A dark silhoutte of a couple holding hands in the water with a sailboat in the distance.

Sailing Uma Is No Longer a Sailing Channel

Since 2015, Sailing Uma has released over 300 YouTube videos about travel and adventure worldwide. Dan and Kika, the couple from Sailing Uma, traveled the Caribbean, the Arctic, and Europe and accumulated thousands of miles for seven years. Recently, the couple released a video about the channel not being a sailing channel anymore. Just what does this mean?

A dark silhoutte of a couple holding hands in the water with a sailboat in the distance.

Who Is Sailing Uma?

With over 404,000 subscribers, Sailing Uma is a popular YouTube channel created by Dan (from Canada) and Kika (from Haiti). Their channel has showcased their travels across the globe since 2015 as they have ventured from sea to sea.

Soon after graduating from college, Dan and Kika decided they didn’t want to only learn about the world from textbooks and pictures. They wanted to see the world. So they left the city life, bought a beaten-up boat, and restored it while making it environmentally friendly. They then set sail around the world. It all started when a friend told them, “Don’t buy a couch.”

To date, Sailing Uma has traveled to 28 countries and sailed more than 28,000 miles. They spent three years exploring the Caribbean and then two years on the Norwegian coastline. Now, they’re going to the warm waters of the Mediterranean.

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What Type of Boat Does Sailing Uma Have?

Uma, which means number one in Portuguese, is a 1972 Pearson 36. The boat wasn’t in great shape when Dan and Kika bought it.

But they wanted a small enough boat to take care of it on their own yet large enough to call it their home. They also didn’t want to go into debt, which meant buying their first boat with cash.

Over the years, Dan and Kika have done some serious renovations to Uma. For example, in 2018, they put in a lazy jack system.

There are always renovation projects going on to make Uma better and more environmentally friendly. One of Dan and Kika’s biggest changes was taking out the diesel motor and putting in an electric one.

Because Uma is a sailboat and doesn’t move very fast, they wanted to install an electric motor. It would help them become more self-sufficient, and they weren’t on a timetable. So there was no need for a diesel engine to get them anywhere quickly. For just $1,400, Dan and Kika entered the electric motor world.

Is Sailing Uma No Longer Sailing?

On June 9, 2022, Sailing Uma released a YouTube video that they’re no longer a sailing channel. In the video, Kika says, “We are not a sailing channel anymore. We’ve never been a sailing channel. Ok, correction, we’ve never been just a sailing channel. We’ve always wanted to do more adventures.”

Rock climbing is one of those adventures that Sailing Uma has fallen in love with, and they hope to explore more opportunities for these types of recreational activities.

After the latest video to date, Baby Onboard from July 7, 2022, Sailing Uma left the coast of France after spending a few days on anchor and set sail again. They crossed the Bay of Biscay and landed on the north coast of Spain, where they had dinner with friends who drove in from Italy.

Top 3 YouTube Videos From Sailing Uma

From their first YouTube video released in May 2015 to their most recent one in July of this year, Sailing Uma has captured an audience with their down-to-earth personalities and exciting explorations.

Although many subscribers follow to learn more about sailing, other subscribers simply enjoy seeing the world through the channel.

Boat Tour: The Modern Interior of Our 50 Yr Old Dream Yacht

In this video, Dan and Kika give a tour of Uma. It’s 36 feet long and 12 feet wide, but the cabin space is only about 23 feet long and 8 feet to 9 feet wide. It’s a small space, but one they’ve come to love.

To make Uma feel bigger, they removed every visual barrier possible. For example, they removed the table in the middle, widened the aisle, and added lots of light. Everything has multiple purposes.

They also talk about removing the diesel engine and installing an electric one, repositioning and installing a Dometic electric toilet, and ordering and cutting to size a king mattress.

This boat tour is one of the most popular videos on the Sailing Uma channel because it’s like an HGTV home makeover show. Subscribers can get their own ideas for updating and renovating their boats.

Biggest Waves We’ve Ever Seen – Day 10 / North Atlantic Crossing

During the 10th day of their North Atlantic crossing in 2019, Dan and Kika experienced the biggest waves they’ve ever seen. Although normally relaxed in tense situations, these waves made them wonder if they would be able to continue the 954 miles ahead of them. Dan bagged the main sail early in the video due to the extreme winds.

Kika says, “Guys, I am not a big fan of those waves, like at all…and I feel like they’re just getting bigger.” The wind was blowing about 35 knots, gusting up to 38 knots.

On the other hand, Dan explains later in the video that he wasn’t as nervous because the boat was only sailing at about 6 knots. The boat stayed under control.

Hurricane Survival Tactics (I Stayed on the Boat in Haiti)

With over 2.1 million views, this video talks about hurricane survival tactics. The first tip is to get somewhere safe from the waves.

The second tip is to ensure high mountains surround the anchorage to reduce wind velocity. This includes removing as much windage on deck as possible. Finally, the third tip is to build the strongest anchoring system possible.

Dan stayed on Uma in 2016 when Hurricane Matthew passed over Haiti. He records the storm and how well Uma remained anchored. He even says, “I gotta say being inside the boat – it’s actually not too bad. It’s just noisy.” He goes on to explain, “The winds are definitely stronger than we’ve ever had before, but they’re still not terrifying.” Dan believes having a massive anchor made a huge difference.

Follow the Sailing Uma Adventures

If you’d like to follow the adventures of Dan and Kika, subscribe to the Sailing Uma YouTube channel. If you’d prefer still pictures or blog writing, follow them on Instagram or Facebook. Check out their website to get the latest news or join their Sailing Uma Patreon group.

Who knows where Sailing Uma will end up next?

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