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Bye, Bye Summer RV Plans

Whether you had to fill up your tank with gas or diesel, you’ve likely been feeling the pain at the pump lately. Over the past couple of months, fuel costs have increased dramatically. Many Americans who planned for road trips this summer have to develop alternative plans.

Today, we’re looking at how rising gas prices will likely affect the RV community this summer. Let’s get started!

Gas Prices Are Soaring Across the US

According to GasBuddy, gas prices have increased for 10+ weeks. Currently, the average cost of gas across the country sits at $4.32, which is $1.47 per gallon more than last year.

If you’re driving a diesel truck, it doesn’t get any better. The average price for diesel across the country is $5.14 and has increased as much as $.53 per gallon in recent weeks.

These increases come on the verge of peak travel seasons when many Americans put together plans for this summer. While gas and diesel prices are very unpredictable, there are no signs that these prices are going away anytime soon. As a result, many Americans will likely need to adjust their travel plans, especially if they tow a heavy RV.

Gas pump

Avoid these states with the highest gas prices on your road trip to save at the pump.

What’s Causing Higher Gas Prices?

The pain at the pump is often the result of oil prices, refinery inventories, and demand. Any increase in the price of oil will typically increase the cost of the pump.

There are various reasons why oil prices fluctuate, but the recent Russia-Ukraine war has caused instability in the oil industry. Fluctuations can cause unpredictability when it comes to any market, especially oil.

Like many products, the gas price follows the simple principle of supply and demand. When there is a surplus of gas on hand or low demand, gas prices will plummet.

However, when there is a reduced inventory or increased demand, prices may skyrocket quickly. We’re currently in the midst of the worst-case scenario, where there is both a reduced inventory and increased demand.

Which States Have the Most Expensive Gas Prices?

Generally, California, Nevada, and Hawaii are the three most expensive states to buy gas. According to GasBuddy, California’s current average gas price is $5.74, Nevada is $4.96, and Hawaii is $4.91.

If you’re planning to visit these states anytime soon, it might be wise to raise your fuel budget to offset the increased gas costs.

A man holds as gas pump while he fuels up his vehicle at a gas station.

Tips for Traveling In Your RV This Summer

Whether you recently bought an RV or had one for years, summer is often the best time to enjoy it. However, rising fuel costs may force you to adjust your plans. Here are a few tips to help with your RV adventures this summer.

Stay Local

You’ll use much less fuel and save money if you’re not traveling as far for your trips. This summer could be an excellent opportunity to check out nearby campgrounds or state parks that you haven’t experienced yet.

You may consider using Campendium or iOverlander to see if there are any opportunities to boondock near you. This can be a great way to stay local and avoid paying expensive camping fees. You’ll likely need to take advantage of any cost-saving opportunities. 

Check out this underrated state parks — they might just be in your backyard!

Spend More Nights In One Place

While you may enjoy staying a night or two, it may be wise to extend your stay. This can allow you to explore locally and get a deeper appreciation of the area.

By staying more than one night, you can travel fewer miles and pack your schedule full of adventures that you may have otherwise overlooked.

An RV travels down a road by the seaside with mountains up ahead.

Traveling Shorter Distances

The more you reduce the number of miles you’re driving, the more likely you’ll save at the pump. This summer might not be the best time to make that cross-country road trip that you’ve been dreaming of for years.

This is especially true if your travels take you through any state with the most expensive gas prices.

It may be best to find campsites central to multiple sites you want to see this summer. Instead of towing or driving your RV to each site, you can park your RV, set up camp, and use less gas to drive your vehicle.

However, this might not help if your primary means of transportation while on the road is a motorhome.

Shop Around for Gas Prices

It’s best to shop around when it comes to gas. It’s common to see $.25 to $.30 differences in pricing between gas stations.

You can also take advantage of fuel-saving programs provided by various fuel stations. The savings from each stop at the pump can add to tremendous savings in the long run.

Now is an excellent time to download the GasBuddy app if you haven’t already done so. The GasBuddy app can use your phone’s GPS and internet connection to check the local gas prices and find the cheapest option. You may need to drive a mile or two, but it can help you save an enormous amount of money on each fill-up.

Are Gas Prices Expected to Lower Anytime Soon?

Due to the uncertainty in the Russian-Ukraine War, there are no signs of gas prices dropping any time soon. When you combine the war with the fact that we’re approaching one of the busiest travel seasons of the year, it’s not looking positive.

Gas Buddy’s Head of Petroleum, Patrick De Haan, stated, “The situation remains fluid, and escalations remain very possible, if not likely.”

However, he was somewhat optimistic when he said, “For now, a $4.50 per gallon national average is off the table, but it certainly could be a future possibility as long as there is conflict between Russia and Ukraine.” 

Will RVers Still Hit the Road This Summer?

RVers will likely still hit the road this summer despite rising fuel costs. The tremendous increase in RV sales in recent years means more RVers looking for places to use their RVs, especially on weekends and holidays during the summer.

RVers may have to change their plans or adjust, but they will take advantage of every opportunity to use their RVs. Don’t expect increased fuel costs to free up many campsites this summer.

Do you have to say bye, bye to your RV plans this summer? 

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