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Even Loki the Wolfdog Travels in an RV

Even Loki the Wolfdog Travels in an RV

Many of us who travel in RVs do so to take our dogs along for the experience. RVs provide a safe place for pets to stay cool while we hike through national parks and explore new restaurants, roadside attractions, and museums.

But Kelly Lund took another approach with Loki the Wolfdog, his wolf-hybrid pup. Instead of relegating the dog to the camper, Kelly looks for active adventures that he and Loki can share. They use their RV as a place to crash at the end of a fun-filled, exhausting day. Let’s take a look.

Who Is Loki the Wolfdog?

A malamute, arctic wolf, husky mix, Loki is a “low content” wolfdog. He’s highly intelligent and likes to keep busy due to his “working dog” background. Loki thrives during outdoor activity, but he’ll do anything as long as it’s with Lund. They routinely ski, kayak, hike, and swim together.

How Did Loki Get Famous?

Lund began documenting Loki’s adventures on Instagram, mostly while exploring the outdoors. He quickly realized Loki’s popularity, and it wasn’t long before the dog hit two million followers. Several companies contacted Lund, wanting Loki to represent them. The dog has done ads for dog food, luxury cars, clothing lines, and even TV shows.

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Who Is Kelly Lund?

Lund was just your average Joe until he went looking for a wolfdog to add to his pack. Loki’s popularity upended Kelly’s life as an outdoor recreation coordinator for the city of Denver. Lund had always escaped to the nearby mountains to play on the weekends. When Loki joined in, Lund documented it for Instagram. By the time Loki reached one million followers, Lund had a decision to make. He quit his job, switching to Loki’s full-time social media manager. 

What Kind of RV Do Loki and Kelly Travel In?

The duo currently enjoys traveling in a 2013 Toyota Tundra truck fitted with a 2003 Northern Lite 6-10 truck camper. Lund upgraded the truck’s suspension to handle the extra weight and replaced the backseat with a platform so Loki could lay down and still hang his head out the window.

Lund completely renovated the camper to stay off-grid for longer periods. That included installing three lithium batteries, solar panels, a 2,000-watt inverter, a controller, and a DC charger. This gives Kelly and Loki plenty of time to explore without needing to plug into utilities.

Specs and Features of the 2003 Northern Lite 6-10

This particular camper is a pretty rare find. When Kelly purchased it in 2019, he gutted it for a remodel. The floor print remains pretty much the same, with a two-burner stove and sink on the driver’s side countertop, couch and table on the opposite side, and a smaller double bed over the cab. 

But Lund added closet space on either side of the galley, a 20-gallon freshwater tank in the step up to the bed, and a six-gallon gray water tank. He also added a 110-liter refrigerator, a propane water heater, and a furnace. There’s no toilet or shower.

Because the camper is a little smaller than his truck, Kelly custom-designed two six-foot-long drawers to fit under the camper. This required a new tailgate. On the roof, the fiberglass camper now boasts three 100-watt solar panels, with backup energy from a DC charger that utilizes the alternator when the truck is in motion. 

The Northern Lite now weighs 1,350 pounds after the completed remodel. With the Tundra, the entire setup clocks in at 8,750 pounds. This includes a fully gassed-up truck, Kelly, Loki, and a motorcycle attached to the truck’s front.

How to Follow Loki and Kelly

If you want to keep up with Loki and Kelly’s excursions, follow their Instagram accounts here and here. They’re also active on Facebook. Loki even has his own merch line where you can find dog gear, apparel, mugs, prints, and greeting cards.

Where Are They Headed Next?

Having just returned from a trip to Mexico, Kelly hopes to take Loki to some of his favorite spots in the U.S. Growing up in a camping family, he has fond memories of trips to Alaska and wants to expose Loki to the wilderness there. He also plans to visit his hometown of Crescent City, Calif.

One destination that has frustrated Kelly, however, is Yellowstone. He’d love to take the pup hiking there, but it’s not very dog-friendly. The two will continue to travel to other locations where Loki has fewer limitations on his freedom to roam.

With such interest in their excursions, Kelly sees no end to Loki’s explorations. He hopes to continue bringing Loki on new adventures and documenting it on Instagram. Have you ever checked out Kelly and Loki’s adventures?

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