but it seems they’re back in the swing of things and will continue to release content for the RV community.

In the video, Rae mentions one of the most significant concerns followers had during their absence wasn’t about them but their traveling companion and lovable Doberman-mix, Carmen. We’re happy to hear that Carmen is doing well. We didn’t see her in the video, but it’s safe to assume Carmen has been taking advantage of the time to rest up and is anticipating exploring boondocking locations with her owners soon.

Follow Getaway Couple’s Future Adventures

We’re excited to learn what the future holds for Jason and Rae as they share the process of renovating a truck camper. We can’t wait to see the finished product and the many places they’ll take it during their adventures. Be sure to subscribe to the Getaway Couple YouTube page, Instagram account, and Facebook page. If you’re not into social media, you can join their Getaway Gang to have updates sent directly to your email.

We look forward to seeing where this couple gets away in the future!

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