Stolen RV Chase Ends in Crash

Having your RV stolen from you can be a terrible experience. However, that situation can worsen if it ends in a crash.

Unfortunately, that’s what happened to a fellow owner recently. As you can imagine, it didn’t end well.

Today, we’ll share this story and how you can protect your RV from future theft.

California Man Steals RV and Runs from Police

In the early morning of October 4, Mark Vaughn, 52, was arrested in Riverside, California, for allegedly stealing a camper. The theft occurred in the Canyon Crest neighborhood at approximately 4:50 a.m.

A neighbor spotted Vaughn allegedly swiping the camper from a driveway. They immediately contacted police, who discovered the stolen travel trailer driving down Chicago Avenue.

Unfortunately, when officers attempted to stop the vehicle, Vaughn refused.

This resulted in a pursuit through a gated community and ultimately ended at a dead-end street. However, that’s not where this story ends.

RV Smashes into Police Cruiser

When Vaughn realized there was no escaping the situation, he jumped out of the vehicle. Unfortunately, he didn’t put his truck in gear as he fled the scene. This resulted in the vehicle and trailer rolling into one of the police cruisers.

Officers chased Vaughn as he jumped a nearby fence and attempted to hide in a backyard. They spotted him trying to hide in some bushes and recovered him.

To their surprise, Vaughn had a tracheal tube but was extremely quick and agile despite his condition.

This isn’t the first time an RV has been in a police chase. Read about these 5 RV police chases that didn’t end well.

How to Protect Your RV from Being Stolen

To avoid becoming a victim, you must protect your camper. Here are several things you can do to reduce the chances of having your RV disappear.

Choose a Secure Storage Location

Where you choose to store your RV is incredibly important. Almost every theft we’ve heard or read about occurred while the rig was in storage. It can occur at a storage facility or on your property.

As a result, take time to investigate the security where you’re storing your camper.

If you choose a professional storage facility, ask questions about how they protect your trailer while you’re away from it.

You don’t want just anybody to be able to access your camper. Security cameras, gates, and on-site security officers are all things you want to see.

A storage yard full of RVs and boats.

Invest in Quality Locks and Alarms

It might shock you that manufacturers only use a handful of keys for the locks on RV doors. One of the first things you should do when getting an RV is to upgrade the locks.

Invest in items like RV Lock, which allows you to replace your keys with a numeric code.

In addition, they use nearly a million combinations for their keys, which means there’s little chance of someone having a duplicate.

A quality alarm is a great way to send a thief running. They aim to get in and out as quickly and quietly as possible. They don’t want to attract attention to their behavior.

You have much more protection by beefing up your locks and installing alarms.

Steering Wheel Lock or Wheel Clamp

Many owners have been using steering wheel locks and wheel clamps for decades. These instruments secure the steering wheel and wheels and prevent theft.

Many thieves will see their robust construction and likely give up. They’ll know removing them from the vehicle will take a lot of work.

Are they perfect? Absolutely not. However, they can prevent a thief from trying to make a quick buck out of your camper.

Install a GPS Tracking Device

Installing a GPS tracking device can be another great option. While these devices won’t prevent theft, they can help with recovery.

You can give law enforcement the information, and they can use their resources to find it.

These are very effective ways to catch the individual(s) responsible. Unfortunately, thieves can often cause tremendous damage in a short amount of time in these situations.

They may rip out appliances and other components to sell.

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Security Cameras

Security cameras are a great way to catch thieves in the act. For some seedy individuals, the sight of security cameras is enough to keep them away.

However, a determined thief will do just about anything to make off with your stuff.

When selecting security cameras, you typically get what you pay for. They’ll be useless if the image isn’t clear or offers little detail. Test your equipment beforehand and ensure you can get quality footage that could be helpful if needed.

Secure the Hitch

In general, a hitch lock is a great option any time your camper is out of sight. Again, having one of these devices on your hitch doesn’t guarantee it won’t get stolen.

With the right tools, a thief could cut through them in minutes. However, this would make noise and likely attract attention.

Whether you have a fifth wheel or travel trailer, a hitch lock is an essential purchase. They’re inexpensive and can scare away a seedy individual unwilling to put in effort.

A hitch lock being used on a hitch to prevent theft.

Avoid Having Your RV Stolen

Unfortunately, just like any other vehicle, there’s no way to guarantee that your RV won’t get stolen. However, as we’ve shared, you can take several steps to reduce the chances.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to start forming your defense plan. Take action today to secure your camper so we’re not reporting about your stolen RV next.

Do you have any other tips for securing an RV?

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