Are the Amish Actually Good RV Craftsmen?

Are the Amish Actually Good RV Craftsmen?

If you’ve ever journeyed through Indiana, Ohio, or Pennsylvania, you’ve likely come across locally made Amish products. The Amish are known for their great food, furniture, and homebuilding. But did you know that the Amish also have a hand in the RV industry? Let’s take a look at how the Amish may have helped build your RV. 

When Did the Amish Enter the RV Industry?

Northern Indiana is the birthplace of about 80% of all RVs on the road. This section of the Hoosier State just so happens to have the third-largest Amish community in the country. Many Amish men would work seasonally with those in their town, even if those people weren’t Amish. They would work with them on items such as cabinet making and carpentry. 

When the first RV manufacturer settled in Elkhart County, Ind., in 1933, it felt natural for the Amish to step in and participate. At first, the work was seasonal, but over time it became a staple. This was thanks to an economic squeeze in the 1980s that forced the Amish and other farmers to work more in factories and less on farms. 

The RV industry could provide year-round jobs for the Amish. A lot has changed since the days when the RV industry first settled in Indiana, but Amish craftsmanship has held steady.

What RV Brands Boast Amish Craftsmanship?

With the Amish having such an excellent reputation for quality work, it’s no surprise that RV manufacturers like to boast of their Amish connections. Some manufacturers who employ Amish craftsmen include nuCamp, Jayco, Starcraft RV, Riverside RVs, and Forest River. Other companies employ their Amish friends as well. So if you’re interested in knowing if a manufacturer you’re considering has Amish people working on their units, a quick call may answer your question.

Why Are Amish-Made Products Sought After?

Ask pretty much anyone what they think of when they think of Amish-made products, and they’ll probably talk about quality. The Amish don’t like to skimp on quality and take great pride in their work.

When spending your hard-earned money on a product, you want to know that quality was on the manufacturer’s mind during construction. Having a product that the builder is proud to put their name on says a lot. Those purchasing an RV may feel that if it was Amish-made, that means it will last longer. 

What Does Amish Quality Mean in an RV?

One of the many things the Amish are known for is their woodworking skills. Any of the real wood elements of your RV may have had an Amish craftsman. And these elements will, of course, be high-quality. The cabinets and tables in an RV likely benefited from Amish craftsmen.

While the Amish may not be able to enjoy the fruits of their labor when it comes to RVs, they do a great job helping create an excellent product for us to enjoy. Did the Amish have a hand in producing your RV?

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