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Walmart Horror Stories: Overnighting Gone Wrong

Travelers have been staying overnight in Walmart parking lots for many years. Unfortunately, not all of these pit stops have been positive experiences.

A group of full-time RVers recently shared their worst experiences while staying overnight at Walmart. Some of the horror stories were nothing short of shocking.

Today, we’re sharing some of the stories from nomads where overnighting at Walmart didn’t go as planned.

Let’s take a look!

Full-Time RVer Asks for Scary Experiences Staying at Walmart

A full-time RVer recently asked the RV community about their worst overnight experiences at Walmart. The post generated over 100 comments from a diverse group of nomads.

The comments detailed the unpredictable nature of staying overnight at Walmart and many other public locations.

No matter where you set up camp for the night, you never know what will happen outside your camper. It shows that it’s critical to research an area before deciding to stop for the night.

If you don’t, it could result in you having a horror story to share with others.

The Responses Were Shocking

There was quite a mixture of responses from the travelers. However, some of the comments were downright shocking.

If you didn’t know better, you’d question why people even consider staying overnight at Walmart.

However, as shocking as they might be, Walmart continues to be a go-to place for overnight stays for travelers.

Their parking lots are typically very easy to access, large, and empty for most of the night.

Given the right circumstances, it can be a great place to stop for the night.

On the other hand, as these responses reveal, it can also be a nightmare. Things can go from bad to worse in the blink of an eye.

You could find yourself in one of these situations if you’re not careful.

Walmart Horror Stories: Overnighting Gone Wrong

While reading the Walmart horror stories, some posts stuck out more than others.

We compiled several of the most shocking stories to share with you.

Let’s dive in!

Middle of the Night Knock

Several commenters shared that they received a knock on their door in the middle of the night.

In most instances, it was from a manager or Walmart employee telling them to leave.

However, there were a few where law enforcement got involved.

To make matters worse, some travelers shared that they had asked the store for permission beforehand.

However, the individuals doing the knocking didn’t seem to care. They demanded the RVers to leave the scene immediately or face consequences.

Finding a new spot to park isn’t fun, especially in the middle of the night.

Unfortunately, you’ll have no choice if you find yourself in this situation, so it’s best to always have a backup location or plan B.

Meth Lab Discovered

One commenter shared that they had noticed a sketchy-looking RV parked nearby.

It looked like the recreational vehicle hadn’t moved in a long time. They even joked that it appeared like something out of the television series Breaking Bad.

However, the joke was a little less funny when authorities uncovered an actual meth lab inside the RV.

Luckily, officers took control of the scene, and the commenter and their family were safe and sound.

Things could have very quickly turned out much differently for them.

Racing Motorcycles

Some guests discovered the large, empty parking lots turned into a race track in the middle of the night.

Multiple commenters shared that locals came out to put their motorcycles to the test.

One person said they contacted the authorities, who did nothing about the chaotic scene.

The constant revving of the engines made it nearly impossible to get a solid night’s sleep.

As a result, they couldn’t hit the road rested and ready for the day in the morning.

Unfortunately, this is another reminder that things can change quickly, especially after hours. Knowing what to expect can be nearly impossible when staying in an unfamiliar area.

Sketchy Behavior from Others

Another recurring comment involved sketchy behavior from others. The stories ranged from homeless individuals wandering around the scene to odd behavior from fellow travelers.

Some stated that the sketchy individuals seemed blissfully unaware that they were invading their personal space.

One individual posted that a stranger stood silent, staring as they packed their things to leave in the morning.

They never acknowledged them the entire time they were preparing to leave.

The travelers jumped in their vehicle and quickly left the area.

Sweeper Truck

Many Walmart locations use the overnight hours to clean their parking lot. They’ll pick up trash and hire sweeper trucks to come through.

Some individuals shared that they struggled to sleep because of the droning sound of the sweeper truck.

Knowing or predicting when these vehicles will come through can be challenging.

Since it’s not an everyday occurrence, it can be a gamble.

You may get lucky and get a silent night.

On the other hand, you could be unlucky and get the worst night of sleep in your life.

Loud Music

In addition to locals using Walmart parking lots for race tracks, some turn it into a dance club.

Multiple people commented that they woke up to blaring music from parked vehicles.

Whether you like the music or not, it can be challenging to relax or sleep.

Additionally, some people invest thousands of dollars into the audio systems in their vehicles. It can seem like you can feel the bass from their systems from miles away.

Unfortunately, an almost empty Walmart parking lot can be a great place to put it to the test. If you are parked nearby, don’t count on getting Zs anytime soon.

Seedy Activity

The final common story involved seedy activity. Some Walmarts are in some pretty sketchy areas, which can make them unsafe at night.

Individuals have found empty alcohol containers and other paraphernalia lying around the area.

Additionally, many suspect that they’ve witnessed drug dealers using the parking lots for their transactions.

These types of behaviors can attract seedy individuals and their behaviors.

Before getting too comfortable, secure your belongings, lock all your storage compartments, and avoid leaving anything of value in sight.

Not All Overnight Stays at Walmart Are Bad

While there were many horror stories, there were also plenty of responses from individuals who have never had a bad experience. Again, you never know what to expect when staying overnight at Walmart.

While some locations are sketchy, some have security that patrols the area throughout the night. Do research and stay safe during your adventures!

Don’t end up as someone else’s story, make sure you follow the rules when boondocking at Walmart.

Have you ever had a bad experience staying overnight in a Walmart parking lot?

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