5 Best Drivable RVs in 2021

5 Best Drivable RVs in 2021

Drivable RVs are a great way to travel the country. While they’re large and spacious, many owners feel they’re also relatively easy to drive and set up. As you travel, it’s hard to beat that view out the large front window. Let’s look at the five of the best drivable RVs in 2021. 

The 5 Best Drivable RVs in 2021

Narrowing down your search to a drivable RV still leaves you with an abundance of options. It can be daunting and overwhelming when faced with so many choices. Let’s look at some of the best drivable RVs available in 2021. 

#1. 2021 Leisure Wonder Rear Twin Bed

About the Leisure Wonder: The Leisure Wonder is a Ford Transit-based Class C RV. It packs a lot into a manageable-sized vehicle. Coming in at under 25 feet, this drivable RV has a fully private bedroom and dry bathroom, two things not often seen in this size category. The unique swing-away table features two leaves, giving you plenty of tabletop space for large meals or getting work done remotely. You’ll even get ample counter space in the beautiful galley kitchen.  

Stand Out Features: Often, smaller drivable RVs such as this lack storage, but not this RV. It makes great use of the available space for storage and living. Two deep under-bed storage areas replace overhead hanging storage, which opens up the sleeping area substantially. Plus, you can turn the water pump on and off from the bathroom. There’s nothing worse than taking a quick mid-travel bathroom break only to realize the water pump isn’t on. 

MSRP: About $120,835-$132,000

#2. 2021.5 Pleasure Way Tofino 

About the Pleasure Way Tofino: Coming in at 17 feet 9 inches, this drivable RV is ready to take you anywhere you want to go. The Tofino comes mounted on a Ram ProMaster 1500 chassis. While small, it comes packed with cutting-edge technology. The Tofino is going to keep you charged with features such as two 100Ah lithium coach batteries, a 2,000-watt inverter, multiplex wiring, a touchscreen control panel with a remote, and a real-time amperage meter. With more than 70 cubic feet of rear cargo storage, you’ll be able to bring along supplies for your adventures. The roof rack offers even more storage options. 

Stand Out Features: A manual pop-top reveals the 49 x 72-inch overhead bunk, creating a second sleeping space while opening up the galley and living area. This design gives you additional headroom in addition to an extra sleeping space. 

MSRP: $74,750

#3. Holiday Rambler Armada 44LE

About the Armada 44LE: For those looking for a spacious Class A, the Armada 44LE is an excellent choice. With 44-feet of length, there’s plenty of room to move. Featuring large pass-through under storage and ample cabinets, you can bring everything you need. There’s a large double-door refrigerator and a kitchen perfect for any meal. This model features four slideouts, extending your living space. There are two and a half bathrooms in the Armada 44LE. 

Stand Out Features: One of the first things you’ll notice when you walk into the Armada 44LE is the abundant seating. You’ll have no problem hosting guests with two couches and a full dinette. Moving to the kitchen, you’ll be impressed with the amount of usable space. 

MSRP: About $480,000

#4. 2021 Thor Gemini 23TE

About the Thor Gemini 23TE: The Thor Gemini 23TE is 23-feet-6-inches of adventure waiting for you. This compact drivable RV is great for getting you wherever you want to go in style. This RV features everything you’d expect in larger, more expensive units but fits into a more manageable size with a smaller budget. Built on a Ford Transit chassis, this RV is going to stand the test of time. The Thor Gemini 23TE isn’t leaving technology behind with many great modern-day features such as a 100-watt solar panel with a controller. 

Stand Out Features: In a drivable RV of this size, you normally find a wet bathroom with a shower and toilet in one shared space. The Thor Gemini 23TE gives you a full dry bathroom with a separate toilet and shower. This is a great feature that many consider a must-have. This unit makes great use of space by having the living space dual as the sleeping area. The living room features a useful murphy bed that will pull down when it’s time to call it a night. By day, the space transforms into a spacious living area.  

MSRP: About $120,000

#5. 2021 4WD Winnebago Revel

About the Winnebago Revel: The 4WD Winnebago Revel is exactly what you need for boondocking in places many others can’t go with their RVs. You can stay off-grid for longer in comfort. This unit features two 125-amp hour LiFePO batteries that are monitorable via Bluetooth. The Hydronic Heating System gives reliable, quiet heating that you control through an LED touchscreen. 

Stand Out Features: If you’re ready for an off-roading adventure, the 4WD Winnebago Revel is the drivable RV for you. It sits on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis powered by a three-liter turbo diesel engine with 4WD, allowing you to take your journey off-road. The useful power lift bed converts your living space into a garage featuring additional storage. From here, you’ll be able to access your lithium system and freshwater tank easily.

MSRP: $185,838

Regardless of which class of RV you go with, drivable RVs make travel efficient and fun. They come packed full of features and are easy to set up, and they don’t require a particular tow vehicle. Do any of these drivable RVs tempt you to head over to your local dealership?

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