The Flipping Nomad Does It Again With a One of a Kind RV

Have you heard of The Flipping Nomad? If not, you’re in for a treat today.

The recent debut of her Keystone Fuzion toy hauler at the Florida Super Show left everyone talking about the future of interior design in the coming years.

Let’s look at her custom changes and innovations that may spark your creativity!

Who Is The Flipping Nomad?

Cortni founded The Flipping Nomad a year after living full-time in her RV. She loved the lifestyle but hated the interior of her rig. Thus, she renovated her home on wheels.

After her work, she thought other travelers might have the same opinion of RV interiors but lack the skills or time to do renovations. The Flipping Nomad was born out of her desire to help others create their dream home.

Besides RV renovations, Cortni offers classes and events to help people on their RV journeys.

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What RV Did the Flipping Nomad Unveil At the Florida Super Show?

The Florida Super Show is held every January in Tampa. This RV show is one of the largest in the country, drawing approximately 80,000 people annually.

Attendees can visit supplier booths, sign up for seminars, walk through hundreds of rigs, and more during these four days.

The Flipping Nomad unveiled her new Keystone Ultimate Fuzion toy hauler at the Florida Super Show.

While this rig is her personal home and not for sale, prospective owners could see how she took the Fuzion 425 floorplan and transformed the space to suit her travel needs.

This layout includes both a side and rear patio, a 13-foot garage, a central living area, and a front bedroom.

What Are the Special Features Of the Exterior Of This Fuzion Toy Hauler?

The Flipping Nomad’s Ultimate Fuzion toy hauler is something to behold! The exterior is stunning, with a full-body black wrap.

The side patio features a TV, a dog door, and a fireplace. Cortni removed all the roof-mounted air conditioners and replaced them with a mini-split in the front storage compartment where the generator is typically located in toy haulers.

By doing this, she could install 22 solar panels for a total of 4,840 watts.

What Are the Special Features Of the Interior Of This Fuzion Toy Hauler?

While the exterior of The Flipping Nomad’s Ultimate Fuzion toy hauler is beautiful, the magic is inside.

Cortni reworked much of the floorplan to suit her travel needs better. Attendees at the RV show could walk through her rig to get ideas about their renovations.

Living Space

When you walk in the entry door of Cortni’s toy hauler, you face a custom-built couch by Lippert. With the trundle feature, Cortni can accommodate friends or family who visit or lounge while watching television.

On the opposite side of the rig is a 12-volt Furrion refrigerator and projector screen. Cortni opted to put a projector above the couch to watch television and movies instead of a traditional TV.

The wall in the living area holds a large art piece and has two dog spaces with beds at the bottom. Cortni’s two pups have their own space to sleep and lounge, which is out of the way and private.

Cortni, the Flipping Nomad, on a ladder cutting a hole in the size of the Ultimate Keystone Fuzion for a custom window.
Source: Keystone RV


There’s no dinette in The Flipping Nomad’s toy hauler. Instead, there’s a breakfast bar with stools. The kitchen is U-shaped with plenty of countertop space.

The biggest concern for Cortni when designing this layout was she wanted everything to be fully accessible when the slides are in.

So, when she stops during a travel day, she has full access to her kitchen, fridge, pantry, and anything else she might want to get to.

The kitchen features an ice maker, dishwasher, and a hidden appliance garage. With a remote, Cortni can lift the backsplash to reveal her small appliances like a blender, coffee maker, and air fryer.

She can close the garage on travel days so she doesn’t have to put these things away. This hidden garage also removes the clutter and makes the kitchen feel more spacious when closed.

Work Space

Having a workspace is essential because The Flipping Nomad lives in her Keystone Ultimate Fuzion full-time. Cortni designed a storage closet in the garage for cabinetry and tools for custom renovations.

She also installed a desk to coach clients virtually on their own renovations.


The bathroom of this Ultimate Fuzion is in the same location as most fifth wheels, near the front bedroom. Cortni installed a residential bathtub and surrounded the shower walls with waterproof wallpaper and epoxy.

She thought about travel days and how to make packing up more manageable in the bathroom. She also installed a trash can drawer and toilet paper cabinet, so there are fewer things to stow away. She also created a sliding door for the medicine cabinet so it doesn’t flip out towards her head.

Interior shot of the Ultimate Keystone Fuzion during renovations. It is taken down to the studs and being rebuilt.
Source: Keystone RV


Finally, the bedroom features a large wardrobe and cabinet space. Cortni shifted the washer and dryer toward the bed slide so it’s blocked when traveling instead of the wardrobe doors.

She also built a bed frame with two more dog beds so her pups can sleep in the bedroom and living room.

Another innovative design is the laundry drawers. She created flaps to drop in dirty clothes easily, and when it’s time to wash them, the drawers slide out to access the entire bin.

Cornti also decided to install a televator so she could have a huge window to enjoy the outdoors from her bedroom.

Why Did the Flipping Nomad Create Her Own Keystone Fuzion?

The Flipping Nomad explains that “Lippert, especially, has seen that there is an opportunity for innovation.” Lippert allowed Cortni’s team to reimagine the exterior and interior space for future enhancements.

Even though her RV isn’t for sale, The Flipping Nomad has planted seeds for inspiration on future models.

The Flipping Nomad Designs A Stunning Fuzion Toy Hauler To Call Home

The Ultimate Fuzion that The Flipping Nomad designed is jaw-dropping. The cool features and innovative ideas aren’t gimmicks. They’re useful, practical changes that we hope to see in future models across the brands in the RV industry.

Her toy hauler showcases what could be on the horizon for interior design, and we look forward to seeing what Lippert and other companies do with her ideas!

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