Are There Any RVers on TikTok?

Are There Any RVers on TikTok? 

Social media is always coming up with something new. TikTok has gained popularity in the last few years, including in the RV world. Today, we’ll check out a few RVers who have begun creating great content on TikTok. 

What Is TikTok? 

TikTok is a video-sharing social media platform that allows users to upload short-form videos. Videos last 60 seconds or less. Viewers can follow accounts they like. However, TikTok also curates some content for them based on interests. Once they’ve finished watching a specific video, they can swipe up to get a new, random video.

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RVers on TikTok

With plenty of RVers using social media to share their adventures as well as tips and tricks, it’s not surprising that RVers have found their way to TikTok. We’ve gathered a few outstanding accounts for you to consider adding to your follow list. 

RV Miles — @rvmiles

You may know RV Miles from their popular podcast by the same name. This family of four travels full-time in their travel trailer. Their TikTok provides both information and entertainment. Many of their videos feature up-to-date information on the RV and travel world. 

Some of RV Miles’ content includes National Park announcements as well as campground reviews. Product reviews also appear in their videos, helping RVers make smart product choices. Be sure to check out their great safety tips as well. 

Momlife in a Camper — @momlife_in_a_camper

Kat Elizabeth is a mom who lives with her husband and five children, with one more on the way. She uploads videos showing users bits and pieces of her life living in the camper. She says the family has chosen to live in a camper due to her husband’s work. This lifestyle allows them to remain together every day as a family even though her husband’s job requires being on the road. 

While her content revolves mainly around family life and answering viewers’ questions, she does do a few tips and tricks videos along the way. Some of her tips include cleaning stains off RV carpets, an essential piece of knowledge for parents. 

Fifth Wheel Living — @fifth_wheel_living

Kirsten uses TikTok to normalize her life in her fifth wheel. She posts videos showing the renovated interior of her RV and how she makes it work for full-time RV living. In addition, she takes the time to make videos responding to viewer questions and concerns. As she shares tours of her rig, she offers a glimpse into how she has made her fifth wheel her home. Her TikToks also feature tips for RV living, such as cooking in a small space. 

Summer Ginther — @summerginther

Summer’s TikTok features her and her husband. They sold their home and almost everything they owned a little over a year ago. They now travel full-time in their Class C motorhome. She shares a bit about their travels, their RV setup, and how she teaches ESL online. There are also helpful videos about their solar and tips on cooking, which are great for helping other RVers, or those hoping to RV soon. They’re vegans, so those looking for new vegan meals to try on the road will particularly appreciate their food content. 

Riles on the Road — @rilesontheroad

Riley is a solo RVer, and she’s so fun to watch. Solo female RVers can be rare (though, of course, they are out there!), but Riley makes RVing look easy. She travels in a travel trailer that she purchased recently. Many RVers use a sticker map to track their travels, but Riley has developed unique criteria for placing a new state sticker. She only puts a sticker on a state if she has enjoyed a local beer in that specific state. She has traveled in both a motorhome and a travel trailer and can compare the two.

RV Manufacturers on TikTok

It isn’t just individual RVers who are making a name for themselves on TikTok. RV manufacturers are getting in on the fun too. Using social media is an excellent way for manufacturers to get their products in front of more eyes. Here are a few manufacturer accounts to check out. 

Forest River RVs — @forestriverrv 

Forest River RV uses their TikTok to show quick walk-through videos of their RVs. The variety of units shown is enough to make anyone interested in RVing. There are great walk-through videos of everything from fifth wheels to travel trailers to truck campers. They even have a few popup units they feature. This account is great to follow to get details on Forest River RVs. 

nuCamp RV — @nucamprv

nuCamp RV might be new to the RV TikTok scene, but they’re off to a strong start. They feature a great combination of their teardrop trailers and camping hacks. They have even shared their truck camper lineup. Some of their great camping hacks include a DIY firestarter and irresistible fireside nachos. They enjoy sharing about their home base in Ohio, where a thriving Amish community surrounds them. 

TikTok may have a reputation for being just for the younger crowd, but some excellent RV content is circulating on the platform. Have you had a chance to find some of your favorite RVers on TikTok yet?

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