Will You Regret RVing This Summer?

Will You Regret RVing This Summer?

Restrictions are lifting after a year of lockdowns due to the pandemic. Vaccines are readily available. People are more eager to travel than ever, and many are choosing RVs to do so. With the RV industry booming, what does that mean for your summer plans? Let’s see how 2021 will be different from any other year in terms of summer RVing.

Why Summer RVing Looks Different in 2021

New challenges have arisen even as the world has tentatively worked to reopen. As a result, it’s changed how we’ll go RVing this summer. Let’s take a look at why.

Labor Shortages

The labor shortages across the country have created a lot of bottlenecks. Restaurants, hotels, national parks, amusement parks, and the delivery services that supply their products can’t find enough workers. Moreover, the shortage has caused a cyclical problem in nearly every aspect of the travel industry.

Debates surround the reasons for the shortages. Some believe it’s due to the federal government giving extra weekly unemployment benefits. But many workers in the hospitality industry who lost their jobs in 2020 had to find new careers and are no longer available for their previous employers.

If you RV this summer, don’t expect things to be entirely back to normal just yet. We recommend packing an extra dose of patience for the delays and shortages that may occur. 

Limited Reservations

The labor shortages and significant increases in RV sales will also contribute to campgrounds filling up. As a result, there will be limited reservations this summer across the country. 

Be sure to book early, especially in popular destinations. But even if you plan to stay at a campground off the beaten path, we still recommend making a reservation. Unfortunately, getting a campsite as a walk-in this year will be rare. 

Price Increases

Supply and demand. It’s as simple as that. Everything from food to fuel to entertainment will cost more. With so many Americans wanting to get back out there, businesses are ramping up prices. Budget well and plan to stay within that budget.

Tips on How to Not Regret Your Summer Travels

We’ve saved the good news for last. You certainly don’t have to regret your summer travels. So get out there and enjoy! But do so with the following three tips in mind.

Plan Ahead

We can’t overemphasize this one enough. Plan ahead. Whether you’re typically a planner or not, it’s a must in 2021. 

Plan out your RV trip the best you can from beginning to end. A clear plan will help you stay calm when things come up that you didn’t expect. Make any campground reservations ahead of time. You can even plan out where to get fuel to save time navigating through busy areas. An app such as AllStays allows you to find rest stops, truck stops, campgrounds, Walmart stores for grocery stops or overnights, and more on your route. 

Be Patient

Be patient with yourself and others. Things still aren’t back to normal, and we all understand that. Check your mood when things get frustrating, and remember to treat others as you would like to be treated. 

Be Flexible

As we’ve experienced over the past year, things can change from day to day. Even with a well-planned trip, things can go wrong. Be flexible when they do. 

Consider creating contingency plans if flexibility is difficult for you. For example, map out what you’ll do if a campground cancels your reservation at the last minute. Or have an alternative route in mind if there’s a lockdown in the state you’re traveling to. 

We hope you keep your summer RV plans. There are certainly additional challenges this year, but don’t let them stop you from making new summer memories. What are your summer travel plans?

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