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The Tough Realities of Dating for Full-Time RVers

One of the best parts of full-time RVing is having someone to share the experience with. Unfortunately, for solo travelers, this isn’t always possible.

Additionally, trying to date while being a full-time RVer can be challenging. The lifestyle naturally presents some unique hurdles.

Today, we’re discussing the harsh realities of what full-time RVers often experience when trying to find that special someone.

Let’s get to it!

Single RVer Shares Honest Struggles

One full-time RVer recently reached out to the community looking for support. She’s a single mom who is struggling to find a romantic partner.

She stated that things often fall apart shortly after she discloses that she lives in an RV. Unfortunately, some people don’t understand the lifestyle.

Her online post was an attempt to hear the experiences of others in a similar situation. Luckily, she received some incredible support and helpful advice from others.

While she may not have met her future adventurer yet, commenters were able to provide her with some hope.

She’s Not Alone

It was clear from comment after comment that the RVer wasn’t alone in her struggles. Both men and women chimed in and shared how they had similar experiences. Some took it in stride, and others were equally discouraged as the original poster.

We loved seeing the encouragement and positive support for her and her situation from others. Many offered wisdom and advice that she’d eventually find the perfect match. Some even stated it was when they stopped looking that they found romance.

Dating Tips for Full-Time RVers

We’ve compiled some helpful tips if you can relate to this full-time RVer’s experience. Doing these things can increase your chances of finding your future adventure partner. Let’s take a look!

Attend RV Meetups and Events

While those outside of the RV community may not understand the lifestyle, those inside it do. One of the best places to meet these individuals is at RV meetups and events. These occur throughout the year but are common during some of the largest RV and trade shows.

Unfortunately, attending these events may mean planning your travels around them. Some of the largest events occur in Hershey, Pennsylvania; Tampa, Florida; and Quartzsite, Arizona. If you have a flexible schedule, plan to participate in these meetups and events.

Use Dating Apps

Technology makes it easy for singles to find other singles looking to date. While you can always try popular apps like Tinder, you can also find travel-specific dating apps. Resources like Nomad Soulmates, Tourbar, and Fairytrail target singles interested in traveling and adventure.

Dating apps allow you to find others with similar interests easily. Additionally, you can vet potential individuals by choosing who you match with. Some will prioritize individuals by location or how much they match your personality.

While some dating apps have a negative reputation, many happy couples have formed due to them. It can take some time and effort, but you could find the man or woman of your dreams on them.

A full-time RVer on a dating app.

Engage in Online Communities

Online communities have been around much longer than dating apps. Message boards and large Facebook groups can be an incredible resource for connecting with other singles. 

However, you must approach these groups cautiously. The anonymity of the internet can make it easy for individuals to play a role or character online. They may live lives different from those they portray online.

However, you can get to know others by engaging in online communities for an extended time. Taking your time to get to know others can help you decipher the phonies from those who are the real deal.

Participate in Group Activities

Just because you’re a full-time RVer doesn’t mean that’s the only interest you have. As a result, consider finding group activities wherever you’re traveling or parked. Resources like Meetup.com make it very easy to find groups near you.

A quick search near us uncovered groups that meet for grief, finance, wellness, and board games. You may find a group for an activity you’ve always wanted to try. It can be an excellent opportunity to grow and stretch yourself while waiting for romance.

A group of men and women talking at a fitness class.

Be Open and Approachable

One of the biggest mistakes that many singles make is not being open and approachable. Unfortunately, in many situations, body language communicates much more than words. Individuals will often form their first opinion based on your body language.

Many claim they met their future spouse when they least expected it. As a result, if you’re searching for a partner, you’ll want to be open to striking up conversations and getting to know others. You never know when or where you might find that special someone.

Who is I’m Not Lost, I’m RVing? Let’s take a look!

Be Flexible and Patient

Some full-time RVers have been single for several years, which can make it easy to become impatient. The fear of not finding someone can creep into the back of your mind. However, you must be flexible and patient with the process.

Most RVers learn to be flexible and understand that life can be unpredictable. It’s essential to carry this mindset over into dating. You may need to adjust your plans at the last minute to connect with someone. Being flexible can prevent you from missing out on opportunities.

Remember that relationships can take time to develop. Take your time to build connections with those around you. Rushing a connection can doom the relationship from the start. Be patient and get to know each other before making any rash decisions.

A man and woman holding hands on a date in a restaurant.

Keep Your RV Clean

As we said, you never know when you’ll meet a romantic interest. Keeping your RV clean can make a good first impression when you do. The last thing you want is to bring them back to see your place with a pile of dirty dishes or laundry. Trust us, this isn’t the first impression you want to make.

Get in the habit of cleaning up after yourself and maintaining a tidy space. While it doesn’t have to be spotless, keep it looking and smelling as clean as possible.

If they walk into an RV that looks like a pig pen, it’ll only confirm any concerns they may have about you living in a camper.

Dating While RVing Can Be Challenging, But It’s Possible

Just because you’ve embraced RV life doesn’t mean you have to settle for being single. Sure, it can present some unique challenges, but finding a romantic partner isn’t impossible.

That perfect someone may be at your next event or social gathering. Work on becoming the person you want to be, and you’ll be in the best position to find them.

Do you have any other tips for dating as a full-time RVer?

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