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RV in Hawaii with Less Junk, More Journey

RV in Hawaii with Less Junk, More Journey

Nathan and Marissa of Less Junk, More Journey have gone on some pretty epic trips. They’ve traveled in an Airstream, a fifth wheel, and a motorhome at various times. Now, they’re tackling Hawaii. Let’s see how they’re documenting their adventure to share on YouTube.

What Is Less Junk, More Journey Doing In Hawaii?

Since 2015, Less Junk, More Journey has traveled in an RV to 49 U.S. states. Their trip to Hawaii allows them to join a rare club of those who have visited all 50 states. They’re not only traveling to Hawaii, but they’re taking their time and visiting Oahu, Maui, and the Big Island. 

How Long Will They Be in Hawaii?

Nate and Marissa left their Middle Tennessee homestead and will take their time to experience all that Hawaii offers. Their tropical journey will last for nine weeks. They’re staying on Oahu Island for one month, Maui for a week, and the Big Island of Hawaii for another month.  

Did Less Junk, More Journey Bring Their Own RV to Hawaii?

No, Less Junk, More Journey didn’t bring their RV to Hawaii. Some RVers feel that you have to have your motorhome to officially “visit” a state. For Less Junk, More Journey, their rule is they need to stay the night in an RV to have truly visited a state.

To check off Hawaii, Less Junk More Journey rented a camper van while in Maui. They snagged a reservation to stay in a state park while using the RV. The camper van had much less space and fewer amenities than their massive Grand Design Solitude, but they nonetheless took it on some pretty incredible adventures. Waking up in a state park that looks like it’s straight out of “Jurassic Park,” now that’s an adventure! 

What Kind of Content Is Less Junk, More Journey Creating in Hawaii?

Nate and Marissa are documenting their journey on their YouTube channel. They’re going on some incredible hikes, adventures, and other experiences with their family. The couple is traveling with some of their friends, enabling them to do some adventures without their children. They were able to swim with sharks and do a rather dangerous hike at Olomana Trail.

RVing in Hawaii: What You Need to Know

It’s important to know that RVing in Hawaii looks a lot different than RVing elsewhere. The roads and parks aren’t designed to handle massive fifth wheels and Class As. You’ll likely never see these types of RVs on any of the islands because of the incredible expense to get them there and the insane difficulty of maneuvering them.

If you’re planning to RV while in Hawaii, you should expect nothing more than a small camper van. These multi-purpose vehicles can handle the tighter roads and smaller campsites found on the islands. Not only will the RV look different, but the campsite and campgrounds likely will as well.

Commonly, campgrounds and RV parks have dump stations and facilities. However, many campgrounds in Hawaii may not have a dump station or restroom facilities. You also might not have a power pedestal. Many of these sites are primitive and are best for car or tent camping.

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If you were planning to bring your RV with you to Hawaii, we’re sorry to be the bearer of bad news. Approach RVing in Hawaii completely differently than you would anywhere else. Due to limited availability at many of their campgrounds and very high demand, especially after COVID, you’ll need to plan well in advance to make it happen.

Less Junk, More Journey never disappoints when they document their adventures. They’re an inspiration to so many to take the first step into full-time RVing. Watching them laugh, smile, and be incredible parents is a small sign that their 2015 leap into full-time traveling was well worth it. Have you experienced all that Hawaii has to offer yet?

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