Will You Accidentally Void Your RV Warranty?

Many RVers love the feeling of security that RV warranties can provide. However, some RVers ignorantly void their warranties, which renders them useless. Whether these warranties are worth more than the paper they’re written on largely varies from one warranty to the next.

However, we want you to have a smooth experience with any RV warranty claim. So let’s look at whether your RV project or decision will accidentally void your warranty. Let’s take a look.

Are You at Risk for Accidentally Voiding Your RV Warranty? 

Whether you know it or not, you can accidentally void your RV warranty. It can almost seem as if RV manufacturers and warranty providers are looking for any excuse to cancel that expensive warranty, including lifestyle choices or modifications to your RV.

When you void your RV warranty, you’re typically on the hook for the full cost of any repairs or maintenance. This can be incredibly frustrating as you may have paid good money or chosen an RV for the warranty. So it’s important to make sure you’re not risking accidentally voiding your RV warranty.

Little-Known Things That Can Actually Void Your Warranty

You likely paid a premium price for your RV, and so it’s understandable to expect a premium warranty. However, that’s often not the case when it comes to RV warranties.

Many RVers joke that they’re worth less than the paper they’re printed on, but that can vary depending on the warranty. Let’s look at some things you should know to keep your RV warranty intact.

Full-Time RV Living

With so many jumping into the full-time RV living lifestyle, it may surprise you to learn that many manufacturers discourage the lifestyle. While a handful of manufacturers cover full-time RV living in their RVs, not all do. It’s important to check with your RV manufacturer to confirm whether the full-time RVing lifestyle will void any warranties.

Manufacturers have questioned some RVers on their RVing status when they submitted warranty claims. If the manufacturer doesn’t advise full-time living in their RVs, they could blacklist your VIN. This could prevent any future warranty work or coverages on your RV. 

DIY RV Electrical Upgrades

You may like the idea of adding an extra light or electrical socket in a convenient location. However, the second you snip the electrical cable and start the DIY project, you could risk voiding your RV warranty.

Because electrical upgrades can be dangerous, many warranty providers require you to hire trained professionals. Even if you have experience with residential electrical connections, a warranty provider can void your warranty if you do the work yourself.

DIY Engine Upgrades or Repair

You may do a DIY engine upgrade or repair to get more power or better mpg. The fuel savings you’ll experience will likely not make up for the money you spent on an RV warranty, though.

Your engine and other essential components are often the most important parts of keeping your vehicle running. Manufacturers provide warranties on these parts because they know qualified individuals put them together and tested them. The second you add or remove things from your vehicle, manufacturers no longer have confidence in the components.

RV Furniture Replacement

You may want to hold off on making that RV feel like a home by replacing the furniture. Some RVers have had their warranties voided for altering the RV’s structural integrity.

This is often because RV furniture is secured to the floors and walls to keep it in place while your RV bumps down the highway. So while you may not have to worry about this if you’re traveling in an older RV, you probably want to put off this renovation if you’re traveling in a brand new RV. 

A renovated interior of a small RV with the doors opening up to a lake.

RV Interior Remodeling

While remodeling the interior of your RV may make it look more appealing on Instagram, it can be a surefire way to void your warranty. Depending on how you’re remodeling your RV, you could be adding weight. This can result in increased wear and tear on your RV and lead to your warranty provider voiding your warranty.

A remodeled RV is a major red flag for manufacturers and those doing warranty work. It signals that you’re using the RV for full-time living. So it shouldn’t be a surprise if you get a few extra questions if you have a beautifully remodeled RV.

Adding a Solar Power System

Many RVers dream of covering the roof of their RV in solar panels and camping off-grid. However, a solar power system can void your warranty. This is because it typically involves a pretty major upgrade to your RV’s electrical system. It also requires drilling holes and running wires throughout the belly of your RV.

RVers typically make this upgrade after the RV has left the manufacturer’s facilities. This means they can’t ensure the work was done correctly or to the standard that they expect. So a solar power system could help allow you to RV in some pretty epic boondocking locations, but it can also leave you with a voided warranty.

Not Using Approved RV Service Centers

Warranty providers typically require an approved RV service center to do repairs. This is often because RVs require certain skills and knowledge for them to last.

While some jobs can be done as DIY projects and not void any warranties, it’s important to know whether or not your maintenance or DIY project will void your warranty.

Read and Learn Your RV Warranty to Avoid Problems

While it can be frustrating, one of the best things you can do is make sure you’re aware of your RV warranty or any restrictions before signing for an RV. You want to know what your RV warranty covers, and once you sign your name, it’s likely too late to change your mind. You want to know any restrictions well in advance so you can make an informed decision.

Sit down and read through what the warranty covers and what it doesn’t cover. It may be difficult to read through the confusing rhetoric, but it can save you from a bigger issue down the road.

An RV warranty can be a tremendous help when things don’t go right while RVing. Things can break, fail, or just not live up to their reputation. An RV warranty can help you avoid forking over your hard-earned money to fix an issue.

Have you ever had an RV warranty accidentally voided?

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