Two Amazing RV Experiences We Wish Still Existed

Traveling in an RV offers unique opportunities that make for memorable adventures. Unfortunately, not all of those adventures still exist. Here are a few truly memorable past and present RV experiences. 

RVs on the Copper Canyon Train

RVs could once hook up with the Copper Canyon train for a one-of-a-kind tour. In the past, you could pull your RV onto a flat train car. Then you and your rig would travel all across Mexico, enjoying many stops along the way. 

Sound intriguing? Keep reading for more about this experience. 

About the Copper Canyon and the RV Train Experience

This unbelievable RV experience started in northern Mexico in the state of Chihuahua. It took RVers through the Copper Canyon on a winding pathway complete with dozens of bridges and tunnels.

A professional RV enthusiast guided tourists through the experience. The guide knew everything from the location of facilities to how to tip at restaurants. Tours ranged in length from a few days to a few weeks.

Along the way, you would enjoy views of Copper Canyon, the Sea of Cortez, the Sierra Madre Mountains, and more. You’d stay in everything from large cities to tiny villages. 

RVs on Barges in the South

The Barges in the South used to provide a unique RV experience. RVers cruised the river not in boats but in their RVs. Keep reading for all the details.

About the RV Barge Experiences

Popular starting points for the cruise included Tennessee, Louisiana, and Alabama. You could cruise the Mississippi or Tennessee rivers from these locations. 

RVers could drive their rig right up onto the barges. Once there, they enjoyed full hook-ups and enough room to extend their slides and awnings. Cruises ranged from three days to multiple weeks. Along the journey, travelers could enjoy excursions into surrounding areas. 

The Copper Canyon Train experience inspired the RVs on the Barge experience. Sadly, both are no longer available. Several amazing RV experiences do still operate, however.

Unique RVing Experiences Today

If these lost opportunities bum you out, look up! Try one of these excursions instead. 


Boondocking lets you enjoy living “off the grid” while enjoying modern conveniences.

You can boondock on most public land for free. Unlike being in a traditional campground or RV park, hoards of people won’t surround you. However, some popular boondocking locations can get crowded at peak times.

With boondocking, you won’t have any hook-ups. Luckily, most RVs can manage some level of boondocking. If you want to stay for more than a couple of days, you may need to upgrade your systems, however. For example, you may opt for solar power, a compostable toilet, and larger water tanks. 

You can search for places to boondock on websites like or Pick a spot and hit the road for some back-to-the-basics camping. 


Nothing beats RV travel with friends. You can caravan with a group of friends or make new ones through a caravan company. 

If you choose to caravan through a company, you’ll enjoy a detailed itinerary. Take your pick of destination and caravan length. You’ll probably be able to find a group interested in that same route. You can choose an adventure ranging from a couple of days to a couple of months or more.

Traveling with professionals means you won’t miss out on any of the best sights along the way. They may even provide some meals. And there will be dozens of activities and excursions to experience. 

Caravaning is like taking a cruise on land. Every RVer should add this one to their bucket list.

RVing already offers once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Unique excursions can turn RVing into even more of an adventure. 

While some adventures have faded away, there’s still lots to experience. If you haven’t tried one already, it’s about time you did! 

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