Two women dressed in boho garb outside their vintage mobile with cocktails.

Here Are 7 Different Ways People Are Using RVs That You’ve Never Thought Of

If you thought RVs were only for camping, you’d be wrong. Some RV owners flex their creativity and use RVs in pretty interesting ways. The sky’s the limit when it comes to how you can use your RV.

Today, we’ll look at seven different ways people use their RVs that might not be what you expect. Let’s get started!

Two women dressed in boho garb outside their vintage mobile with cocktails.

7 Unique Ways People Are Using Their RVs

Some of these RV uses will have you asking why you hadn’t thought of that, and others will blow your mind. Let’s take a look!

#1. Food Bank

Food banks provide a tremendous service to people in need and work wonders for entire communities. However, not everyone has transportation to and from a food bank. So why not use an RV to bring the food bank to these people and their communities?

That’s exactly what RV Food Banks of America is doing. It delivers food and resources directly to communities in need. It brings food boxes to these communities, including produce, meats, canned goods, dairy products, and more. Helping communities and providing essential food and supplies is a great way to use an RV and give back.

#2. Mobile Pet Grooming

An RV doesn’t have to just be for camping and relaxing; you can use it to make a living. RVs often have the plumbing and electrical connections needed for mobile pet grooming. For mobile pet groomers, the key to success is bringing their business to their clients instead of the other way around.

This may just be what these groomers needed to take their pet grooming businesses to the next level. When pet grooming is more convenient, groomers can create one-of-a-kind experiences for their customers. They fit everything they need in the RV, including things like a bath and a station for hair trimming.

#3. Vintage Clothing Boutique

When you’re opening up a vintage clothing boutique, it can cost a fortune for even a small retail shop. However, some vintage clothing boutique owners are doing things differently. They’re renovating their RVs to create cozy and relaxing environments to display their vintage clothing items for sale.

Boutiques are smaller shops with a minimal amount of clothing items. Because RVs are small, a few little changes can go a long way in transforming the space.

These boutique owners can’t display a ton of merchandise, but they can offer an experience like none other for their customers. They’re creating more than a storefront here; they’re creating an entire ambiance when customers step into their RVs.

See how a mobile RV boutique looks and works!

#4. Mobile Art Studio

People don’t often appreciate art until it’s right in front of them. However, getting art in front of people can be challenging. Therefore, some artistic RVers are converting their RVs into mobile art studios

Some RVers customize the inside of their RV to hang their art and make it stand out. Other artists use their RV to make their art and transport it to a new location. They can then display and sell it. This lets them act as both an artist and a mobile museum that’s an experience in its own right.

#5. Bowling Alley

Some RVers brag about how many bathrooms their RV has or the number of TVs. However, have you ever heard someone say their RV has a bowling alley? The owners of this 1969 Airstream do.

Airstreams turn heads even when they don’t have a bowling alley hiding inside. However, you’re sure to be the talk of the campground if your neighbors find out you have a bowling alley inside your RV. It might get noisy, but you can actually fit a decent two-lane alley right inside an RV. This RV even has a ball rack and screens to display the score.

#6. Bookmobile

Reading is a fantastic way for kids to grow their imagination and develop many useful skills. However, not all children are blessed with easy access to a library. Some RVers are converting their rigs into bookmobiles to encourage children and families to read. A colorful and fun bookmobile can bring neighborhood kids running to see what it’s all about.

And it doesn’t take a major renovation to create a bookmobile. RVers use smaller rigs for this by outfitting them with multiple doors and different sizes of shelving to keep books secure. Fitting in a register can be tough, but some bookmobiles take the payments outside and have only the store inside.

#7. Video Game Arcade

Some of the coolest video game arcades are on wheels. These are popular RVs to rent for birthday parties and other kid’s events. However, even if you’re only looking for personal enjoyment, an RV can be a great video game arcade for solo play.

Some RVers who love to game modify their RVs to create mobile gaming dens. They’ll install new TVs, special chairs, and even bright flashing LED lights.

RV arcades tend to use large screens set up in a row to maximize gaming space. It might not be practical for actually RVing, but it’s super fun for a party or gathering.

The Sky’s the Limit

As you can see, there’s no one way to use an RV. If you have a creative idea for how you want to use your RV, let us know! We’d love to hear about what dreams you have when it comes to making your RV look or function differently.

Do you have any unique ways you use your RV?

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