Types of Rude RV Park Guests: Defined and Ranked

In a perfect world, everyone would camp exactly as you do. The reality is a campground is full of a variety of campers with very different camping styles.

How can a full campground enjoy a weekend together in harmony? For starters, avoid these rude camping behaviors.

9 Types of Rude RV Park Guests Ranked from Bad to Worse

Most people don’t want to be rude RV park guests. Sometimes it happens because they aren’t aware of RV park etiquette. In that spirit, here are nine types of rude RV park guests.

1. The Litterbugs

Leave no trace isn’t limited to public lands. No one likes rolling into a campsite only to find that the last campers left behind their trash. Part of the arrival setup routine shouldn’t include trash pick-up. Not only is leaving trash behind rude, but it can also cause extra work for the campground host. 

This rude behavior extends to the firepit as well. Don’t leave your half-burnt trash in the firepit. It’s not someone else’s responsibility to clean up after you. 

2. The RVer Who Constantly Runs Their Generator

Periodically hearing the neighbor’s generator when camping in a non-electric camping loop is common. When a generator runs all day and throughout the night, it becomes a noise nuisance. Try to run your generator only when you need to charge your batteries or use an appliance that can’t function on batteries. If you need to run a generator 24 hours a day, it’s probably best to just book an electric campsite. No one wants to hear a neighbor’s generator all hours of the day (and night). 

3. The Smokers

While some may enjoy smoking cigars and cigarettes, smoke blowing into a neighbor’s site can be bothersome. Be mindful of the wind while smoking outside. If you can smoke in a way that doesn’t affect others, it’s kind to do so.

This also includes recreational marijuana. Although some states allow the use of recreational marijuana, it’s often illegal to smoke it in public, including at campgrounds. It doesn’t matter if you’re sitting by the fire or inside your tent or RV. If law enforcement catches you, you could face a steep fine. While some privately run campgrounds may turn a blind eye to marijuana, state and federal campgrounds likely won’t be as forgiving.

4. The Camp Neighbors with No Sense of Personal Space

Booking a site at a campground gives you access to your site and the common places throughout the campground. What it doesn’t give you access to are other campers’ sites. If you’re spreading out to the point of overflowing into your neighbor’s site, you may need to bring less. 

A big pet peeve of many campers is other campers walking through their site. It may be tempting to cut through someone’s site, but don’t do it. It feels like an invasion of privacy and will result in glares and maybe even a confrontation.

5. The RVers Who Let Their Kids Do Whatever They Want

Camping is a great activity for couples, retirees, and families. Everyone should feel welcome while enjoying the RV park. Kids will be kids, and no one expects children to be silent, but there is a fine line between acceptable play and unnecessary noise. Shouting children running through other campers’ sites is a great way to get campground management involved. If your child brings a bike or other toys, ensure they don’t leave them lying out in the road. Other campers don’t want to dodge toys while driving through the campground.

6. The Speed Racer

Driving through a campground isn’t the time to practice for your career as a race car driver. Children can be unpredictable and challenging to see, especially if you’re driving too fast. Campers often enjoy going for a stroll around the grounds and taking their dog for a walk. It’s rude to blaze through the campground. Always follow posted speed limits and be mindful of others navigating the campground. 

7. The Bad Pet Owners

A bad pet owner is just plain rude. No one wants to step in a pile of pet waste when walking around the campground. Pet owners must always be prepared to pick up after their pets. Unleashed dogs typically aren’t allowed in campgrounds. They can cause anxiety in other campers and their leashed pets. Follow the rules. While you may have complete confidence in your pet, others don’t. 

Many pet owners don’t realize that their dog is barking while they’re away. If you believe your dog might bark while you’re gone, it’s best not to leave them. Your neighbor will appreciate not hearing barking for hours on end breaking through the otherwise serene campground. 

8. The Not-So-Honeymooners

Fights happen, even at the campground. It isn’t uncommon for couples to have a few strong words with one another while backing into the campsite. What shouldn’t happen, though, is having the whole campground hear your argument. 

Getting in a public screaming match at the campground will certainly cause fellow campers to feel uneasy. Save the fights for another time. Practice patience while camping; it’ll not only keep your neighbors from feeling uncomfortable, but you’ll likely enjoy your trip a bit more as well.

9. The Partiers

Camping is all about relaxing and having fun. If your fun lasts into the early morning at a loud volume, you won’t have happy neighbors. Don’t be the campers who keep others up all night. Chances are your fun will be cut short by an angry campground host that got a late-night complaint. 

Don’t Be a Rude RV Park Guest

Don’t be the reason other campers are annoyed all weekend. Enjoy yourself, but remember the campground is a better place when everyone respects each other. A little kindness and consideration go a long way. What’s a pet peeve of yours regarding your fellow campers?

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