A closeup of Buc-ee the Beaver's face as a statue outside the travel center.

Why Do People Love Buc-ee’s?

When it comes to gas stations, there’s nothing quite like Buc-ee’s. With a cult-like following, devoted followers will drive well out of their way to experience its awesomeness.

However, those who haven’t pledged allegiance to the beaver are often overwhelmed by the chaos of the situation. So why do people love Buc-ee’s? Let’s dive in and see! 

A closeup of Buc-ee the Beaver's face as a statue outside the travel center.
Buc-ee the Beaver — ain’t he somethin’.

What Is Buc-ee’s?

Buc-ee’s is a chain of anything but ordinary travel centers that originated in the Lone Star state of Texas. However, word has spread about Buc-ee’s, and executives decided to start planting locations outside of Texas.

Buc-ee’s has a trademarked beaver mascot named, you guessed it, Buc-ee the Beaver. Customers share their love for the store’s exceptionally clean bathrooms and countless fuel pumps. Don’t expect to be in a hurry if you visit a Buc-ee’s, and be ready to leave spending more money on snacks than you would at any other travel center.

How Many Buc-ee’s Locations Are There?

Currently, Buc-ee’s lists 43 locations on its website. These locations are in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas.

Buc-ee’s opens it’s first location in South Carolina.

However, the company has announced plans for future developments in several states through 2025. So if there’s not a Buc-ee’s location near you, keep your fingers crossed that there might be one soon!

Can You Sleep Overnight at Buc-ee’s?

While Buc-ee’s is a convenient stop for travelers, you’ll have to find somewhere else to park for extended periods. Buc-ee’s does not allow guests to park overnight in their massive parking lots.

Buc-ee’s receives this question enough to include it on its Frequently Asked Questions page on their website. Its official statement is, “In our efforts to maintain a safe and secure environment for all of our customers, we cannot accommodate vehicles for an extended amount of time in our lots.”

An aerial view of a Buc-ee's travel center with tens of fuel pumps and a massive parking lot.

Why Do People Love Buc-ee’s?

There are several reasons people love Buc-ee’s. These stops do a tremendous job of separating themselves from other gas station chains in the country. Let’s look at why people are obsessed with the buck tooth beaver.

Clean Restrooms

It can be a gamble when you stop at a gas station to use the restroom while traveling. You never know what’s waiting for you behind the door.

However, Buc-ee’s restrooms are some of the cleanest gas station bathrooms you’ll ever experience. Not only are they clean, but they’re also massive. Unless you come during the busiest times, there’s a good chance you’ll walk in and find plenty of availability to answer nature’s call.

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Nearly Infinite Amount of Fuel Pumps

While some travel centers will have a dozen or so pumps, Buc-ee’s takes it to a new level. Its largest locations have 120 gas pumps that offer unleaded, mid-grade, premium, ethanol-free, and diesel fuels. This means you can get in and fill your tank without waiting in line at the pump.

No Semi-Trucks to Battle

Buc-ee’s is a travel center, but it’s not a truck stop. It often restricts 18-wheelers from using the parking lots or facilities.

You’ll likely see multiple signs leading up to the entrances letting semi-truck drivers know they’re not allowed to enter the facilities. While this may be inconvenient for truckers, it makes it convenient for passenger vehicles to get in and out without worrying about big rigs.

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Delicious Food

While most gas stations aren’t known for their food, Buc-ee’s hits it out of the park with its delicious food offerings. You’ll find pulled pork, brisket sandwiches, and many other mouth-watering items. The smells fill the restaurant, and you can watch the employees prepare all of the fresh meat.

Five foods you should try from Buc-ee’s!

One of its most famous food items is the Czech pastry, kolaches. They’re out of this world and something that we think everyone who visits a Buc-ee’s should try. So don’t leave without grabbing one!

Cheap Snacks

While many travel centers overprice their snacks and other items, Buc-ee’s often has snacks so cheap that you’ll want to get something for everybody. Some popular items are the Beaver Nuggets, the wall of beef jerky, and homemade fudge.

However, you can find walls of candy and other delicious treats stamped with the iconic beaver logo. If you’re on a road trip, you can resupply your stockpile of snacks for the rest of your trip.

Great Souvenirs

If you’ve ever stepped into a Cracker Barrel and seen the large general store of souvenirs, a Buc-ee’s is similar, only much, much larger. You’ll find almost anything you could imagine with a beaver stamped on it.

T-shirts, mugs, and many items are available and are relatively inexpensive. However, you might discover that you’re spending way more money than you planned on beaver-related merchandise.

Is Buc-ee’s Worth the Hype?

Buc-ee’s is one of those places that gets a lot of hype, and people talk it up quite a bit. However, we can confidently say it’s as good as you’ve heard.

While we may leave there spending more money than planned, the experience is worth every penny. You can leave with a sack full of food, a month’s worth of snacks, and a smile on your face.

When it comes to travel center stops, it doesn’t get better than this!

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