Is Overnight Parking at Walmart Still Safe in 2022?

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Can You Legally Park Overnight at Walmart?

Some cities and communities have experienced adverse consequences from allowing overnight parking at Walmart and other public locations. So before you park for the night, you’ll want to ensure it’s legal.

How Do You Find Walmart Camping Spots?

Don’t make finding Walmart camping spots harder than necessary. Some excellent resources can help you find places to park. A few of the best resources are Walmart Locator or the AllStays Walmart App and Database. You can quickly and conveniently find spots to park overnight, whether you’re on your computer or mobile device.

Is Walmart Camping Safe?

Camping overnight at Walmart can be safe. However, some locations are safer than others. Your expensive RV may attract attention in areas with high crime. People with ill intentions may see your RV as an opportunity to score something of value easily.

Safety Tips for Walmart Camping

Stealth camping is very difficult in New York City and other major cities, as Travel Beans learned. The crowded and narrow roads mean you have very few places to park along the streets. Many neighborhoods require permits and will issue citations to those caught parking without them. Popular vehicles used for stealth camping stick out like sore thumbs in parking lots and along empty streets in the middle of the night.

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