Woman driving with her dog in the backseat.

RVers Travel with Dog in Crate on RV Hitch

RVers Travel with Dog in Crate on RV Hitch

Many RVers travel with dogs or other pets. But some people don’t take proper care of their pets while traveling. And the consequences of animal cruelty can be serious. Recently, an RVer in British Columbia did the unthinkable. Keep reading to learn what happened when the RVer strapped their dog in a crate on the RV hitch.

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B.C. RVer Straps Dog in Crate to Back of RV During Record Heat Wave

Witnesses reported a dog in a crate on the back of an RV in B.C. this summer. On the day of the incident, temperatures hit 30-40 degrees Celsius (90-100 degrees Fahrenheit). Onlookers took photos of the RV going down the highway. They posted the pictures on social media to try to help authorities locate the RV.

The dog and RV eventually turned up at a campground in the town of Oliver. It appeared that the dog had been traveling in the crate from the lower mainland into the interior of B.C. That’s a long ride in the sweltering heat. Not to mention the physical strain and risk of the crate falling off the hitch.

B.C. SPCA Seizes Dog From Irresponsible Pet Owner, Considering Animal Cruelty Charges

The B.C. SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) obtained a warrant and seized the dog from the owner at the campground. SPCA is considering animal cruelty charges while the dog remains in their care. They said there was a lot of interest in the dog, but it’s not currently available for adoption.

What was the owner’s reason for putting the dog in a crate strapped to the back of the RV? They claimed that there was no room in the vehicle and it was too hot in the RV.

Social Media to the Rescue: How the Dog Was Located

Canada’s SPCA would not have known about the dog if it wasn’t for social media. Witnesses posted photos on Facebook, which alerted the community and eventually reached the SPCA. This poor pooch is lucky the word spread.

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What Might Happen if Owner Is Found Guilty of Animal Cruelty

The dog’s owner could face a hefty fine if found guilty of animal cruelty under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act. The person may face a penalty of up to $75,000. The maximum charge can also come with a prohibition from owning animals ever again and a two-year prison term. 

Don’t Be an Irresponsible RVing Pet Owner

Most of us consider our pets family, and we treat them as such. We wouldn’t put a human in a crate on the back of an RV, so why would we put a dog or other animal there? 

It’s much better to provide a comfortable bed for your pet inside your vehicle. For example, if you’re towing an RV, make up a bed for your pet in the back seat. Or, if your pet goes in a crate while traveling, make sure the crate rests on a flat surface in the back with plenty of ventilation. 

Have plenty of water along for travel days for you and your pets. Each time you take a driving break, give your pet a drink of water and a walk outside. If the temperatures outside are high, don’t leave your pet in the RV for any amount of time. Plan with your pet in mind.

Where Is the Dog Now?

As far as we know, the dog remains in SPCA care. However, the dog will likely go up for adoption if the owners are found guilty. If you’re in British Columbia, you can find out more about adoption on SPCA’s website.

Couple driving down the highway with their dog.

About the B.C. SPCA

The B.C. SPCA protects and enhances the quality of life for domestic, farm, and wild animals in B.C. They’re the only animal welfare organization in the province with the authority to enforce animal cruelty laws under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act.

The B.C. SPCA operates 44 locations across B.C. and 36 branches. They have five hospitals and clinics, a wildlife rehab center, a call center, and a provincial office. They also invest in education through advocacy and youth and adult programs. The SPCA helped more than 97,109 animals last year. Animal lovers fund their efforts. You can help them with a donation or by purchasing pet gear through their online shop

If you witness animal cruelty while RVing or otherwise, report it. You can usually find an organization like SPCA with a quick online search. Like with any abusive or criminal situation, get authorities involved instead of taking things into your own hands. A great way to promote responsible pet ownership as an RVer is to set a good example yourself. How do you keep your furry friends safe while traveling?

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