10 Camping World Employees Spill the Beans on Workplace Environment

10 Camping World Employees Spill the Beans on Workplace Environment

If you’ve ever had a job in retail, you know that it’s not the easiest gig in the world. You have to deal with demanding customers, bosses, and fellow employees. The pay typically isn’t the best, and it’s often difficult to advance. Despite all of these difficulties, you must be excited about what you’re trying to sell. But what really goes on beneath the surface? We went to employee reviews to find out.

What Is it Like to Work for Camping World? 

When you walk into Camping World, someone typically greets you with a smile and an offer to help. However, we’ve got the inside scoop that not every Camping World employee is as excited as their smile may communicate.

Working at Camping World means working in customer service. These types of jobs often require evening and weekend work. Not the greatest schedule for your social life. 

The customer service side of working at Camping World can be frustrating as well. Typically customers only approach customer service when there’s a problem. Some customers handle these problems better than others. While most customers are reasonable and understanding, others aren’t or arrive with unrealistic expectations. 

Employees Have Issues with Management

One of the things employees hate about working at Camping World is the management. “Co-workers were amazing, and everyone got along in spite of the fact that management was pure tyrants, with the facade of ‘we’re a family’ nonsense,” one review says. Having great co-workers often won’t make up for difficult management. 

Management has a tremendous amount on its plate, and onboarding new employees can be difficult. One former employee says, “It takes a long time to get good at your job here and the other employees and managers know this but are so short staffed they can’t wait for you to learn.” Another complained of too much turnover, saying, “Store was constantly changing regions and Regional managers.” That kind of turbulence can stress out employees.

Several former employees talk about how they felt management was dishonest with them. One former cashier says, “Management promises advancement but fails to do that.”

Little Room for Advancement

Career advancement is important to employees. It means more responsibility but also an increase in pay or benefits. However, some employees feel Camping World doesn’t provide employees with the chance to advance and grow.

One employee says, “No room for advancement.” Not being able to advance in a company means it’s a job and not a career. Another complains that there was “no work/life balance,” which can wear people down quickly. Hopefully, Camping World can correct this, retain employees longer, and help improve its image among its workers.

Camping World Customer Service from an Employee Standpoint

Many in the retail industry adopt the motto: “The customer is always right.” However, if taken to the extreme, management can seem like the hero while employees take the brunt of customers’ anger. 

One employee says, “Customers know they can get anything for free by causing a scene and take full advantage.” Once customers learn this is acceptable behavior, they may treat employees poorly.

One employee says there’s a large push for memberships, protection plans, and credit cards. These are the largest money makers when it comes to many retailers. They say they were “told to stop helping customers with special part orders even though we made money on parts and shipping.” This employee’s management allegedly preferred focusing more on the big money makers instead of offering better customer service.

Working for Camping World Isn’t All Bad

Not everyone has a bad experience while working at Camping World. Depending on what you’re looking for in a job and your personality, Camping World could be a great place to work. A former employee describes the Camping World employee atmosphere as a “chill job with solid starting pay.” This same employee also enjoyed the company offering free lunches to employees on Saturdays.

One former employee who was a general manager says, “The team is amazing, the customers are great, and the company as a whole really looks out for the employee. I highly recommend a career at Camping World!!!” Many of the positive remarks about working for the company come from those willing to trudge through the first year, which can be a difficult adjustment.

Camping World’s reputation among current and former employees is typical of many retail businesses. Many large retailers struggle to balance focusing on profits with boosting employee satisfaction. Keep in mind that leadership will vary from location to location. Would you ever consider working for Camping World?

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