Airstream Totaled After Hit by Stolen Vehicle

Airstream Totaled After Hit by Stolen Vehicle

When a husband and wife bought an Airstream to travel the country making music, they never imagined its destruction. They also didn’t imagine having a gun in their face as a result of the accident. It’s a sad and terrifying story of how things can go south in the blink of an eye. Keep reading to learn more.

The News Story

In the early morning of May 22, a stolen vehicle hit an Airstream owned by Mike Dillon and his wife. The individuals in the stolen vehicle quickly fled the scene. Mike and his friend Brian Haas immediately chased the suspects to try to get the license plate number. However, when confronted, the thieves allegedly pulled a gun on Mike and Brian.

According to the Mike Dillon Band Facebook page, police later said the gun was also stolen. The alleged thief wanted to know how Brian and Mike would attempt to ID them. Brian said he didn’t know and provided only a vague description, which seemed to satisfy the thieves, as they then left the scene without harming anyone.

A GoFundMe aims to raise $30,000 to help Mike and his wife recover from the ordeal. While insurance covers the RV, it doesn’t cover the amount of labor, time, and love the couple invested into making the Airstream their home on wheels. As of publication time, the GoFundMe has raised nearly $27,000.

Who Is Stanton Moore?

Stanton Moore, who posted about the incident on Instagram, is a drummer from New Orleans. He’s a founding member of the group Galactic and tested the waters with solo recording and a diverse set of groups. Stanton currently serves as an artist-in-residence at Louisiana State University. He also launched the Stanton Moore Drum Academy in 2017 to help create an online educational community that serves all levels of drummers and teachers.

What Was the RV Used For?

Mike Dillion was traveling back and forth from Kansas City to New Orleans in the Airstream. Once COVID hit, he began touring outdoor venues. The goal was to create music while traveling in the Airstream. He was with Brian Haas and Ginny Mac when the incident occurred. Luckily, despite the destruction of the RV, everyone escaped safe and unharmed.

What Else Was Damaged in the Accident?

The incident left the Airstream Argosy totaled. Mike’s wife, Peregrine, had purchased the Airstream when her father died in 2019. The couple had friends invest time and energy into repairing and protecting it. She had even hand-stitched the original curtains while traveling the country.

Not only was the Airstream destroyed, but Peregrine’s truck was as well. The truck formerly belonged to Peregrine’s father, making the situation that much more difficult for her. Insurance will replace the truck and trailer, but the sentimental value is irreplaceable. 

Winding up in an accident that destroys your RV would devastate any RVer. Mike has had a huge impact on the music industry and grown a loyal following. He’ll recover, but his Airstream will likely be a complete loss. Have you ever had an accident that totaled your RV?

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