Switch It Up Makes Waves at the Tampa RV Show

The Tampa RV Show is one of the biggest and most exciting expos. Each year, attendees can see some of the latest and greatest rigs and gadgets in the RV industry.

A couple of YouTubers, Switch It Up, and their new rig created quite a buzz at the 2024 show. They’ve made a custom home on wheels perfect for their future travels.

Today, we’re sharing a glimpse at what’s so special and unique about this massive camper.

Let’s get to it!

Who is Switch It Up?

Todd and Sheila Konitzer are the content creators behind Switch It Up.

The couple decided to embrace full-time RVing in 2019 after each of them lost a parent.

They’ve grown their brand by sharing their adventures on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

They focus on building a community that follows their adventures and attends the gatherings they organize.

Their YouTube channel has almost 40,000 subscribers, and several thousand more follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Today, they inspire others to take the leap and avoid putting off adventures. As they experienced, you never know when your last one will be. 

Switch It Up Makes Massive Upgrade

Switch It Up pulled back the curtain on the plans they put in motion over a year ago.

They’ve been working with SpaceCraft RVs to create a one-of-a-kind recreational vehicle that will fit their plans.

This custom camper has almost everything they could need, including items to help make their large group gatherings even more enjoyable.

Their 54-foot SpaceCraft RV is loaded with incredible features and is beautiful.

It’s so large that they had to purchase a semi-truck to haul it.

As you can imagine, they’ll make excellent memories as a couple and with their community in the future.

About SpaceCraft RVs

SpaceCraft RVs is a custom RV manufacturer based in Concordia, Missouri.

When it comes to the biggest and best towable RVs, it’s hard to top SpaceCraft.

Unfortunately, these luxury campers come with some of the steepest price tags in the industry.

However, they’re some of the best-built and most luxurious campers ever seen.

Unlike most other RV manufacturers, SpaceCraft works directly with customers.

They allow customers to create a completely custom camper.

The only restraints are the laws of physics and the customer’s bank account.

The finished product is typically a rig built for long-term and full-time living.

Unique Features of Their New RV

So, what’s so special about Switch It Up’s new RV?

Some of the features they’ve included are incredible.

While they may not be practical for every owner, Todd and Sheila have put tremendous thought into the process.

Let’s look at some of the features we love the most.

Massive Exterior Video Display

While your camper may have an outside TV, it’s nothing compared to the massive video display on Switch It Up’s new SpaceCraft RV.

Their 8′ by 6.5′ LED video board sits on the front cap of the camper and pivots out when needed.

It’s huge and offers an incredible view for all those gathered around.

The couple plans to use the display during their large group gatherings.

They’ll be able to enjoy movie nights and host seminars during their events.

This way, everyone will have a clear view and be able to see the critical information they’re communicating.

Multiple Decks

Some campers have a side or rear deck that can come in handy.

However, this luxurious camper features multiple decks, including a large roof deck.

Again, they plan to use these spaces for personal use to maximize living space and during their large gatherings.

They’ll be the perfect places for DJs and musicians to set up for entertainment.

We can’t help but love the massive rooftop deck. This will be an incredible spot to watch a sunrise or sunset.

In addition, they have plans to attend the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta.

What better place to watch the hot air balloons launch into the sky than this rooftop deck?

Concert Quality Speakers and Sound System

In addition to multiple decks for stages for musicians and entertainment, this fancy camper has an incredible sound system with concert-quality speakers.

They’ve installed an audio snake, which allows them to connect multiple instruments and create a fantastic audio experience.

This will be key in setting the mood and vibe during large group gatherings.

They’ll be the life of the party and be able to provide hours of entertainment during their events.

You can bet attendees will love to sit around and enjoy the show.

Huge Lithium Battery Bank

Since the couple wants to be completely self-sufficient during these events, they have one of the largest battery banks in an RV.

It includes eight 300Ah lithium batteries. If you’re not a math wizard, that’s 2400Ah of power.

While the roof deck takes up some space, there’s still plenty of room for almost 3,000 watts of solar on the roof.

Their massive solar system will allow them to keep their batteries charged and power all the electronics they need.

Like many other features, this isn’t an ordinary lithium battery bank in an RV.

Custom Features

In addition to the features to make it easier for them to host large events, the couple wanted some custom features for themselves.

This included items like a built-in dishwasher and a few custom pieces of furniture and decorations.

This is one of the benefits of working with SpaceCraft RV.

The couple could work directly with the manufacturer to include specific items they wanted or needed.

They’ve created one of the most gorgeous and comfortable RVs for personal and professional use.

What Is Switch It Up’s RV Revolution?

The Switch It Up RV Revolution is a 10-week video series about the build process of their custom RV.

They’re giving viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the entire process.

However, they’ve stated that it will only be accessible for a limited time.

Switch It Up Truly Has a Home on Wheels

Todd and Sheila gave viewers a quick look inside their camper.

We’re excited to see them release their 10-week series that dives deeper into detail regarding their new RV.

Since it’s a custom camper, you’ll likely never see another like it. Not many RVers need a massive video board or concert-grade speakers.

However, it’s exciting to see what manufacturers can create when they work and listen to consumers.

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