5 RV Police Chases That Didn’t End Well

We hope running from the law isn’t on your RV bucket list. But if it is, you likely won’t get very far. We found some of the most shocking RV police chases on the internet. These aren’t fictional stories or videos of the Breaking Bad RV. This is footage of real RV chases gone from bad to worse.

RVs Make Terrible Escape Vehicles

Big, bulky, and slow RVs make terrible escape vehicles. We suppose these individuals didn’t consider the mechanics and construction when they fled from the law. Check out these YouTube videos to see more.

1. Crazy Los Angeles High-Speed RV Chase

This high-speed RV chase was action-packed. After wiping out an entire side of the RV when the driver hit a palm tree, she couldn’t keep the vehicle straight. The woman behind the wheel was speeding down the road and hit multiple cars for a half hour. 

Before the RV came to a crashing stop, one dog jumped out of the speeding RV. A second dog tried to escape, but she held him back. Both dogs were ultimately OK, but two people were injured. The RV didn’t survive. The driver had several suspected felonies, including a hit and run and animal cruelty.

2. Florida Hit and Run RV Chase

An Ohio State fan caused significant damage in Florida. The driver fled the scene of a hit and run in a Class A motorhome covered in OSU Buckeyes decals. 

Police chased and caught up to him, but he made one last-ditch effort to escape. After running only a short distance from the RV, deputies tased him. As the news anchor says, “You’re not going to run away in an RV.” 

3. Drunk Driver RV Chase Ends in Crash

This RV chase may have ended in a crash but not before a lot of drama unfolded. Police first found the RV driving recklessly in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Once they flashed their lights, the driver took off. At one point, the RV slowed down for two passengers to jump out. They didn’t seem to know the driver. 

After two attempts at deploying spike strips, the RV crashed. It went flying across the median in front of semi-trucks and struck a railing. The driver was found unconscious and charged with his fifth DWI.

4. Deadly RV Chase Starts with Gunshots and Ends in Fire

This tragic RV chase resulted in a fire, gunshot wounds, and death. A couple with two toddlers got into a domestic dispute, and the father drove them away in an RV. He shot the mother three times. She was texting authorities from inside the RV.

Police chased the RV and flattened the tires, but it kept going for miles. The wounded woman jumped out of the moving RV during this time. Finally, the wheels caught fire from sparks. The man released the children from the RV. However, he remained inside the RV, and it burned to the ground.

5. LA Sex Offender Flees Police in an RV

California police seem to leisurely follow an RV, but it’s a lot more intense than it appears. The driver of the RV is a paroled sex offender with two young children inside the vehicle. Thankfully, the children were found safe in the RV after police approached the RV in an almond orchard in Kern County. The driver fled the scene. 

While it’s fun to watch these wild videos, it’s also a reminder of the broader world around us. Traveling the country in an RV can lead to some wild adventures, but hopefully, you stay on the right side of the law. The RV community can sometimes be an extra pair of eyes and ears out there on the road. Have you ever witnessed something illegal during your travels?

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