A woman sitting in the passenger seat of a car at golden hour.

RVing Boomers Love Quartzsite, But Why?

Talk to RVers for very long, and you’ll hear Quartzsite come up. RVers sure do love this winter Mecca.

What is Quartzsite, and why is it so often a topic of conversation? Keep reading as we look at this popular RV winter hang-out.

A woman sitting in the passenger seat of a car at golden hour.

Where Is Quartzsite? 

The well-known Quartzsite is in Arizona along I-10 in the southwest area of the state. Quartzsite is conveniently located close to many major southwestern cities and to the California and Arizona border. The town can be a bit of a drive at approximately two hours from Phoenix and just under four hours from Los Angeles. 

What’s the Big Deal With Quartzsite, Anyway? 

RVers love Quartzsite for its warm winters and low to no cost camping options. In addition to finding budget-friendly spots, RVers can find long-term locations in the winter months, which can be hard to find in other parts of the country.

Because it’s a bit of an RV Mecca in the winter, you’re sure to be surrounded by other travelers with similar interests, giving it a fun community feel. 

What Is There to Do in Quartzsite? 

From adventurous to quirky, there’s something for everyone. There are trails to stretch your legs, museums to explore, and shows to attend.

A must-see is Joanne’s Gum Gallery, where you can see every type of gum you can imagine. The military museum in town is enough to keep you busy for the afternoon. If you can’t make the big rock and gem show in the winter, a gem shop is open year-round. 

If you aren’t a fan of formal sites, one of the big draws of Quartzsite is the community that comes along with becoming a temporary resident. Sitting around a campfire with other travelers swapping stories is a favorite pastime for many. 

Boomers Love Quartzsite, But So Do Many Other RVers

While many who make their way to Quartzsite identify themselves as “boomers,” they aren’t the only ones there. When in the Quartzsite area, you’ll see travelers of all kinds enjoying the southern warmth.

Wander around the area a bit, and you’ll find young couples, families with kids, families with teenagers, and empty nesters. One of the great things about Quartzsite is that it brings together people from all generations and backgrounds with a common interest in RVing and traveling. 

Camping in the desert, the stars are out and warm fire ready for marshmallows

Quartzsite Is Home to Many Events During the Winter Months

With so many people flocking to Quartzsite every year, the area has developed great events to welcome visitors. There’s a large rock and gem show that happens every year

This is an event that many people come explicitly to Quartzsite to attend. Even those who have no prior interest in gems will enjoy it. 

Quartzsite is also home to a very large RV show each winter. This RV show is an RVer’s dream. You can walk through more floor plans and models than you can fathom.

There are new products on display and, of course, many RV manufacturers on-site. Check out the city’s calendar to see what’s planned for the months you’ll be there.  

Why Has This Place Become an RV Mecca?

When word of a good thing gets out, it spreads quickly. You can make Quartzsite into just about any experience you’re looking for.

Some pay for full hookup sites while others boondock. Some RVers come for just a week to check it out, and some stay for months.

Want to be secluded away from it all? You can find it. If you’re seeking a community, you’ll find that here as well.

Quartzsite offers warm and budget-friendly places to stay in the area, making it a great place to escape the frigid north and expensive snowbird parks found elsewhere. 

Best Places to Camp in Quartzsite, Ariz.

If you’ve decided that Quartzsite is the place for you, you’ll need somewhere to stay. Here are a few great options in Quartzsite, Ariz., to get you started. 

Three women adventure hiking in the desert during a winter day.

Plomosa Road

Those looking to stay in the area for the short term will enjoy Plomosa Road. Plomosa Road allows campers to stay for up to 14 days for free.

While this is public land, there is a camp host, which is appealing to many. This area sees fewer RVers than other nearby places, so it’s a great option for those looking for more solitude. There are no amenities here, so be prepared to dry camp with no access to water or electricity. 

La Posa South LTVA

La Posa South LTVA is a great place to be if you plan on staying for the entire winter season. While you can choose to pay $40 to stay for up to 14 nights, the real winner is the season pass.

Campers can pay $180 for a pass that gives you access to Bureau of Land Management camping areas from Sept. 15 through April 15. This area has a dump station, trash, toilets, and freshwater. There’s plenty of space for everyone. Campers can also enjoy the area for $15 a night during the off-season. 

Scaddan Wash

Scaddan Wash is a great spot to be close to everything and yet feel like you have your own piece of Arizona all to yourself. Camping here is limited to 14 days, and there’s no cost to stay.

If you want to stay in the area for more than 14 days, you’ll need to move to a spot more than 25 miles away. There are no amenities here, so you’ll need to be completely self-sufficient. Campers report incredible stargazing here, but as a downside, there’s light traffic noise from I-10. 

You have to be somewhere throughout the winter months; you might as well make it a warm and enjoyable location. Quartzsite is the place to be for many RVers.

Have you spent a season in this Arizona town? Do you think it lives up to its reputation, or is it overrated?

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