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What It’s Really Like Spending the Holidays in an RV

Spending the holidays in an RV may seem a little unconventional, but it’s pretty common for some. In fact, campgrounds near cities or in the south where it’s warm fill up in November and December. Many people visit friends and family and choose to stay in their RVs versus hotels.

Whether traveling or remaining stationary for a couple of months, there are ways to enjoy the festivities from an RV. But what’s it really like spending the holidays in an RV?

Let’s find out!

Where Can I RV for the Holidays?

Staying in a campground with full hookups during the holidays is the first choice for many. Having electricity is optimal for cooking and staying warm.

But boondocking is possible too, particularly in warmer climates. Or you may choose to moochdock at the home of friends or family.

Finding a campground that’s open year-round in the north is a bit more challenging than in southern states. However, there are RV parks that allow fall and winter camping for self-contained RVs.

Many also have heated risers on their water spigots. Just make sure you also have a heated water hose going to your RV.

What Is It Like to Spend the Holidays in an RV?

Spending the holidays in an RV can add an element of fun to the festivities. For example, you can spread cheer throughout the campground you’re staying in by decorating your RV or baking cookies to share. In addition, some campgrounds host special activities during the holidays.

Whether you’re spending the holidays alone or with others, being in an RV can feel similar to being in a traditional home. If you’re traveling solo for the holidays, look for things to do that fit your personality.

For example, introverts may enjoy cooking a meal at their campsite to celebrate. In contrast, extroverts may want to find a holiday parade or other local activities.

How Do You Decorate an RV for the Holidays?

Decorating your RV for the holidays is a great way to get in a festive spirit. You can decorate the inside and outside just as you would a traditional home. However, we strongly recommend a fake tree since a real Christmas tree in an RV could be a fire risk

A cozy travel trailer decorated in red flannel blankets and lights for the holiday.

Tips for Spending the Holidays in an RV

Are you ready to spend the holidays in an RV? Check out these tips for a fun and memorable season. 

Decorate Inside and Outdoors

Decorate your RV to get yourself and others in the holiday spirit. It adds a fun element, whether you add a few lights or go all out with inflatable decorations outside

If you have a small RV, get creative with lights and small decorations placed strategically. For example, you don’t need a fireplace to hang stockings. Instead, consider using cupboards to hang ornaments or string lights over your RV window valances. 

Celebrate at a Fun Destination

Travel in your RV to a fun destination for the holidays. Places like Disney World or Disneyland decorate for the holidays and offer activities for any age. These are excellent places to stay during the holidays, especially since the weather is typically sunny and warm. 

Other fun destinations include large cities like Nashville or San Antonio. Their decorated downtown areas have multiple things to do, such as shopping, restaurants, outdoor recreation, and more.

For example, San Antonio’s River Walk lights up during the holidays, and you’ll even hear live music. Plus, there are campgrounds nearby.

Woman in a red swimsuit and in a Santa hat with a glass of champagne in her hands on the beach.

Share a Meal With People at Your RV Park

Cook a holiday meal and share it with others in your RV park during the holidays. This is a great way to spread cheer and socialize.

You may want to keep it small and only invite one or two other RVers. Or you could consider putting up a flyer or talking with the staff to arrange a large gathering in the campground’s pavilion or lodge.

Have a White Elephant Gift Exchange

Just because you’re in an RV doesn’t mean you can’t give and receive gifts. However, you’ll want to keep them small! A white elephant gift exchange is a fun way to go about it with those you’re RVing with or others in your RV park. 

You can put your unique spin on the typical white elephant gift exchange rules. Participants could bring gifts that are humorous, that only cost $5, or that have to do with RVing. Get creative and have fun with it. 

Portrait of a joyful funny woman with reindeer horns on her head holding a Christmas gift box

Make Campground Reservations in Advance

Campgrounds and RV parks fill up during the holidays. Even some of the most unlikely destinations for cold weather camping fill up due to RVers visiting family.

Be sure to make your reservations in advance. We recommend checking the booking window for the campground you want and reserving your site as soon as possible. 

Is Spending the Holidays in an RV Worth It?

Spending the holidays in an RV can create new memories and traditions. Participating in local activities and decorating your RV makes it all worth it.

We hope you have the opportunity to RV this holiday season or next. You might be surprised at how much fun it can be.

Have you ever spent a holiday in an RV?

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