A white truck towing a Grand Design Reflection fifth wheel through a beautiful summer campground.

Is Grand Design a Great RV?

If you’ve gone camping, you might recognize the Grand Design brand. You might have seen an Imagine, Transcend, Reflection, or Solitude parked at a campground.

While Grand Design is a popular choice for RVers, is it a trusted brand? Let’s learn more, and then you can decide for yourself if Grand Design makes the cut.

A white truck towing a Grand Design Reflection fifth wheel through a beautiful summer campground.

What Is Grand Design?

In 2011, Don Clark and brothers Ron and Bill Fenech left Keystone RV to begin Grand Design RV Company. They wanted to provide excellent customer service and connect with owners on a personal level.

Today their 400,000-square-foot manufacturing facilities are located in Middlebury, Ind. Grand Design builds travel trailers, fifth wheels, and toy haulers and has remained one of the top manufacturers for customer service over the years.

Winnebago Industries, a leading North American manufacturer of outdoor lifestyle products, owns the brands Winnebago, Grand Design, Chris-Craft, Newmar, and Barletta.

About Grand Design Travel Trailers

Grand Design manufactures the Transcend Xplor, Imagine, and Reflection in its travel trailer lineup. The Transcend Xplor has an aluminum siding and is a great entry-level trailer option for travelers who want to get started camping.

The Imagine is also an entry-level travel trailer that’s light and easy to tow but features the four-seasons protection package and laminated walls. The Reflection is the lineup’s largest, heaviest, and most luxurious option.

Tour the Grand Design Travel Trailer 2610ML

Models and Floorplans

The Transcend Xplor series has thirteen floorplans, with six units having bunk beds for the kids. Some units have no slide-outs, while others have one.

These models are some of the lightest units manufactured by Grand Design. With these, owners who don’t own a heavy-duty truck don’t have to spend money on another vehicle. 

The Imagine series has six floorplans in the XLS and nine in the Imagine series. Two of the six XLS units and four of the Imagine units come equipped with bunk beds. The XLS series starts under 5,000 lbs so that even medium-duty trucks and SUVs can tow them safely.

The Reflection series has three floorplans: 297RSTS, 312BHTS, and 315RLTS. The 297RSTS features a kitchen island and large rear living space with two seating areas. The 312BHTS works great for families and has a large rear bunkhouse and outside kitchen. 

The 315RLTS is similar to the 297RSTS. However, it features a slide-out in the bedroom and flips the living space to the camp side of the unit. And it has theater seating and a dinette.

Drab or Fab: Grand Design RV Interiors


The Transcend units range from a length of 24 feet 11 inches to 36 feet 11 inches and have a GVWR of 6,995 to 9,295 lbs. The Imagine XLS units range from 21 feet 11 inches to 28 feet 5 inches and have a GVWR of 6,395 to 6,995 lbs. These two series are the lightest models manufactured by Grand Design.

The Imagine units range from a length of 28 feet 11 inches to 36 feet 11 inches and have a GVWR of 7,495 to 10,195 lbs. You can’t tow most of these models with an SUV. 

Finally, the Reflection units range from a length of 33 feet 11 inches to 37 feet 11 inches and have a GVWR of 9,995 to 11,295 lbs. Their length and weight require you to tow them with a heavy-duty truck.


The standard features on the Transcend units include a walk-on roof, oversized tanks, residential countertops, upgraded residential furniture, and a three-burner range with an oven.

 The Imagine XLS units have a murphy bed, 80% tint radius safety-glass windows, and a friction-hinge entry door. Additionally, they feature a telescoping dinette table, residential countertops, and a stainless steel sink.

The heavier Imagine units have a huge drop-frame pass-thru storage. They also come prepped with the Tire Linc RV tire pressure monitoring system. Additional features include a one-piece roof membrane with an 18-year warranty, a double-door refrigerator, and a 60-by-80-inch queen bed.

Finally, the Reflection series comes with aluminum wheels, E-rated tires, and two 30-lb propane tanks. They also have residential panel cabinet doors, premium Congoleum flooring, and large panoramic slide room windows. You can also enjoy the deep-seated stainless steel sink.

About Grand Design Fifth Wheels

Grand Design manufactures the Reflection 150 series, Reflection, and Solitude in its fifth-wheel lineup. The Reflection 150 series units are the lightest and are great entry-level fifth wheel options for travelers. They work great for those who want to get started camping or don’t have a heavy-duty truck.

The Reflection series combines luxury, value, and towability. You’ll find a wide range of options and floor plans within this lineup. The Solitude units offer the most space and luxury of the Grand Design towable RVs. They’re also great options for full-time travelers who want top quality.

Tour the Grand Design Solitude Fifth Wheel ST390RK

Models and Floorplans

The Reflection 150 lineup features six floorplans under a GVWR of 11,000 lbs. Two floorplans have double bunks in the rear and a dinette and sofa space. All of the units have the front queen-bed master bedroom.

The Reflection series features eight floorplans built with a front master bedroom. Some units feature a rear bunkhouse while others have a rear living area. Six layouts have a kitchen island while one, the 341RDS, features a huge three-sofa living room.

The Solitude lineup features 10 floorplans and four additional layouts in the S-Class series. Several options have a dishwasher prep.

These units are larger, wider, and taller than most of the fifth wheels in the RV industry. They feature 6-foot-8-inch tall slide-outs, larger panoramic windows, and deeper cabinets.


The lightest units, the Reflection 150 series, range from a length of 26 feet 11 inches to 32 feet 9 inches and have a GVWR of 9,995 to 10,995 lbs. 

The Reflection units range from 32 feet 9 inches to 41 feet and have a GVWR of 11,495 to 14,995 lbs.

Finally, the Solitude models, including the S-Class, range from a length of 32 feet 7 inches to 41 feet 5 inches. They have a GVWR of 15,000 to 16,800 lbs.


The Reflection 150 series has a pin weight starting at 1,200 lbs, which allows some half-ton trucks to tow these fifth wheels. They also feature aluminum wheels, E-rated tires, and a one-piece TPO roof with an 18-year warranty. You’ll also find a residential wood-framed ceiling, a deep-seated stainless steel sink, and ductless flooring throughout the living area.

The Reflection fifth wheels have all of the features of the 150 series in addition to a king-size wardrobe, bedroom heat registers, raised hardwood panel refrigerator fronts, and residential cabinet doors. These units have more of a residential feel than the 150 series.

Finally, the Solitude series has the most residential features of the entire Grand Design fifth wheel lineup. These units feature a drop-frame chassis, upgraded axle hangers, and heavy-duty 17.5 H-rated tires with NitroFill. 

You may appreciate the Tire Linc TPMS, the oversized kitchen pantry, stainless steel four-door refrigerator, and residential-style headboard. These units also have solar prep.

Is Grand Design Owned by Thor?

Winnebago Industries own Grand Design, not Thor. Winnebago owns Grand Design RV, Newmar, Chris-Craft, and Barletta.

Chris-Craft and Barletta are marine brands, while Newmar is another RV brand. However, Newmar focuses on manufacturing top-quality, custom-made motorhomes, not towable RVs.

Your RV apps are all owned by Thor… and they’re for sale.

Do Grand Design Trailers Hold Their Value?

Grand Design RVs hold their value better than most mainline towables. Brands like Airstream or Casita will certainly hold their value over the decades. But Grand Design trailers and fifth wheels have higher resale towables compared to similar brands like Keystone, Forest River, or Dutchmen. The Solitude line especially retains its value well.

On RV Trader, a used 2020 Solitude S-Class 3740BH is listed for $65,000. MSRP for a new 2022 model costs $114,000, and no one pays the MSRP when buying from a dealership. Additionally, a used 2016 Imagine 2600RB is listed for $20,950. MSRP for a new 2022 model is $51,000.

A Grand Design fifth wheel with slide

Is Grand Design a Great RV?

Grand Design RVs use quality construction materials built with the consumer in mind. Whether you have an SUV or a dually truck, you can find a Grand Design RV that fits your camping needs. 

Additionally, owners rave about the care and quality of Grand Design’s customer service department. RVs aren’t perfect, but owners receive the help they need sooner rather than later when something breaks.

One owner said they were thoroughly pleased with the beautiful coach and excellent customer service. They said that Grand Design stepped up when they had trouble with the dealer and saved the day

“I would recommend to anyone searching for a new RV to consider Grand Design first,” the owner said. “Not only for the luxury of the coach, but for the service behind it!”

Are Grand Design RVs Worth It?

If you want a weekend travel trailer, Grand Design manufactures some of the best in the industry. The company offers numerous floorplans, so you can find the model that best suits your needs.

If you travel full-time and want quality and excellent customer service, Grand Design will answer the call with its Reflection and Solitude fifth wheels.

Regardless of your budget or floorplan, Grand Design may have the towable RV to make your camping and traveling dreams come true. And when problems arise, you’ll receive excellent customer service.

The next time you’re looking for a new RV, check out the Grand Design lineup. Is there a model that you can’t wait to tour?

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