Woman looking out the window of her Prius Camper.

Whose Bad Idea Was the Prius Camper?

Whose Bad Idea Was the Prius Camper? 

Sometimes we see campers, whether it’s inside or outside, that look incredible. But every now and then, we stumble across a camper that makes us say, “What in the world were they thinking?” The Prius Camper is one of those campers. Let’s explore this baffling design.

What Is the Prius Camper?

The words “Prius” and “camper” don’t often go together. There are even teardrop campers that are larger and more spacious than a Prius. However, the camper is exactly what its name implies: A Toyota Prius converted into a car you can camp in. While you’re not going to be off-roading in this thing, it can provide a place to relax at the end of the day.

A woman looking out the window of her camper.

Who Makes the Prius Camper?

The Prius Camper is a product of the Japanese company Camp Inn. They focus on using base cars to produce fully equipped campers. They’re changing the future of car travel.

Is the Prius Camper Shell a Real Thing? 

Yes, it’s a very real thing. Currently, Camp Inn has suspended all new sales of the Prius Camper Shell, though. The vehicle embraces the idyllic family road trip. If you’re looking for an incredible and unique vehicle to adventure in with your family, the Prius Camper Shell might do the job.

What Does the Prius Camper Have? 

It has 1,500-watt AC power that allows you to use or charge many of your favorite electronics. It sleeps four, so grab your besties and get ready for an adventure. There’s even a spot to secure a set of golf clubs if you want to hit the links. The fan mounted inside the camper helps circulate air.

Is the Prius Camper Practical?

The Prius Camper may be practical in Japan, where larger vehicles are less common than in the United States. However, travel trailers, pop-up campers, and conversion vans are much more practical in general.

While the Prius Camper may provide sufficient space for a couple or a family with very small children, any more than that will likely feel cramped. If you’re looking for more space to stretch out in while relaxing, this vehicle may not be for you.

Woman smiling and driving her Prius camper with a dog.

Easier Ways to Camp Out of Your Prius

While this camper will turn some heads at the campground and on the road, there are easier ways to camp. Let’s check out a couple of options.

Car Camp

You don’t have to have a unique-looking vehicle to camp in it. There are ways to use the vehicle you already own for camping. You may not have all the amenities of a commercial camper, but your car can get you out adventuring in a pinch. If you’re planning to make a short weekend trip, car camping can be the answer, whether you drive a Prius or anything else.

Some car campers build structures to make camping and sleeping in their car more comfortable. You’ll likely rely on a campground for a restroom or showering facilities, but you’ll be adventuring nonetheless.

DIY Prius Camper

If you already own a Prius, you can create a DIY camper. Doing it yourself can help you save money and customize the space to your liking. You’ll be working with limited space, most of which you’ll need for sleeping and storing camping gear. With a little bit of creativity and sacrifice, you can customize your dream vehicle, though.

Should You Camp in a Prius?

A Prius can be a practical camping vehicle if you’re looking to camp in an established campground. If you’re not camping in an established campground, you won’t have access to restrooms or showering facilities. A Toyota Prius doesn’t have much space for sleeping, but if you plan to tent camp, a Prius can offer room for storing a tent and other camping gear.

The Prius Camper’s unique design can be just what you need for a quick weekend escape. Could you travel full-time in it? Probably not. When you choose this vehicle, you’re sacrificing space and comfort for a unique camping experience. Would you consider camping in this vehicle?

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